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  1. I received this little beauty early this afternoon and after examining all 'round, went straight on my belt for a trip to York where I am building a cabin. It hangs comfortably on the hip, and not too low. It is easily drawn with one hand, and replaced with one hand. The handle is well shaped, and allows several styles of use. I found it handy to chamfer the corners of pegs that I am using in greenwood construction, to help prevent cracking. It did need to have the edge tuned up a bit, but once it was it held beautifully all day, and is still shaving sharp. I see this blade becoming an essential piece of kit on the homestead.


    Thank you for your wonderful work, I will appreciate it always.

  2. I don't mind giving folks some extra time to finish up. Getting your idea from mental to physical can sometimes take a little extra time. I don't mind drawing while folks are working, either; if no one else does. Call it a faith entry.

  3. It was indeed! Unfortunately I came across a ligament injury due to some stairs, a heavy object, and my tiredness at the hotel I was at, so I didn't get to experience the last day.


    I was given some well observed thoughts that it had unusual geometry, and it was likely a quickly made WWII blade.

  4. I just sent my registration email, and PayPal. I ought to be in the area early afternoon on Friday. I am also willing to help with whatever may be needed. I would also be willing to stay late to help clean up afterwards.


    For those interested I will be bringing the possible Iyetsugu blade conversed about in "marks to be identified"

  5. I was planning on doing some serration at the base of the blade, and a chisel tip, that will hopefully hold up better than a pointy tip for prying. It is also going to have a shackle key, as he recovers lost anchors.


    I have not been able to find Elmax or Vanex by Uddeholm in the north American continent. I am looking into CPM-S35-VN as a possible. If that's not a decent hold, I'll do some experiments with Ti, and an old carbide mill bit, with a stick welder to try and carbidize the edge.

  6. I'm fully outfitted for kydex and holstex production, and I'm a big fan of the Tek-Lok systems for them.


    As for the grip I'm looking at a poly that I can mold straight onto the full tang, and then grind/sand to final dimensions.


    I suppose I should do a static test with a couple different materials in a bowl of saltwater with similar chemistry to what he dives in. Both for the resin and metals of choice.


    I'm looking at Ti, Elmax, and 440C. Is Chromium the only denominator I should consider for a "stainless/corrosion resistant property?

  7. Hello everyone,


    Today I am trying to find a good option for a saltwater diver's/fisher's blade. My friend is quite the avid sea-farer and has complained that his blades often rust out rather quickly. His birthday is coming up in a couple months and I'd love to surprise him with a blade that might hold up a bit better... Not to mention something he can show off to his diving group to possibly bring in some market.


    Any help or tips is much appreciated! Thank you!

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