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  1. When I ordered it I never got redirected to paypal. So what happend was that I got an email from the author with his IBAN and bank details so I payed him drectly through my bank.
  2. Here is a kind of biography of the author I found "About:I defended my PhD in 1998 at the University of Kiev (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev). During 1988−1995 I studied history, archaeology and museology at the University of Kiev, and in 1996−2000 I was employed as a lecturer at the Department of Archaeology and Museology of the same university. My route to both Scandinavia and Byzantium started in Kiev and in the Ukrainian village Shestovica. Both are famous because of their finds of Scandinavian and Byzantine origin. The role of these sites in the cultural contacts with
  3. Cool, I will go check it out next week if it is'nt sold by then.
  4. Very good looking knife you got there, About how many layers to get that pattern?
  5. Thank you Miles, I will post more information of the finds when the museum have preserved the objects. I think I will start next week making as many hardie tools as I can. I have access to a large amount of power-tools at my current job in the city of Stavanger, but I am going to quit and move back home to Hardanger next month so I have to work fast
  6. Hi, I would like to tell you all about a new book about the viking sword that hit the market not long ago. It is called; Viking Swords. Swords and Social aspects of Weaponry in Viking Age Societies The book is written by Fedir Androshchuk. The book is only listed at one webshop, I think. Can't find it at other pages when google it. Here is the book info; "The Swedish History Museum, Studies 23. Stockholm uppl. 2014. 700 s. Inbunden. 25x19cm. 2000 gram. Nyskick. This book contains descriptions, dating and study of the social aspects of swords in the Viking Age society. The bo
  7. Thaks for all of the replys No, all objects that dates to before 1537 is to be considered property of the goverment. And all coins that dates to before 1650 have to be handed in as well. In some cases the finder will get a finders fee, but that is mostly for gold and silver finds. This is just a rumor! If an archaeological object is discovered and the museum want to do a full excavation, the goverment will take the full cost. If you are going to build your own house on your own land and the archaeologists want to dig before you build starts, the goverment will take the full co
  8. Hello to all of you. I am new to this forum and to bladesmithing. I'm a 24 year old man from Norway, and is an educated mechanic. As the title said "One hobby lead to another", and here is why. At the very first day of this year I was out swinging my metal detector when I came across a real Viking sword. Which turned out to be parts of the goods of a viking grave. (Archaeologists did the excavation) And I have to say, that feeling of holding that pice of iron in your hands. Then realizing it is a sword, a weapon of fear that quite possibly have killed men more then a thousand years
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