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  1. I'd say it won't work unless you clean off all the juice.
  2. If it's got a decent rebound, you better grab it at $875. That's under $4.50/lb and you're not going to find a much better deal these days.
  3. Finally got around to making some quick change die plates for the press: and some squaring dies:
  4. Thanks for sharing this, Garry. A fun watch. Although I almost had a seizure when he chose the burl for the wheel.
  5. Unfortunately, probably not. It's possible your short sample is good, but other parts of the spring aren't (or the other way around). Unless you can actually see cracks after cleaning off the rust, I'd go ahead and forge a blade out of it, do the HT and hope/expect(?) the best. What that would tell you, however, is if your chosen quenching medium is fast enough. I'm not sure the acid etching would tell you anything as this spring should be a homogenous steel, so there'll be no contrasting colors/shades to see.
  6. I would think it had to be significantly rusted before tumbling and the patterning/pitting is from the rusting, not the tumbling. But I could be wrong.
  7. I wouldn't forge the pipe wrench on the left next to the nippers(the one with the twisted handle). It looks like the jaws are smooth and that would make a great twisting wrench after you weld another handle on the other side.
  8. That should do the trick. I'll forewarn you (not to dissuade you, just prepare you), that used springs can have micro-cracks that don't show up until after quenching. So if you end up with a cracked blade from this, it might be that you did everything right and the crack was there to begin with. But it's just as likely that this is a solid piece of spring steel and will be fine. Just want you too be aware of the risk when using salvaged steel.
  9. Great idea, John. I never would have thought of that, thanks for sharing. Looks like it's time to finalize my maker's mark. I've been thinking about it for only 3-4 years now. No point in rushing things, right?
  10. Looks like it's on to plan "B", Kreg. What was plan "B" again?
  11. I'd probably start where Geoff said then, brushes.
  12. Everything else on the circuit is fine, I'll assume.
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