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  1. I just try to work more than one thing at a time, that way im always heating something, its very distracting when the forge is running and I dont have anything in it. It costs about $1 an hour to run my forge, but mine is small, only 4-5 inches wide on the inside with a little atlas 30k burner so its not too big a deal for me. I try to run it with the least amount of fuel that it can and I have very little air coming through the back of the burner. Most forges I see look huge to me for blade forging, you need a bigger one sometimes but for something like a hunting knife you only need a space in the forge about the size of a fist. I can still forge a 3/8" thick 2" wide blade in my dinky little forge.
  2. You can find large blocks online, but I would hesitate to buy wood I couldnt check out in person. Leave some blocks at 4x4x12.
  3. South east asian sword/machetes are simple enough. I think the only hard part about making a wakizashi is the habaki, everything else is pretty subtle but not very complex, it seems to me like it can be done with a more primitive setup than most stuff. Check out the true philippino weapons website, theres some good inspiration.
  4. Ive been wondering if you could use a fan to blow away some of the swarf, it can be a pain and it makes filing take twice as long if you have to knock/brush it clean every few strokes.
  5. Ah, maybe its not 40 feet http://www.austinexplorer.com/Locations/ShowLocation.aspx?LocationID=1952
  6. It could be a kiln, theres one here at a place called reed park, I have some hard fire bricks that might have come from there. Its huge, I used to climb it with my dad, it was 40+ feet tall.
  7. Did you do a japanese or viking style tang? I couldnt tell the handle was carved at first, thats really nice.
  8. I never knew they actually got made and I forge miniature knives
  9. Swearing is a subprocess of burning, which yall forgot.
  10. Thats why you dont bring a knife to an alligator fight
  11. Those can still stab and penetrate for sure, looks like they even have a guard to keep your hand from slipping.......... They should remove the handle from the blade and make the entire profile sharp except for the tip!
  12. In forging a blade I would taper the preform and then draw out the blade, they are very similar terms. Tapering could be done by grinding but drawing out can only be done by forging.
  13. Its kind of hard to tell without looking down at the spine of the blade, the spring looks slim because its got the corners knocked off whick made me thing the blade was slim as well, but now I dont think thats true.
  14. I built a plywood base for this thing so now it sits facing up, I can see my edge easier this way, It made the sander much nicer to use. It can also be turned on its side so the disk sander is horizontal, which I like but its not much different than if it were vertical.
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