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  1. It''s been a little over a year. Any updated pictures? How is it still working?
  2. kenuto, I built mine as it was shown in this thread. A few issues I see with it going down would be that you will now have a medium heavy bottle jack upside down, you would have to have a perfect way to support the weight. Also, if the jack is not designed for that, being upside down, it may not work as designed, as in the oil may not be in the right place for jack to use properly. As far as there being one direction (up or down) better than the other, I can not see one, 20 tons is still 20 tons, up, down or sideways. These are just my thoughts here. Either way, I am not intere
  3. Derekmelton, Its looking like you went for the single 2" x 2" for the uprights? Is your base solid? As far as the ram, only needing to use a little bit of the travel, I was planning on using the release to drop it only the amount that I needed to move the material in for the next section to be worked. I also did make an extended handle for said release, I will add that picture once I get it completed. These are just my thoughts though
  4. Ok, here are a few photos of what I have done, as far as reinforcing everything (on/for the base). The bottom plate is 5/16", the top (bottom) plate is 1". The hammer was made out of 4" x 3/4" x 10" flat bar, used a total of 3 pieces. Then ground and welded together. The anvil was made from 2 pieces of 4" x 3/4" x 10" flat bar, and 1 piece of forklift fork, that just happen to be 4" x 1 1/2", cut down to 10" long, also ground and welded together. Here are is a picture before the bottom gussets were done. Jack in place to give the over all size.
  5. I used 1/4" wall 2" x 2" for the uprights. I would think that you would want to go with 1/4" wall. 20 ton is a lot of pressure. 2" x 2" will also give you a little more surface area (hammer & anvil). I have the bulk of mine welded up now, and happy that I went with the 2" x 2", also just looks good too. Just my 2 cents though....
  6. Very nice. What are the dimensions of your dies? The height? Thank you
  7. Okay, I now have the jack. Steel is in the works... Anyone, have any updates?? Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone. I have been looking to build this for a bit now. I hope to have the air jack today, and the steel by next weekend. How is everyone fairing with the builds? Anyone have some completed items that were made on the presses?
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