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    Guns, knives, women, whiskey, classic american musscle cars, and big diesel engines... not nessercerly in that order

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I'm an apprentice black smith under Lee Oates of bear claw knives look up his work I'm starting out and still learning the trade I mostly make small knives for police military and hunting fields but I like the artsy part as well there is nothing like taking a piece of steel and beating it till it's something beautiful to have and hold I'm also a full time employee at the local sheriffs office and father of two children so my time is split between all these things. I'm trying to actually fund my own shop to craft these tools and pieces of artwork in order to preserve the old traditions of black smithing in 90% of my work there is no power tools used only file, flame and hammer to craft my work there's nothing even close to the way it feels knowing what you make and sell will out last you and the people that bought it by 100s of years

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