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  1. im an idiot for putting up work that isnt finished, i dont know if any of these will get done any time soon. the maple knife was lost for a couple nights and was ruined by rain.
  2. awesome, ive got a naginata naoshi that isnt hardened laying around here, it might be too big for me to heat treat though.
  3. i wish our government would just let us get sick and die like it used to so that i could get my job back. too bad all the politicians are old and scared. we have only been on a suggested lockdown for about a week and one of the people i live with cant handle it, she spent a whole day stacking up all of the food here and crying, that was day one or two. other than that i think its been pretty great to go out and ride a bike, there are only half as many people out driving, its the best thing that has happened to austin in twenty years! i say there are less people out but actually there are about ten times as many people outside "exercising" as normal and they are not normal outside people, so nobody really cares about the quarantine, they just want to go outside and pretend that they arent sick and other people are.
  4. this is only a problem because it might kill all the old politicians that killed my job and think i should be working. have any countries tried making the virus illegal yet? there are more people than ever using the hiking trails here, everyone is making a bunch of noise at home, and despite the trails being full everywhere else finally isnt overcrowded, this is the best thing to happen to austin in ten years.
  5. cool, ive wondered how small you could smush a billet before it starts getting weird with deformation and carbon migration, i guess if you have a press it might not be too big of a problem.
  6. good job on going back and fixing things, thats the tricky part. i like low layer blades and i will like to see it when its done, i think the dagger will turn out nicely.
  7. thats better than the anvil ive been using for the last five years.
  8. i wanted to make the absolute simplest grinder i could and this is what i came up with, the only trickyish thing is you need to be able to move the motor or tracking wheel to tension the belt, thats why i used the slotted aluminum frame. you could use any telescoping tubes as long as they are stiff enough, there is no spring on mine, the frame is from a bowflex exercise thing.
  9. i got some 3m super 77 and it does not peel right off. i wouldnt spray anything sticky onto a sharpening stone.
  10. if you want to shave or cut the endgrain of wood, which is close enough to shaving, you want a polished edge. maybe for cutting sushi you might want a more polished edge and if you made a scalpel it would have to be very very sharp. a toothy edge will have a harder time just pushing through material and a polished one wont need any back and forth movement to cut.
  11. ive been busy with a new job but i should have a few finished soon, not quite "one every couple days". im stuck with the maple knife, i tried a couple things with the scabbard and settled on something finally but i need to figure out how to make a retention peg that will keep it from slipping out of a belt... it just needs that last little piece though. the non-miniature viking knife and the two with wrapped handles will be next up.
  12. last time the golden mean came up i wondered if people would feel the same way about it if it were called something like harvey bungs number. everybodys hands are fairly close in size, within a couple inches not counting extremely large or small hands, so basically all knife handles are pretty close in size too, 4"-6" is a good average. if you applied the goldean mean = beauty to knives with a longer than 8" blade they would all be ugly because the blade would be too long in relation to the handle, im pretty sure nobody here thinks that. even if you do some mathematical balancing of a knife you still need to visually balance it. you could have a visually balanced knife that isnt mathematically balanced. as for brass on a knife, i havent had a great experience working with scrap brass so i dont like it. then again i have had trouble with scrap bronze falling apart too, however i like silicon bronze because you can forge it. i think brass is a little too bright and i tend to use copper, copper all seems to work pretty much the same as far as i can tell. but i will consider brass in the future, i dont think its viewed to be as fancy as it used to be but most materials arent fancy anyway until they are treated to be so.
  13. i have heat treated a knife more than five times before getting it right, dont give up, you will still have to heat treat the next one you make anyways.
  14. i had to look up serbian cleaver, most of them look goofy to me but this one has a nice profile: https://dalstrong.com/products/omega-series-7-cleaver-knife?variant=22912169148497&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQiAs67yBRC7ARIsAF49CdWH5gbr5lWVQuP947WlO1J5aEuz8El1fVuY3d3_c9FwoFJzzDDpbEAaAp2lEALw_wcB generally, i liked the ones with a steeper spine from the tip (more rectangular), the one i posted has that nice bit of upsweep on the spine which helps keep the flow of the profile from taking a nosedive right off the handle. but then again, its pretty much a regular western cleaver. the blades on the cleavers are quite large compared to the handle which would make visual balance difficult, the serbian cleavers in particular look very simple and plain like a toy. i think the profile of the blade at the spine and the bevel height would be the variables you need to mess around with to find something nice, the bevel height could make the blade look taller or shorter and the profile will determine if its droopy looking or proud. maybe the butt of the handle could even be lowered a bit.
  15. if the golden ratio was what everyone thinks it is then the length of a blade would be determined by the length of its handle, it shows up in nature sometimes, not all the time. good looking knives come in all shapes and sizes, not just one. 'if it looks good it looks good, its as simple as that. there is no rule.
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