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  1. thx man! yup grapevine branches, had to cut some old ones almost completely, will be good for the grill
  2. hello guys! it's been a while hope you are all doing fine! so this is my last work, had the chance to fondle few seax repros at a recent knife show, so i decided to try and make myself one. While forging i decided to go for a type I/II norse style, not really accurate but i like the outcome. i recycled some leaf springs (i know it's frowned upon but hey all good for experience) total length around 54 cm blade is 38 cm thickness around 5-6 mm the handle is made out of brass, gabon ebony and walnut might try to carve it some of these days need to do some research on shapes and designs it's a bit rough and not really polished, have some aesthetic errors i dislike so this one will be my personal one xD well hope at least some of you like this one let me know your thoughts on it (bad or good i accept both)
  3. Elvis Stepcic


    looks clean and nice! easy to navigate too
  4. hehehe finaly found a job, so now i can buy a HT oven!!! :D

  5. enough lurking around the forums Hello i'am Elvis, a Croatian guy living in Italy, born in 93 so quite young. Started this as a hobby but this is like crack, once you start you can't just bail out and drop it been 2 years of actually doing blades, first started as many with only files and sand paper, now i finally have a knifemacking belt grinder, drill press, forge/anvil/hammers and even more files aiming to acquire a HT oven till the end of this year, and if i can also a hydraulic press or power hammer. this forum is an awsome place, a lot of informations and friendly ppl. see you around
  6. Thank you! personally i newer skinned an animal, so i had no clue too shorten the area behind the ricasso, but i can see how that could help during the dressing of the animal. i will keep in mind this aspect and purpose for the future skinners i will make. thank you again
  7. Hello guys! been a long time hope you all doing fine. soo i finally finished my skinner, first time doing this type of blade, i learned few things while beveling and doing other stuff... so few specs: overall length: 10" cutting edge length: 5" 1070 steel guard in stainless steel brass spacer, walnut burl, ebony, colored spacers, and handle in pao rosa finished with oils and then polished with carnauba wax sheath is made out of leather, this is my first prototype of the attachment system. you can easily detach it, and it adapts when sitting and so on as usual feel free to leave any critique, suggestions, opinions i prefer an honest critique to a simple "nice work pal" or whatever xD have a nice week
  8. hello fellow makers so here i have two blades, a skinner in 1070 6" blade flat grind was fun forging the skinner, almost 80% done in forge and something maybe resembling a santoku? this one is in 5160 6" from the machi?/ricasso quite thick there almost 6 mm but tapered to 1 mm down at the point both blade are ground flat and now to the point of my post i don't hunt so i have no clue what kind of handle would be best for a skinner, should i follow the flow and just make it or try to use a particular shape suited for the task of the knife? for the santoku thingy i would really appreciate if someone can tell me if i went near wit the shape or not and what would be the best ht for a kitchen knife considering that is a carbon steel apart from sand blasting how can i obtain a shiny forge finish? thank you in advance as usual critiques and suggestions are more than welcome Hope you can have a nice day and week
  9. thanks again for the tip. will post pics of the sheaths one they are done
  10. thats nice, really like the patterns of that blade
  11. hello so i had some time to do the file work well it's messy as all my works but gives a different depth to the knife as a whole (at least thats my impression) well thank you for suggesting this modification i think i will carry it on on the future knives i will make i also re read all the suggestion and yeah the pin is really out of place on both, i shall put it a bit closer to the guard in the future don't mind the dirty blade, it was worse before cleaning btw this is my 4 th blade i make using a belt grinder, so still learning a lot of stuff on the way "The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions." - James Russell Lowell have a nice day
  12. looks really nice much better than the usual rr spike knives
  13. then i will try have nothing to loose might post a pic after the "fix" thanks again
  14. as said in the first topic i welcome every critique and suggestions thank you for tacking your time and spending the time to write down this weekend i tested the "bowie" and i have to modify a bit the handle, the bulge vs the guard is a bit too "fat" so it needs some diet xD for the rest seems ok good edge retention after using it on seasoned hardwoods the fighter needs further modifying, as now is to "slippery" will try to add some checkering or something similar :| now thank you again for the critiques """get the top of the handle to be at the same level as the spine of the knife for at least the first half of the handle length""" tried to do both this way as you can "see" on the fighter was easier as the back i made it without the brut the forge so is linear, the "bowie" came out a little curved while i was forging the tang ( still learning and not many tools :|) and i wanted to leave it this way, in pic seems not really linear and in fact it isn't but it's almost there xD for the guard on the fighter, the two sides keep on going down the handle but they are a bit blended in to have a soft transition and no "edges" thank you Robert for the time spent with the drawing really like it! will take some of the stuff over in to the next ones in fact the original drawing after the forging was to make a guard like that but during the progress i made it smaller :\ will try to make some less heavy guards in the future, find this ones a bit chunky and a bit an eye sore after some time, need something to make them look a bit less heavy xD i have to further study guard designs as i find issues to transition from drawing to the actual thing :| i really dislike the file works, some are nice and add to the blade but others... i find them a bit kitsch thank you again for the time spent on leaving your's thoughts have a nice week
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