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  1. Mark, thanks for fixing the photograph of the signature for me, my phone uploads things strangely and I have not finished rebuilding my computer yet. John, you're welcome any time. I'd love to be able to have someone more knowledgeable than myself get a close look at this very intriguing piece. I'd be interested in getting it appraised before having it restored, as from what I understand there are VERY few polishers who would undertake this project. thank you everyone for your help and tips, it means so much to my family and I.
  2. 1.Rudolf Harmse 2.James Fuller 3.Gabriel R. Paavola 4.Emiliano Carrillo 5.Kevin Hopkins 6.John F. Ellis 7.Michael Lenaghan 8.George Ezell 9. Nate Runals 10.John Kruse-Kanyuck
  3. That works for me, I'd be alright with shorter or longer though... Some have all the free time in the world, others, maybe a few hours a month.
  4. I'm definitely excited for this one. There was lots of inspiration in the scrap idea I saw mentioned.
  5. The plexi idea would work pretty well, and is super cheap at Home Depot. Have you ever watched open cabin trophy truck races? The have layers of a heavy cling shield with tabs sticking out, alternating sides, as one gets dirty, they peel it off and still have protection, mid race.
  6. That looks great! I love how the scales seem to contain a forest of their own inside them... Did you hand etch or use acid to make the scale pattern? I'm also curious to the O.A. Length of this beastie.
  7. Doesn't W1 call for a water quench in the Materials Data Sheet? I agree that a thin piece only needs a short soak. I work primarily with 01 or 1095/4340/15N20 Damascus so I could be very wrong here.
  8. The charcoal rub alone was enough to remove patina from the tang onto the back of the paper I used, however the markings are very shallow and did not show well on the rub. I tried to use thinner paper to no avail.
  9. Thank you for the compliments, this was an extremely powerful surprise to have presented to me. I do not have any of the partner items for the Katana-esque sword, just what was pictured. I have posted it in the "Maker's marks to be identified" forum, and have gotten some interesting feedback there. so far I have simply put natural oil on all exposed metal, in hopes of abating any future rust development. I do not want to hurt any of these more than they have been already! Any help or advice is surely appreciated as I am rather clueless on how to treat such items in a manner befitting. Thanks again!
  10. Here is a photographic compilation of the collection I inherited from my late Great-Grandfather, who was involved in several conflicts of war, and traveled in between... Enjoy!
  11. I voted for Puuko, it seems like there's enough variation in the general style that you wouldn't see the same thing twice, especially with the diversity we've got here. that being said, I'm signing up regardless of what gets chosen.
  12. What type of TLC is the Perfect in need of, that you know of? And around where would I be headed to pick it up?
  13. This was on the tang in it's box, but I have a feeling it did not belong there.
  14. Mike, I will make a rub image later tonight! For now, here are the pictures I took. I think what intrigues me the most is the hinting of a Hamon, and the fact that it's bevel carries on right to the base of the tang. There are a few wedge shaped chinks along the spine, about two-thirds towards the point from its shoulders.
  15. Okay! No abrasives, triple noted! I will take more pictures tomorrow when I have the light to do so. This other I took quickly will have to last till then ;-)
  16. Howdy! I've got a head scratcher, and thought I'd bring it to you fine forum folk. I was the lucky recipient of an older looking katana, with a roughly visible Hamon underneath the corrosion. I was able to find three marks, but one would need some sanding to uncover it, and I'm a bit scared. Any knowledge is helpful! I'm also wondering if it may be worth it to send it to a professional polisher.
  17. A little more about it; it is ten inches from tip to shoulder, has a 20* blade edge, and is hardened to 60 Rockwell on the nose. Its composed of 1095, 15n20, and an unknown, from leafspring. Here's a photo I found that points to the parts and terminology in English and Nepalese
  18. This one has a base at 7/32's and tapers down to 1/32. Its a hollowgrind all the way through, and I'd have brought it higher if I hadn't made a small fuller at the bases spine. I have three of these, I'll keep the worst, and be selling the other two with a choice of Kydex or Leather.
  19. I'm honestly not sure hot many layers there are, I just kept going and twisted it when I couldn't feel folding it again. Hoping to start a handle for it once I finish building this handrail.
  20. I sure hope it wasn't the folks! Lol, Thank you Mr Craft. I'll have to look into those, and maybe see if I can manage a real one at some point. I've found two great German serpentine key locks, with no space to cut from, so that's what ill use.
  21. Here's a Kukri I'm working on, still have to figure out how to guard/bolster/handle it, and that's getting tough for me! I've got some difficult choices to make.
  22. The kicker is the only people that've been in my shop, (that I'm aware of) is my parents and grandparents for the "tour". We have a pretty bad case of drug manufacturing happening here, and I think I was scoped out on my bathroom break by some highschool kids, and they came back that night for things. I'm not ten feet from the high traffic thoroughfare/powerline pass kids use to get home. The police became extremely interested when I started listing the chems and acids, but I doubt the items will get found as they are now... I made a walk of the thoroughfare and found all the power switches, which is a HUGE deal for me. Still a good deal ill have to replace, but I've got lots of 01 and some Damascus scrap so be prepared for a run of neckknives from my shop. I also have a big Kukri surprise for you...
  23. So I walked out to my shop this morn, and to my dismay, what should I find? Two broken locks, a ransacked workspace, and missing items, of suspicious inventory... What would you think; upon finding these items gone; that they were taken for? A powered respiratory system Bleach Borax Boric acid Ferric, Hydrochloric, and Nitric acids A large amount of Isopropyl alcohol A huge can of PB Blaster lubricant All my woodstains (6-8 cans, 32Oz) Two bottles of Mapp, one of propane, one of oxygen All the power switch locks for my bench tools (bandsaw, drill press, belt sander, welder) My spare forge burner arm assembly Box of surgical gloves Pyrex beakers I'm irritated, especially since I can't afford to replace the majority of these items, and our insurance does not cover thefts.
  24. You're quite welcome, it really is a wicked piece. I decided on making a display for it, but that something simple that doesn't take attention away from the display's focus was needed. I came up with a Fire Stained plank of Blood Wood, and some forged steel twists, ten penny nail based.
  25. I was lucky enough to receive this fine-fitting beu this evening, and my; it sure does feel fantastic in the hand! Very well done, your pictures give no justice.
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