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  1. I used my abrasive cutoff saw and it worked fine. I found that if I used it like a band saw, feeding the titanium into the blade cutting on the edge of the plate (not sure if I'd recommend this to others due to possible safety concerns) it cut fine, but when I tried to have the abrasive wheel cut through the face of the plate, it just skated as stated above.
  2. Well, I spent a few hours trying to cold sink some 0.050" titanium into a bowl, and after finally bumping up to a 3# hammer, I started to get some movement. Looks like hot work and/or a 30-ton press may be what I end up using.....
  3. Not sure why, nothing really jumps out at me, but I REALLY like it. Very straightforward pretty lines.
  4. Thanks, Steven. Why? What use is there for them? This was the purpose for my question. I don't see larger blocks advertised in any knife making catalogs, and I don't have a need for them.
  5. Thanks, Mike. I've got over 800 blocks cut up into 'typical' knife handle blanks and I was merely curious if folks find larger blocks hard to find before I finish cutting up the last of the burl. I've got about 10-15 pieces that are still ~ 4" x 4" x 12"
  6. Hello all. As I'm cutting up the last of my spalted maple burl into blocks, I just wondered if larger blocks are needed (like for swords, perhaps) and if so are they hard to find? If so, i could perhaps designate a couple of pieces for these larger sizes. Thanks
  7. Thanks Zeb! I'll post pics if they turn out.
  8. The sandbags I've seen were made of leather. Have fun. Nothing like copper, but I'm about to try my hand at forging some titanium plates and bowls....I want to see if I can cold work it. It's only 0.050"
  9. billyO

    Meteorite forging

    But let me assure you all, NOT new to knifemaking.....
  10. I wonder if we need to explain to the youngsters that the Space Invaders you're referring to actually exist, not just generic space invaders.....
  11. Sweet! I can't wait to get back to forging.....
  12. I'd love too!!! I even have 2 billets of 23 layers each with the initial weld set. Unfortunately, I sold my house and my shop and tools currently in storage.
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