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  1. A metal straight edge (ruler) and X-acto is what I used on the 2 belts I've made.
  2. Glad to hear, Gerhard. Hope it continues to get easier. I think I've finally been successful too. Had a few times in the past couple of months where I thought a smoke would be nice, but it wasn't too hard for me to quickly say, "nah, why???..." And thinking about the amount of money I didn't spend over the past month helps.... Stay safe.
  3. Just a reminder to sign up today to participate in the live session tomorrow so you can ask questions of the demonstrator if you want. Stay safe everyone!
  4. Out of curiosity, is there a function for the teeth? Or simply a design thing? I'm assuming this is a cleaver.....
  5. Hello all. I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and happy. Join us on Thursday, January 21st at 6pm PST for Knifemaker's Corner #4 Bhakti Sa from Arachne Forge will cover disc and belt grinder basics, which are the two primary abrasive tools used by almost any knifemaker to transform a forged blade to a finished edge. This is an excellent chance for those who are new to these tools to learn what they're about and for experienced users to share the tips and tricks they've picked up along the way. To register to join this Knifemaker's Corner, just go to: http
  6. Hello all. Here's the 3rd installment of NWBA's monthly Knife Maker's Corner, now available for public viewing:
  7. Thanks for the info, Dave. I might have to try that someday. My PID controlled forge should help with that.... Did you use a TIG welder for this?
  8. Looks good. I'd like to learn how to add copper into my forge welding. Is that some nickel/copper on the edge towards the tip, though?
  9. You probably won't like my answer, but here goes: Practice and time to develop the necessary muscle control. Look at what you are doing like if you were standing in the middle of a see-saw with your body being your hand pressure, the see-saw being the blade, and the pivot being the platen. If the pivot was a wide pallet, you'd have no problem balancing without rocking back and forth, but with the pivot being a single point, it'll take a while for you to get to the point where you would be able to stand on the see-saw without it rocking back and forth a little. This will be harder
  10. Without knowing anything about the machine or your abilities, this is probably where I'd start. But I like making tools almost as much as making damascus.... If that doesn't work, there will be a lot of folks (myself included) who would suggest learning to grind without the jig.
  11. Looks like it was a fun project. Well done!
  12. I hope others will chime in, especially if I'm giving bad info, but I had 2 thoughts (well 3, but the thought about that honkin' big knife he showed first isn't pertinent to this conversation...). 1). If the corners are rounded, then that reduces the stress risers significantly. 2) Because this is a skinner, there shouldn't be a huge amount of stressse like a chopper would have.
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