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  1. That's great, Zeb. If you're old enough, and I were anywhere near Buchanan, I'd like to buy you a pint or two. Especially if that'd loosen your tongue for more of the above.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Mike. I know the feeling. I've got 4 billets on my bench that I welded up almost a year ago and trying to remember what they are....
  3. Wow. Sweet looking set! Out of curiosity, how many pieces of damascus and thick 1080 were in that last stack?
  4. Hi Paul, where are you located? If you're close enough to Portland or Eugene, I've got a nearly new Jen-Ken 24" that I don't currently need and might be willing to sell....
  5. Another question from one who doesn't know much (if anything) about Bowies or fighters... In your opinion, what's the difference?
  6. billyO

    A Hammer-In Question

    Not being argumentative, but I think I'd edit this to: 'adults do what adults do'. Only because the term 'hippy' can have some negative connotations to some folks, and passing a bottle of home-made whisky around a campfire does not make one a 'hippy'. And what Alex just said.... But we're starting to get off topic a bit. I think everyone would agree that Hammer-ins and blacksmithing round-ups are geared toward either education, public outreach, or both. If I had an 18 y/o daughter who wanted to go to one, my only concern would be that she would come back a better smith than I am.
  7. billyO

    A Hammer-In Question

    LOL....those are all I've been too.
  8. billyO

    A Hammer-In Question

    At least until after dark.... (j/k)
  9. That's a sweet looking knife, Chris. The only critique I have has already been said by Mr Dougherty. Looks comfortable in the hand. Well done!
  10. That ought to look good... Welcome to the addiction..... Looks good, still. Is there enough there to make a smaller neck knife? It looks like you've already got the shoulder for the tang at the deeper grind mark....
  11. Hi Alex. Not sure if you saw this, but here's a thread I posted earlier that may help:
  12. Sorry Daniel, on second reading, I guess my response seemed a bit harsh, it wasn't meant to be. I was acting on the assumption (which could be the first mistake) that he has already consulted a doctor (one of his colleagues) at work. I mentioned PT because in my 25 years of experience, this is often overlooked by MDs, and a good argument has been made over the years that PTs are more knowledgeable than most doctors (orthopedic surgeons excepted) in musculoskeletal injuries, especially overuse injuries where no specific trauma can be identified.
  13. While generally good advice, Daniel, let's refer back to Chris's original post:
  14. Perhaps I should have said, "Go to a good physical therapist." And what I mean by 'good' is one who will take the necessary time to: (1) listen to your complaints, ask questions about what is involved with forging (assuming they have no experience themselves), (2) ask what specific activities cause pain or seem to aggravate your symptoms, (3) use palpation and passive motions to try to reproduce your symptoms, (4) do a thorough physical evaluation checking muscle strength, soft tissue flexibility, joint play of the entire upper extremity (including the fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle). When I owned and operated outpatient clinics, I scheduled an hour for an initial evaluation. (I also lost 2 positions 15 years ago for refusing to cut this down to 30 minutes). If they schedule you for a 20-30 minute appointment, find a different PT.
  15. Here's a link to the video. (the first one is 4x normal speed to save time)
  16. Thanks for the info, Dan. I ran it today for about 1 1/2 hours and I noticed it acting more like what I was used to. There are 2 reasons for this, that I can think of, first was what you mentioned, there was no (or only minimal during the first 5 minutes) water vapor boiling off today and the interior got to heat much quicker. The second thing was that last night I re-read the operating instructions from the manufacturer and they say to run a 3/16" rod in all the orifices every 2000 hrs of use, so I did that too. I also tried the controller once it got up to 1750F for about 30 minutes and took video. I plan on posting it once it uploads to Youtube (it's taking a long time to upload....)
  17. Hi Alan. I'm not sure you're missing anything. Yes, it's a blown burner (I think, I always called them ribbon burners). I have needle valves on the lines and there is a baffle on the blower that I've always used to control the air flow. In the past I found that for general forging, I would have the tank manifold at about 2-3# pressure, and to create a reducing atmosphere for welding I'd bump up the tank valve to 6-8# and close the blower baffle a little. For some reason I got in this habit as opposed to fussing with the needle valve.
  18. Hi Chris. Go to a physical therapist for an evaluation. (Perhaps I should say here in full disclosure that I've been a PT since '95). A decent one should be able to determine what the true cause is. Off the top of my head possibilities could be: poor biomechanics, weak muscles, tight soft tissues, scar tissue from past traumas, is your hammer handle the wrong size causing you to grip too tight.... I'm actually dealing with an increasingly frequent lateral epicondylitis type pain on my left (non-hammer) hand that I'm pretty sure is due to scar tissue from multiple blunt traumas over the past few years. I'm starting to think that I need to find a PT who specializes in deep tissue work.
  19. Hello all. I finally got to fire up the forge today for a little bit in an attempt to dry things out after almost a year of inactivity. I ran it for an hour with steam exiting the entire time before shutting it down to try to minimize cracking of the refractory. The thermocouple got to 1500 degrees for about 20 min. One thing that has me puzzled is that when I had the tank regulator at ~4lbs, it ran fine, but when I tried to bump it up to 8lbs, the burner seemed to sputter (see pics). 4lbs 8lbs I don't remember ever having this happen before, but I am getting older. Is it that I just need to let the interior get hotter before increasing the propane? Thanks
  20. OK, here ya go. I came across a couple when researching my PID build. The first link is the one is the one I thought Charles dP was referring to https://bladeforums.com/threads/wiring-a-pid-for-your-tempering-toaster-full-walk-through.1655733/ https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/diy-heat-treat-oven-build.1576402/
  21. I saw a very detailed thread on another forum. If the moderatorss are OK with cross-posting, I'll post the link.
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