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  1. I am sorry didnt had chance to explain yet, but you are totally correct I am sorry didnt have chance to explain earlier. Jake is correct leather is stained and then incised to expose the natural colour of the hide underneath
  2. Oh no, these are just decorations cut out in leather
  3. Seax with decorated scabbard, hand forged blade from EN45 steel, hilt made bog oak, deer antler, leather and brass. Scabbard made of vegetable tanned leather with brass fittings, with leather loops to hang the seax on belt. Overall length 370mm, blade length 250mm, blade width (at the widest point) 35mm, blade thickness 4mm. Thank you Jacek video-1584546483.mp4 video-1584548208.mp4
  4. Thank you. Yes ti is walnut handle. Yes exactly, it is 5mm at the ricasso end with a good taper to it (as per pic attached). Thank you
  5. hi all, Please see recent work and first attempt to make Gaucho knife. Blade material: EN45 steel Hilt material: american walnut, bog oak, bone. Dimensions: length of the blade 270mm, overall length 395mm, width 35mm, thickness 5mm Thank you
  6. Thank you. Its not a very common style. Its one of my theory of how these blades could look like. I think they could have been made from splited bone in the past. If they would have shoulder at the tang they could break easily. the handle is mounted the same way as the other hidden tang blades. one of my first one yakut knife with this type of blade
  7. Thank you. Yes sometimes, but straight after quenching they can still be fixed.
  8. Hello, Recently commissioned Yakutian blades. Multilayered damascus blade from carbon steel and wrought iron and the other two from bearing steel. All roughly the same size: total length 230mm, blade length 150mm, width 30mm, thickness 5mm Thank you for looking. Jacek
  9. hi, Very interesting recent project - 13th century's bread knife from the Maciejewski's Bible Blade hand forged from EN45 steel, brass bolster on the handle and yew wood. Total length 340mm, Blade length 200mm, Thickness 4mm Thanks Jacek
  10. The bigger button is made as rivet and its riveted on the long brass strip, which is creates sort of washer for all rivets. I hope this make sense Exactely, thank you
  11. Thank you. They are riveted on the washers. I hope this makes sense.
  12. Recent project - Customised migration period style seax. Blade made of EN45 steel, mahogany handle, leather scabbard with tooled ornament with brass studs, rivets and fittings. Thank you Jacek
  13. Thank you. Its hard to say which side this is come from. As far as I know both sides were using this type of hanger. They were mainly made to order, not as mass product. I hope this make sense. Thank you
  14. New project in progress ⚔ American Independent War Hanger Blade made from EN45, handle from american walnut with brass, guard from mild steel. Thank you
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