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  1. No .... But it was a very expensive school for me. I'm trying to forget it. Servos
  2. HI, Everything is nice . Websites , brochures , pictures , e-mail all fits together ....... I have found that I am not the only one which he took to the ice : - ( Grinder I still have not got probably I will never , in e-mail is not available, website is blocked. This is my experience with mr. Vladislav everything else is up to you. Servos
  3. HI, If you do not want to lose money do not buy from mr. Vladislav "belt-grinders.eu". A lot of nice words, when you pay for the device stay without money and without grinding machine. Servos
  4. HI, mr. Vladislav Looks great ... Something I do not know about you and your device. The device UTV-2000 Storm and accessories that has been paid in Advance you also send it I ask because I have sent money to your account. As you write the offer. This is not a little money !!! And since then ignore all my messages. So I am seriously concerned about what is happening with my money now. I hope I'm wrong about you and we'll successfully solve this problem. Servos
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