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  1. that knife looks like loads of fun
  2. MOST IMPORTANT!!! the proper search term to search for file making is "file cutting" if you look up "how to make a file" you will get a bunch of computer related stuff. you want the file blank to be straight and even thickness or even tapers or it will warp all over the place during teeth cutting and hardening make sure the steel that you are cutting teeth into is soft and the chisel is hard, 5160 might not cut it and i think i had the best luck with a chisel made from an old nicholson file. after you cut the teeth the file blank will likely be warped so you need
  3. i think you pulled it off great, japanese bowie fusion style is my favorite.
  4. i have a bunch of steel weights that are pretty flat, liike 1"thick or more plates, could i stack them under my anvil and get more out of my anvil that way? i know ive read about this before but i couldnt find anything when i searched. i remember reading that stacking anvil blocks is done with power hammers. i have something like five 10 pound weights and my anvil is 30-50 pounds.
  5. i have a large file that someone else cut in half but it was a good old nicholson so i used a triangle diamond file to resharpen it and it was well worth the effort, it might take a couple hours on a file that big, it probably took me an hour to do 8 inches. recutting a file would take annealing, grinding, and then chiseling on new teeth which most files arent thick enough for. i guess thats why some old files are so thick. if you had a way to heat treat such a thing, you could make a file 48" long 1/2" thick and 2" wide for about $50 in steel and a shop made chisel. i
  6. have you tried testing the hardness of your quenched blades with a regular file?
  7. i got a 5X5X10" block of 4140 form ebay, it was 1-2$ a pound. im very happy with it especially for the price and i could possibly harden the work face in the future but it seems to be a little hard already.
  8. i like the big pin in the handle and the single pin near the butt of the is not something i see often but you did it very well. it looks great with the patina.
  9. that knife is perfect, if you didnt notice. very sleek and powerful. maybe a bit sinister, but that must be what it takes. the handle shape is spot on, nothing radical, with what looks like a bit of palm swell. the way the blade widens near the ricasso gives the blade a recurve look but it seems to me that the blade is not recurved, the curve of the sharpened spine suggests that its not recurved but the opposite, the lines of the blade arent going all over the place but they are certainly flowing in many directions and it makes the blade look very versatile.
  10. nice, its got a sort of "grandpas old knife" look to it, good on you for not giving up!
  11. i like the scale, and the engraving is nice. the knife is super cool. put some oil on it and use it, as some of the scale wears away it will highlight areas of detail.
  12. ive got a nice knife made from bed frame but the frame section i tried had a cold shut or multiple cold shuts running its entire length, some bed frames can be hardened because they need to be springy but not all of them can be hardened.
  13. one thing to consider is that a blade with distal taper has a constantly changing bevel angle, a bevel jig is perfect for a simple bushcraft/edc knife. like this: https://www.benchmade.com/202-leuku.html the blade shape is pretty simple, you can see that the bevel gets wider towards the tip and that means that the angle of the grind is changing slightly but it could be the same width all the way and still be fine. the widening grind does look nice though and it would make the blade slightly thinner where the bevel is wider. once you set up your bevels with a jig you can always chan
  14. for traditional khukri check out himalayan imports, and search around a bit for other similar sources of real khukri, there are boatloads of reviews and recommendations for himalayan imports and a couple other sites i cant remember. they can be very affordable, mostly around $200 from himalayan imports.
  15. this is what you will get from one of those knives.
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