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  1. Thank you for this. These karambits are sharpened on both edges. The picture posted is a working progress. Thank you
  2. Thank you These karambits I made based on the design sent by the customer and yes these dont have stops near the blade, but by holding it I can say they feel comfortable and there is still half finger distance from the blade. I will see what customer thinks about the design he sent and the product and will feedback
  3. Thank you, To be honest Im unsure what the hook is for, just design from customer had this, so recreated it :)
  4. Hello, Havent been posting for long time here, but hope all is well. Below is recent customised project Im working on at the moment. Damascus karambits San Mai blade. Core: carbon steel Sides: 33 layers damascus Thank you Jacek
  5. Thank you. No there was no reason...
  6. If it would be easy to send over the water
  7. I inspired by film and the computer game :)
  8. Its inspired by fantasy books by Sapkowski 'The Witcher'. :)
  9. hello, Recently finished commission for The Witcher sword. Hand forged blade from spring steel EN45, hand finished. Handle made from walnut and steel. Overall length 1560mm, blade length 810mm, blade width (at the widest point) 40mm, blade thickness between 5mm. Thank you Jacek
  10. hello, Sorry for late reply. I have drilled holes and silver soldered earlier prepared 'pepple' i hope this make sense. thanks
  11. Thank you. I haven't heard about stave construction. Could you explain what is it please?
  12. I also have in plans to make pattern welded spear head, but always not enough time...:)
  13. hey, Pair of spurs made for a reconstructor (not to be used for horses). Made of mild steel. First attempt to make... Thanks Jacek
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