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  1. steven smith

    O1 round stock?

    Ive used music wire with good results, its something like 1080-1095. It can be found in some hardware stores or hobby shops that sell r/c planes, k&s metals sells it, it could be found locally. Ive paid $3-5 for 3ft x 1/4". I think O1 is air hardening, i would expect that to cause problems with such tiny blades.
  2. steven smith

    I'm a potato when it comes to making knives...

    If the blade has inconsistent thickness, like a big lumb or an hourglass shape it will be much harder to flatten. If the piece is flat and consistent thickness it should just take a few taps up and down the blade on each side to straighten it. If the tip is wider to one side all straightening is going to do is push it to the other side. Flats and tapers need to be consistently flat or tapered. Same goes for bevels, Its easy for me to get a blade edge straight with flat bevels, absolutely not if the bevels are convex. I say its easy because a lumpy shape is complex but a smooth blade is pretty much just a pyramid, maybe with a rectangle (if thats your thing). think about it like a computer, you want a low polygon count or else you will fry your brain.
  3. steven smith

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I got these sheaths waxed and made the retaining strap for the knife on the right but I dont like it! I should have a few knives done soon. https://www.instagram.com/treewizzard/p/BxTs54lgSyu/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1vqyf6u865zqi
  4. steven smith

    Straight razors

    A water cooled grinder makes grinding hollows easy, Ive only done a few hollow grinds, but with just a little bit of water dripping on the belt you can take your time to find the hollow and then grind it for way longer. It can be messy though, I usually get soaked. Faster belt speeds might need a mister.
  5. steven smith

    Beginners beware

    Im pretty sure I can get 20 hours out of a 20lb tank with my atlas 30k burner choked off a bunch, my furnace is 3-4" internal diameter, it goes a lot quicker when forge welding but its perfect for regular blade forging. For normal forging I run the gas as low as I can. I might make a wider one for welding and big knives, there can be problems with the material blocking the flow of the heat. Charcoal can go pretty quick, ive used a 10-15 pound bag in an hour and not accomplished anything a couple times.
  6. steven smith

    1” Challenge

    I gave it a go but I used 1 cubic inch by mistake... it was 3/4" square by 1.8". maybe tomorrow ill try a 3/4" cube. It rained real hard here today and my japanese style hole in the ground forge is underwater...
  7. steven smith

    180 mm Feather pattern Gyuto (WIP)

    That knife is real easy on the eyes, its just right.
  8. steven smith

    Dog Head Hammers

    I made a couple mini hammers, they get used too, the bigger one is rail spike. I have also made a bunch of mini files, they are needed for work on miniatures sometimes. You just need the right chisel geometry to cut files, they work like nothing else, they laugh at the endgrain of the hardest woods. I punched out the eye for the rail spike hammer, but I have since lost the punch and I really suck at forging round things.
  9. steven smith

    A tale of 6 blades.

    That is a big hunk of steel to break, wow. Maybe you could drill a hole in the ricasso and make a big honkin friction folder?
  10. steven smith

    Knife value

    Knives are everything we arent and everything we aspire to be, they allow us to interact with nature as any other living thing does, they are dead honest, useful, and proud.
  11. steven smith

    Harvesting burl

    Just cut it off the tree and then cut it into blocks and seal them, do it all the same day, I harvest regular logs and big branches and if you wait too long it can start checking and splitting depending on the wood. Lots of burls are empty on the inside or they could be full of beetle dung and resin, not too big a deal in my limited experience, but its pretty gross. Im sure you have acacia around you, if they get mistletoe growing on them it makes a kind of burl and theyre pretty common.
  12. steven smith

    Burning in a tang?

    Make the tang have a rectangular profile with a little bit of swell near the shoulders, it can have some distal taper but not too much. The tip of the tang should be heavily chamfered because sharp corners will dig in the wood and set the tang off course. The tip of the tang should burn a hole that is big enough for the rest of the tang to clear but the swell near the shoulders of the blade should get everything tight. If you heat the whole tang you can burn too much towards the front of the handle. I broach the handle some first and if I cant get the last little bit of tang in I just file it away. You can harden a tang in wood, dont go above critical. With a heavy enough blade you can tap the handle on the ground, like reseating a loose hammer. I havent split any handles. With smaller blades I push the handle on. Get the tang out as soon as possible. Its an easy thing to do this way, its all about the shape of your tang, its the tool that is fitting the tang.
  13. steven smith

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I forged out a billet of pallet strap (sold as high carbon but more like .3-.4%) and 1080, its eight layers of strap with one piece of 1080. Now its a yanagiba! But I couldnt just forge one thing at a time so I tried making a little punch for railroad spike hammers or whatever, my sledgehammer head anvil was bouncing around and a bad hit with the hammer launched the piece right into my adams apple and it fell to burn my chest as well, I also burned myself with my pliers on my wrist. So ive got six burns, a yanagiba, and the steel that hit me will be my makers mark punch. It seemed appropriate as im calling my forge Catamount forge, which means cat like (including the big cats) and agile enough to wound me six times in under a second. My makers mark will be two s's which start from the same point and a backwards s on the first s so the two look like an 8 with an s for a tail. Ive been forging for 4-5 years now and I still dont have real tongs, with pliers you have to be careful about how you hold things and how you hammer! Im making some real tongs when I get good material for them.
  14. steven smith

    Don't weld in tennis shoes

    Sometimes molten flux shoots into the palm of my hand while my hand is closed on my hammer, it kept happening over and over again one forging session. I caught a roman candle on top of my ear once, it was not nice.
  15. steven smith

    Traveling Blacksmith photo

    Im sure if I took out my tiny setup to forge some miniatures I would get robbed by the police. This picture is frustrating me. But its okay because we can all buy our knives at walmart and get out flat tires changed by a mechanic.