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  1. Wish they had one of the guys here make the swords.. they are pretty cringe worthy. The pattern in the valerian steel repeats if you pause it even. I don't know how that would do that, maybe some kind of "damascus" etch stencil that they reused the length of the blade or something.
  2. I scored a furnace fan of some kind from a scrap yard. To be honest I've never bought one new. If you ever run across one, make sure it has paddle type fans instead of squirrel cage. These burners need back pressure. And while you can get away with a squirrel cage blow for most burners, this one you cannot really. I just had a pretty important realization. I've been picturing the whole burner tube being in the forge itself and getting hot. Well, this is the plenum.. a more or less closed chamber where gas is mixed with air.. I'm thinking if it is 1450' it's either not going to work at all or its going to detonate. So I'm redesigning the ht furnace sliggtly. I've already built the ss burner body, but now I'm going to use what were the burner nozzles as metering tubes through cast refractory. And get the plenum outside the forge body so it can stay cool. I'll have pics up of the burner when I finish welding it up. Little more to go
  3. Very rough concept sketch. Obviously missing a lot of fittings and logistical changes. But that is the principal anyway for the ht furnace. And after drawing this I thought of something I'm going to do different. I'm going to alternate the holes in the burner pipe so they fan out in a v shape, and put it either on top or bottom of the forge, so the blade is evenly heated on both sides instead of the vortex idea. Then additionally if for some reason it is heating the blade unevenly, I'll put a 3 or 4" ss tube running down the center of the furnace like some people do for indirectly heat treating in a coal forge.
  4. This is going to be a tool build thread, I have several projects involving ribbon burners because I've thought of a few different ways to do them. My shop space is limited, so after I build the forge, I'm going to build a ht furnace, possibly digitally controlled, with a 12"od and a long ribbon burner for a heat source. My aim is to make one that can sustain temp @ ballpark 1450' and tempering heats. I believe I can do this with my version of a ribbon burner for ht. The trick with long ribbon burners is getting the flame the same the whole length. I think I can accomplish this, or at least get close, by feeding the burner from both ends of the burner orifice tube, and angling the flame angle to create a long horizantal vortex. I'll get some drawings up when I have a chance. If my idea pans out I should end up with a forging and ht station that can do 99% of my blade work all in a nice tight package. I'm going to use ad much stainless as I can for the hot components to maximize their life span.. and because I can get scrap cheap.. and it looks cool. Ha
  5. I was using a weedeater with a blade and it picked up a rock and decked me right under the eyebrow bone. The blind spot at the bottom of my vision (inverted) just recently went away after 3-4 years. Or I'm used to it.. hard to say. Glad I had them on that day.
  6. For silicone degassing people use old pressure cooker pots with a neoprene gasket and a 3/4" thick piece of plexiglass. Could use a piece of steel tubing just as easily if you have a way of welding bombproof air proof welds. Use thick steel. better to go big than to go bang. If you want we could barter actually. I could tig something small together. Shoot me a pm if interested
  7. Alright alright it's a ribbon burner. I have a question for those in the know.. the tube I'd is around 3/16. It was scrap so I'd like to use it if possible. But do you guys know if that is too small? Most ribbon burners have 1/4"-5/16" orifices. But I'm building a small multi use forge. Might even end up as a dedicated twisting machine, and it seems like if I can provide enough air pressure it'd work fine. But I don't really know. Might be worth buying something else before I do the cast refractory bit and it becomes permenant
  8. This one gives it away if it wasn't already obvious ha.. all scrsp, investment so far is 4$ in stainless steel. Tig welded construction the long round things are tube that is marked up to be cut up.
  9. I'll give you a hint. It's an over complicated fancy materials version of something we all use. And not a knife.. ha. Progress pics when I get them. This should be a fun one.
  10. Someone here needs to make a boot flute for all you concealed carry band members!
  11. Yeah, shame. Seems like if you made it high enough to where you just sat back on a seat about stool height it wouldn't wear you out too bad. If I had a motor that size I might try it out but it'd kill my poor two horse ha
  12. I hope you never leave a tool or project In Florida and need it in Alaska ha, or vis versa
  13. I used to slowly bring mine up to temp in a kiln after letting it dry in the sun a bit.
  14. Awesome! Looking forward to that video
  15. Very nice looking little knife, Josh is right, that should be a really good seller. Looks very useful and solidly built not to mention stylish in a modest way. Well done.
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