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  1. billyO

    Beginners beware

    I noticed, but still, ouch! I can only hope, but I doubt, that his salary is 4+ times more..... Have a great week, all.
  2. billyO

    Beginners beware

    OUCH! I paid ~$45 for my last 100# refill.
  3. billyO

    Ugly Adze

    I've thought this for a number of years.....
  4. Hope this is OK to add: https://blacksmith.org/events/april-27-2019-mentoring-center/
  5. billyO

    Stone cast bronze

    Don't forget to post a pic when you're finished.
  6. billyO

    210mm Gyuto (wrought iron damascus clad)

    Beautiful blade. I think Wes summed up my thoughts on the steel too
  7. billyO

    First one in almost a year

    Speaking from experience (medical reasons, not legal), that's better than not being able to drive at all. At least you don't have to rely on others to get you around.
  8. billyO

    First one in almost a year

    Thanks Andy. You don't need a press, I don't have one, just a lot of persistence. This was done by hand. Having access to a power hammer helps speed up drawing out the billet, though. If you join the NWBA, you'll either meet a local smith who could let you come to their shop and use their tools or if you can get down to Longview on the 4th Saturday of every month you can use their power hammer to draw out your billets.
  9. billyO

    First one in almost a year

    Hello all. Thought I'd share my first finished blade in almost a year. I'm so glad my house sold so I don't have to spend every waking hour working on it and can get back to making knives. Blade is 8 1/2" long, OAL 13 3/4" Spine thickness 0.087" at the heel tapering to 0.039" at the tip. Thickness above the edge, .020 at the heel and .016 at the tip. 1095/15N20 with ebony handle and brass bolster. (don't ask me how many layers because I made the billet almost 2 years ago, but I think it's around 150) Hope everyone is having a great week!
  10. billyO

    One last new one

    Nice looking blade!
  11. billyO

    RoĆ°inn Hrafn - the Red Raven

  12. billyO

    SanMai Bowie Blackwood

  13. That spikes the heart rate, doesn't it.
  14. billyO

    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    Hi Cal. Pics aren't showing up...
  15. Hi Andy. looking good there. I'm not sure how much I'd worry about that. Here's a pic of my version I made about 9 years ago (my first welding project, so don't judge too harshly, please) . My dies are made of 5160 leaf spring stock and they will get beat up where you hit it with the hammer. When they start to mushroom too badly, I just re-grind off the edges to prevent chips from flying around. I'd be more worried about how the shape of the working end touching the hot steel holds up. Keep up the good work!