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  1. Thanks again, guys! Professor, that sounds like sage advice to me. So far, I've had a few experienced knife makers take the time and interest to help a rookie. Maybe someday I'll be a haggard ol' smith and pay it forward.
  2. Very cool! I want to try a spike ... And a hawk ... And a .....
  3. Very nice! I also like the copper.
  4. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks! I finished the wood with 3-4 coats of Casey's Tru-Oil. I sanded it down to 400 grit before applying the first coat, then wet sanded with linseed oil on 400 grit paper between the remaining coats. Finally, very lightly buffed with a loose-leaf wheel.
  5. Thanks, guys! Yes, definitely Nessmuk inspired.
  6. I’ve made a few knives via stock removal, some from files and rasps but mostly O1 steel. In October 2014, I went to my first hammer-in and knew immediately I had to try to forge a blade. I used a gas forge with side arm burner built from plans at zoellerforge.com. No anvil yet, just a piece of railroad track. Here is my first attempt at hammering (and the first work I’ve posted here). Started with 1/4”x1” 5160 I bought at the hammer-in. Ground the bevel up to 600 grit then polished. Finished it with walnut furniture. Thanks for looking!
  7. I lurked on here for a while and registered a while back. I’m finally getting around to saying, “Hello.”

  8. Nice pics! I wish I had taken some. That was my first hammer-in and I enjoyed every soggy minute. Already looking forward to the next one.
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