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  1. Hello all. I just saw a local ad for a used Uncle Al's 24 ton press for sale. Any opinions on this machine? Thanks
  2. Bummer....I quickly got into the habit of doing one 1-hour temper cycle before introducing a warped blade to my straightening jigs for subsequent tempering cycles...especially important after spending a few days making the damascus billet.
  3. Thanks, Ted! Unfortunately, that might be a bit small for cans.....
  4. I often use only one block, but in the middle of my combo dies, so it's directly under the ram. So how much clearance do you have with the new cylinder?
  5. Unfortunately, my shared shop time was too inconsistent, sorry fellas.
  6. This is probably why your fingers aren't able to tolerate it for long. I'd figure out a way to clamp the blade to a board (using the tang perhaps?) and use a sanding stick. My main one is a piece of micarta (it might be G10) about 1/4" x 1" x 11" with the ends rounded to fit in my palms for comfort. This allows me to grab the stick with both hands (like handlebars on a bike) and use the palms of the hand to apply pressure, not just the thumbs. If you have a disc sander with a platen, you could set the angle of the platen, then hold the round knife on the platen at the center
  7. good luck. Wish there was something I could do to help.
  8. That's good to hear.much less to worry about then, and faster return to normal activities. Best of luck to you, and I continue to hope the monkey is staying off your back.
  9. Me three!!! What size are the dies on that one?
  10. Can I offer some unsolicited advice not knowing any more information than that you had shoulder surgery? From my experience as a physical therapist, plan for a slower return to forging/swinging a hammer than what the surgeon might have said. Unless, of course, your surgeon has experience with bladesmithing and knifemaking. Shoulder mechanics and stability comes mainly from soft tissue compared to the hip where a significant portion of the stability is due to the skeletal structure of the joint (hard tissue). The speed of getting back to 'normal' work activities depends as muc
  11. Yeah, I'll have to admit that I was a little bummed that Tod pre-warned us not to bother you for one of these.
  12. Ahhh yes. Another benefit of opening one's eyes, I did see that a while ago...Doggone it, we're even in the same time zone! So let me re-phrase: Oy! Niels, not all of us are on the night shift!
  13. Oy!!! Aren't we Americans allowed some sleep time???? Nice job on the forging, especially doing it all yourself sans striker. Looks really good. My only comment would be that I tend to prefer a butcher with a little less (or would that be considered more?) of an angle, something closer to 60 degrees opposed to 45...
  14. That should be a sweet looking blade. Waiting patiently....(kind of)
  15. Boy, I hope you're right, but if recent history is anything to base decisions on, I'm afraid it seems as if there's nothing that can be done other than wait and see what happens. As many knifemakers who participate on the forums probably know, over the past few years this seems to happen on occasion. And it also seems that occasionally some makers who put up a fuss and take the time to fight this actually have gotten a reversal of the decision. But IIRC, it took quite a bit of back and forth. What doesn't make sense to me is how random these decisions/actions seem to be, PayPal only s
  16. That's a bummer, sorry to hear that. Probably the rest of the folks who don't make an effort to 'disguise' the fact that the object is a knife in transaction. Just another symptom of the free market economy where companies let cheap lawyers and insurance companies do their thinking for them.
  17. I miss Tom and Ray.... Sorry Faye, nothing productive to add.
  18. IMO, adding W's to almost any pattern 'turns it up a notch' so-to-speak. Here's a blade I did that was a bit of extra from 1/4 of an explosion billet. Basically it's a billet of crushed W's that I squared up on the diagonal and then forged the blade.
  19. I can see that. You brought me back to my first taste of cilantro years ago, and I remember thinking this, too. But now I like it. To me, it's amazing how we humans, through time can change things that are initially distasteful into something we want. (ie: coffee, cigarettes, wine, wasabi, hot peppers, etc.)
  20. something ever so slightly smaller, say 0.990"-0.995"? Basically it needs to be as big as you can so that it just slides into the hole.
  21. So you've got a 13 layer bar ~ 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 10....hmmm, let's see, WWBD...(what would billy do) I'm not a huge fan of lower number layers, so take this with the grain of salt intended. I'd probably cut that into 4 pieces, stack and re-weld and forge out into a bar about 3/4" thick, and then weld that to a bar of 1080 for the edge to mimic a san-mai pattern. Here's a picture of a knife I did like that out of a scrap piece of crushed w's that was left over from doing an explosion pattern:
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