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  1. Owen the sad part is I decided to preside this knife after watching your video where you flatten the tang near the blade to create the finger guard
  2. Here’s a picture of the knife as it stands now after the tang melted haven’t gotten anymore time in the forge yet
  3. well I don't have access to a welding machine anymore but I was worried that a weld might induce undue stress points due to the composite metals
  4. ill try and get a photo up in a few hours after I get home and some sleep but the idea was to make a simple knife handle by bending the elongated tang back around to the blade hilt and making a final much like the picture below from google images not my knife
  5. while attempting to forge a rat tail on a knife i left the tang in the fire too long and melted it off is there any way to salvage this as i have already profiled the blade shape and bevels
  6. That would be great if I had a belt grinder I still have to draw file my bevels
  7. Yes setting the secondary bevel is my real question I've used land key to do it a few times but I was just wondering about some other people's ideas
  8. What's the best way to fashion the cutting edge on a fresh tempered blade
  9. True Austin it is unfortunate but I'm going to attempt to put them to good use here again as rebuilds up north with the leprechaun
  10. Now on the path to fixing up my anvil local smithy burned down owner gave even thing that was left after he got packed up to move to Tennessee
  11. I got this set up for 150 centaur forge pot and champion blower #40 good deal?
  12. This is Jina a rough idea I just drew in my book
  13. If I was to build a side blast would I need to build a fire pit or just some sort of barrier around the pipe
  14. Actually Loki that second one you have there with the two large dirt mounds I really like seems simple and effective with too much fuel to keep it burning
  15. This was what I thouht about with out the hand bellows I don't have a second person to help build or man them
  16. That's kinda my idea building a frame to cast a sand form I saw something like that on Google with a twin bellows system
  17. Well I just want to get it where I can have a blade up to 15" or so and be able to heat treat it
  18. YA that is mostly what I had in mind just hadn't been able to figure out a way to get started im still doing some work on paper to figure out a design that I can build in a weekend that the kids can't destroy when they go play outside
  19. Well llike I'm currently in the process of revamping the design a bit ought now to allow pas through of longer steels just not sure how that's gonna work yet any ideas
  20. Sure beats my design at least when it rains you can still work lol
  21. Thanks I'm Trying it's been a blast you till I hit my pipe with the steel and caused it to blow sparks in my face lot so cool
  22. First the little hole in action again with rebar And my tapered scrolled and twisted end result first actual forging I've ever done
  23. YA I bought a bag for my OL smoky grill I'm using it now to play with some rebar so I can see how the gamer hits work
  24. YA so my blower is an old power steering fluid can the fits just right in the female end of the garden hose. The hose is then fed into a black iron pipe to avoid any issues with galvanized metal all powered by a hair dryer with three speeds I'm happy with the action and all he blower parts can be removed and the pit refugees else where for convenience now all I need is a good solid base for my two peices of steel that make up different size anvils and some tongs ( or vice grips) to be able to grab the metal
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