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  1. Hey Guarnera I am also in Lancaster, my buddy is buying things for his start up knife making venture. He lives in Valencia. Do you have files or grinders or any thing that you think he might need?
  2. Thanks B, If it was my shop I would do a grinder in a box easy peasy. Lol, but it's my buddy's and he is not fond of the GIAB idea. He just wants to bolt it on the bench and go. I sent him a link for the Grizzly G1015 and the Cotte. Both much more then he wants to spend, but like I told him...Suck it up and buy something already so we can put the metal to the grind!!!
  3. Ok I was wondering what RPM motor is good? Or rather what the SFM of the belt should be. I was thinking that RPM 1750 is better then 3500 only because you would get less heat, but then I was reading some thing and it lead towards a faster RPM being better. Also the contact wheel...bottom wheel?...bigger is better for taking material off?
  4. Very nice label, I am brewing up a Hefe tomorrow. How did it taste?
  5. Hey Scott one quick question, where you happy with the Kalamazoo? Do you have any complaints that would make it not worth the $450?
  6. Thanks James, It's looking like he is going to get the Kalamazoo 2"x42". All the ones I see are 3500rpm, but on the Kal. Web sight they have an optional motor for 1750rpm. I am sure their is a few mods for that grinder as well!
  7. Thanks Phil, I'll see what he says. It's his gig. I'm just trying to help....and get a free shop to mess around making my own blades hahaha I'll take a look into that Draw Filing as well. Yah Don that's what I told him. Build one I see all kinds of prints and ideas. He's just wants to hit the road running, but if it were my shop you bet I be on that. Can you post up a link to some files you guys recommend or just through out some names?
  8. Thanks Don for the input. I am positive he is going to get a grinder, just not sure which one. I told him the same thing about the 1".
  9. My buddy is starting to set up a garage shop grinding blades. We have done some research on cheep grinders...$120-$350..ish!! Dayton 1"x42" for $224 Model #2RYN6 Kalamazoo 1"x42" $260 Model #1SM Eastwood disc/belt sander $120 These are just examples, but what would you consider to be the best buy in the price range? We are in the LA area if any one has some thing used that would be recommended Thanks for your input
  10. Hello My buddy is looking for a grinder for his shop. He is just getting started. It'll be his first grinder, but much better then what he is looking at. Can you ship to LA, CA. See how much shipping is. Probably not worth it. Thanks for your time
  11. Thanks Alan For the squar/rectangle knotch the cutter slipps in to I was just wondering how every one was putting that in the tool. Drill and file I guess. A Bridgeport would make easy work of it.
  12. How did you guys put the notch to hold the cutting blade?
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