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  1. Slowly Also, laying out the facets and using a pencil to draw lines on the handle helps. So does sticking the sandpaper to the table and rubbing the handle on the paper to flatten the faces (or keep them flat, as the case may be).
  2. Hi Robert, do you have access to a forge? If so, I'd think about a round knife. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByG1yFLFWnh/
  3. Sweet looking blades! And those sayas are pretty awe inspiring! If I can offer some advice: Coat the kaowool in your forge with some refractory cement. It'll last longer and save your lungs.
  4. What I think...I like it! Another blade making me anxious to move and get my forge back up and running... which might happen in a couple of weeks.... fingers crossed.
  5. I think there's a video in the video section that shows a jig to help with centering the bolster. I'll see if I can find it. Found it!: https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/24165-video-forging-integral-knives-with-jigs-by-mastersmith-ray-kirk/
  6. Buon giorno, Joshua! Stai attento, mio nonno i nonni vengono Fabriano....so I know a bit about arguing too. I go by billyO because growing up, nobody could pronounce my last name, but there were 4 pages of us "O"s in the Rome phone book back in 2000.
  7. Out of curiosity, Joshua, have you had any pieces done by K&G that weren't stabilized all the way through? Not asking to be argumentative, rather, I'm thinking about sending them some larger pieces than I normally do and I was wondering about this. Thanks
  8. Yes, it was stabilized by K&G.
  9. It's my understanding that artists in some cultures (Persian and Amish, for example) deliberately incorporate minor imperfections in their works because of the belief that only God (or Allah, as the case may be) can create something perfect.
  10. Not that this means much, but I've heard nothing but good things about the Atlas anvil from the knife makers I know who have one.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll never have to go again...
  12. Thanks, Gerhard. Yes, strength and more importantly safety. But is sounds as if you've already thought about that with your choice of materials. Carson has a good point. Another way to improve his downward cutting force he could apply would be to drill a couple of holes on the ulnar (pinky) side of the handle where a rigid wrist splint could be attached to allow his shoulder girdle muscles to be the primary movers of the knife. (But I'm now thinking as Physical Therapist, where time invested in the product isn't an issue, not as a knife-maker where one has to do these cost/benefit analysis.)
  13. Just wondering if the tang should have a 90 degree bend to follow the handle?
  14. Gorgeous stuff. Reminds me of my trip to northern Italy 20 years ago. I'd like to know how much maintenance it takes to keep the outdoor ironwork looking good with all that salt air around.
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