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  1. I guess technically it wasn't my first but it was my first made after finding this site and realizing how much I had to learn. These are the knives I've made in chronological order from left to right. The first two were cut out of a brushcutter blade and have a convex edge put on them. They're good cheese knives but aren't good for much else. They still get a lot of use in my kitchen though. The first one taught me to completely profile the front of my handle scales before epoxying them on. The second I was pretty happy with at the time. The handle is finished nice and it feels good in the han
  2. Thanks for the comment! I know it's not even close to perfect fit and finish wise, but in my opinion (as a former professional chef) I nailed the geometry. It feels great in the hand and cuts great! I know it's not up to par with what the greats are posting but it's the first knife that I've made that I was proud of and where I felt the good outweighed the bad.
  3. Hi all, This knife is the first one that I'm actually proud of despite the flaws (my mistakes). I had made the blade a while ago and was having trouble figuring out what to do for the handle so it was sitting around. When I saw Dave J's post: http://islandblacksmith.ca/2015/06/making-a-hon-yaki-nata/ I had my inspiration. The blade is 1084 and formed by stock removal using an angle grinder for rough profiling, a drill for the pin hole, and files and sandpaper for the rest. The bolster is copper salvaged from plumbing fittings silver soldered (poorly). I over filed the opening for t
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