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  1. Sorry to disappoint, but no bike pics, I let my landlady buy it. (I guess my heart is set on the centurion....) But I get to use it while I'm renting here. I just realized I made a mistake, though. I should have bought it with the plan on selling it to her when I move. Then I could have dressed it out to my specs, not have her dress it out to hers (she likes some sharp corners on her anvils). Oh well.....
  2. Hi Christopher. Welcome. Lots of good information here. I'll only add that if you really want to learn about forging from the computer, you should spend more time watching videos done by full-time blacksmiths, (it might involve a doing a little research and effort though) rather than relying on FIF. Also, if you really want to learn forging, I'll add my standard suggestion to find, join and actively participate in your local blacksmithing organization. Putting your locatin in your profile will help us guide you where to turn better. Have fun and stay safe.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm waiting for a response (apparently it's only a few miles away from me...) I'll let you know what happens. Stay safe.
  4. Propping up your forge/bricks so that you have an air space between the bottom brick and the wood will help a lot. You will also be able to see the table start to scorch if it's getting hot enough, whereas now, you'll only know if you're burning the table when the forge falls through the hole.
  5. Hello all. I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. I've been saving/budgeting for a new anvil, and was planning on ordering a Nimba Centurion (260#) in the next 6 months. Yesterday came across a supposedly new 165# Peddinghaus for $500. I don't know anything about these anvils, so is this something I should jump on, or pass? Thanks
  6. Looks good to me too. Well done! Forge it into a blade.
  7. That's not unheard of, and If done properly can be as good as the original.
  8. So keep bragging, Daddy! How big (because all blacksmiths know that size does matter.)
  9. All knife makers do stock removal to some extent.
  10. Good luck, Gary. I hope the recovery goes well. From a PT for the past 25 years and who's housemate (a professional smith) had a RTC repair 14 months ago, don't rush getting back into forging. It took her over a year to get back to being able to swing a hammer without having pain or inflammation afterwards. Stay safe.
  11. I was afraid of that.... From a durability standpoint, do you think I could get away without the diagonals if I used some discreet welding at each joint connecting the shelves?
  12. This is the hard part. One trick can be to minimize your forging after getting the weld set. And don't forget to flip sides of the billet regularly when forging. And have fun! and don't forget to share pics....
  13. Hello all, here's what I've come up with for plans. the posts are 3/4" square, the bottom will be 3/16" x 1 1/4" angle with a 3/16" x 1 1/4" support strap and the top, 1/8" x 1 1/4" angle (this will also have a 1/8" x 1" shelf support running down the middle). My question now: Do you think I need any diagonals to prevent twisting if I'm planning on setting the shelves into the 3/4" posts along with rivets? Thanks for the input.
  14. Really digging the pattern, Thanks for sharing.
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