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  1. Were we separated at birth? I do this too, and justify it as all I'm doing is learning different techniques.... Good job on the knife. Looks pretty, comfortable, and functional (sounds like my ideal girl...). What more could a guy want?
  2. Hello all. Not sure where this topic should go, so feel free to move as necessary. Now that I'm moved into my new place, it's time to get the forges and anvils set up. The owner has her forge and anvils set up in the backyard under a tent, but the yard is very uneven and her anvil stumps are just sitting on the grass. We're talking about how to integrate my stuff with hers, and one thing I don't agree with is just having our stuff on the wet grass.Tomorrow I'm planning on taking a shovel/hoe to the area and at least level out the ground. I also suggested making boxes filled with gravel or something else for the anvil stumps to keep them from rotting out, but she doesn't like that idea.Any suggestions?
  3. If you have access to a masonry or tile saw, you can cut the bricks to make them fit. And maybe 1 1/2 bricks will give the tray clearance mentioned above.
  4. If it's something you're really wanting to do, I'd suggest contacting them and letting them know. I was contacted by the casting director about a year ago asking if I wanted to be a contestant, based merely on knives she'd seen me post on other forums and from the couple of pieces I've seen, you''re at least as skilled, probably even more so, than I am.
  5. Welcome to the addiction.....
  6. Looks good Alex. Sorry for not chiming in earlier, but I just came across this thread. The above was my main concern, but it looks like you've already thought about it. My only other concern (and you've probably already thought of this) is to make sure the brick tray is a bit shorter than the actual brick you use to help prevent someone from accidentally touching the hot steel frame.
  7. nice looking handles! Don't forget to keep us posted on customs and shipping to the US
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Jeremy. We'll check them out.
  9. Thanks for the generous offer, Geoff, but unfortunately for me (well in this specific case, anyway) I moved to Portland last weekend For what I want to do, probably. But my landlord wants a bigger press because she makes hammers as well as knives.
  10. Hello all. I hope the fall is treating everyone well. Well I've finally moved to Portland and have a place to set up my forge, grinder, etc... and am in the market for a hydraulic press and I'm hoping that someone has experience with various models to give us some suggestions. The owner of the house is also a blacksmith and she's been thinking about getting a Coal Ironworks 25-ton press, but hasn't looked at others, such as the Gilmore presses or Anyang presses. She did mention that she didn't like the press she had to use on Forged in Fire, but can't remember what model that was. Any un-biased opinions are welcome.
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