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  1. billyO


    Ahhhh, of course (slapping forehead)....That's why you've been using it for your damascus for the past 3 years, billy....
  2. billyO


    I, too like how the mustard looks, but both times i tried it, it washed off after the first use. Is there a trick to making it last? The knives were made from 15N20 if that matters.
  3. billyO

    Wish me luck

    Hope things are going well, and you're taking care of your back (physical therapist for the past 22 years). What are those shot-like pellets in the x-rays?
  4. I understand about the driving (started having seizures 2 years ago, so no driving for me).
  5. I know I'm a newcomer to this conversation, but I just wanted to encourage you to make an effort to get to the first event/weekend you can. I joined the NWBA 8-9 years ago and at the first conference I met 4 smiths who live within 15 miles of me, and the closest one of them is arguably one of the best smiths in the country and only 2 miles up the road. They all gave me invites to their shops that weekend.
  6. billyO

    Introduction WIP

    Hi all, and thanks for the welcomes. I hope someday to be able to contribute and help. Here's the little progress I've made in the past 3 weeks: After reading Alan's response (thanks) I think I finally understand grain growth, and I plan on re-normalizing and heat treating before dong any more grinding. The blanks is still .197" thick so I've got plenty of material left. Hopefully I'll be able to get my propane tank re-filled soon so I can make some more progress (boy, this new lifestyle of not driving due to seizures really sucks. Anyone need an apprentice with a residence in walking distance? Summer's can't get over the mid 70's however ).
  7. billyO

    Integral Chef forging WIP.

    Wonderful, Salem! Did you do this just for me??? Looks great, and you did answer my main question, blade first. Still wondering about the apprentice or indentured servant, whichever you prefer.
  8. I love the integrals, but am having difficulty with mine. If it's not a secret, is it easier to forge the tang first then the blade or the other way around? (Or am I still forging too close to final, thickness for it to matter?)
  9. billyO

    Poison wood Hunter

    Thanks, Richard. 15N20 is what I use here, I just wasn't sure you'd use it in Zimbabwe too. Although I guess because the sawmill where I get mine gets their blades from Sweden (IIRC).
  10. Wow, Salem. Another impressive display of pattern welding. I've been a fan of yours ever since another smith and a good friend of mine, Terry Carson, worked with you and Gary Eagle at that free festival out by you a few years ago. You aren't looking for an apprentice, are you?
  11. billyO

    Poison wood Hunter

    Nice! I like the large nickle strip down the middle. How did you get that? Is this a 5 layer blade with PW-nickle-PW-nickle-PW?
  12. billyO

    Introduction WIP

    Here's a pic of my thoughts. The red was what I was shooting for (not too bad, seeing as how I lost my pattern during the forging process), the green is what I have and the blue is what I'm going to do. Suggestions?
  13. billyO

    Introduction WIP

    Thanks Alan! Regarding the billet make up, I know I had 15N20 on both outsides on the original billet, but don't think I paid attention to it after that. But to be honest, i can't remember because I put these billets together the last time I fired up the forge, almost 6 months ago. Yesterday I flattened the blade and forged in the bevels to come up with this blade shape. The edges have been cleaned up on the grinder in preparation for getting this on my surface plate and scribing some center lines so I can take it to the grinder.
  14. billyO

    Introduction WIP

    Hello all. I've been reading here for a while and after seeing the quality of workmanship here, thought I'd start using y'all to help me improve. So I thought I'd do an introductory WIP Not sure if this should be a separate WIP thread or just posted here (can someone explain me a difference?) but I thought I'd document the process of my latest knife so as to get some critiques on my techniques/process as well as answers to questions. Also I thought I'd choose this knife because it's an overreach of my abilities, being an integral. As far as shape/style, I'm shooting for a hunter/EDC but that's still up in the air, depending on the results of my forging. Here we go.... The billet started as 6 layers of 5160 (3/16" x 1" x 8") and 7 layers of .130-140 of 15N20. Here it is after the 1st weld after getting drawn out, cut into 6 pieces and welded again, making 78 layers trying to keep welding temps below 2150 Here's a quick etch after the 2nd day of forging Heck, why not risk another billet of similar construction at 150 layers! ...so let's make a 78-150-78 layer billet Here's the obligatory kind of action shot of welding and starting to forge out the tang (sorry, you won't get any true action shots) Tang forged out The blade pre-shape forged grinding lines laid out for ladder pattern and ground One thing I need to remember is to switch my brain from blacksmithing to bladesmithing and keep the tang thicker during forging to make it easier to keep things straight while forging and take grinding into account. One question so far: Yesterday when forging the blade shape, my forge temps climbed up to 2240+ and I read that forging temps recommended for 5160 is 2150 max, so what damage did I do and what, if anything can I do to correct this damage? Thanks for looking, and hopefully it won't be too many days before I can get back to this....
  15. billyO

    who are you?

    Hello all. I've been blacksmithing for the past 8-9 years, and never thought I'd forge a blade. About 4 years ago, I decided to try forge welding a motorcycle chain and became hooked with damascus since and have been forging blades (mostly kitchen knives) and a lurker on this site for the past 4 years, learning what I could (which is still a lot), and getting inspiration at times. Here's a small sample of some of my knives over the past couple of years. Critiques are always welcome. Thanks for all the info and inspiration and hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little here.