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  1. That's going to be a looker for sure. Looking forward to the finished pics. I finally got a handle sanded and this one's ready for the final edge. I'll have to get better pics...
  2. Hello Dan, and as Joshua said, welcome. Not sure where you live or how close your neighbors are, but there are a lot of folks that build their forge stands on casters so they can roll the stuff out of the garage while in use. Your peddinghaus is portable, and a relatively inexpensive tarp/tent cay keep the rain off while working.
  3. I hear you, my brother. This is why I haven't been running or hiking for three years. Bear is the one looking at us in my avatar (he's about 6 there). I've been lucky so that I was able to bring my pups with me to work every day, so other than the few days a year when I go visit my folks, he's been with me all day every day.
  4. I hear you, brother. I've been putting off finding out about the state of my cardio for a couple of years now (been using the fact that my 15 y/o husky can't go on runs anymore, which is why I stopped). I'm hoping I'm smart enough to ease back into it so as not to go into cardiac arrest on my first run. Keep up the fight and can't wait to see the finished knives.
  5. I got mine earlier in the week. It's a good read and I'm glad I bought it.
  6. Alan covered it pretty well. He did forget to add, however, that we love and want to see pics!
  7. When I ordered mine from Auberins, I got a second ceramic sheath that fits over the entire thing for extra protection for $20. When I have had issues with it not reading properly, I started by checking the screws where the wires connect. I've had to cut back an inch or so of the wire to get a new, clean connection the last time mine was acting weird.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, Alan.
  9. Finished hand sanding and etched my latest attempt at my seascape pattern. I'm getting closer, but not there yet. I've got a 30 layer billet that I'm going to try for the water next time. And I think I might see what happens when I put the 15N20 in the core and the 1080 on the outside at the spine.
  10. Care to give your reasons? My main concern is I'm not sure how up to date the info is....
  11. Not sure how available, but looks like W3 is what you're looking for: http://zknives.com/knives/steels/steelchart.php?snm=w2
  12. According to http://zknives.com/knives/steels/steelchart.php?snm=w2 Aldo's W2 has only 0.165% V
  13. If he says only go lengthwise down the blade and not criss-cross, then listen to him, for sure.
  14. Here in the US, the standard is the higher the number, the finer the grit. As an example, on my knives I start hand sanding with 220 then go: 440 -> 800 -> 1500 -> 5000. Here's a sketch of what we mean by changing directions. I can't stress enough the importance to make sure you can see no scratches of the prior direction before changing to the next grit. Use lots of light and make sure you see the light reflected off the entire blade to make sure all the previous scratches are gone. Good luck and have fun!
  15. Looks good as usual, Zeb.
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