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  1. wow, I wouldn't think you could get sued for using a certain method to produce steel.. that's bizzare, and doesn't really even seem legal. If I was in your boots I would have said the same thing.. but I probably would have bought him the tequila anyway just to avoid the legality issues..
  2. It wouldn't be that difficult, you could tack together some out of sheet steel too, which might be easier.. I was thinking along the same lines.
  3. how long do you leave it in the vinegar? gluck man, Sam's right I think. (nice new avatar sam by the way!!)
  4. Wow, That honestly hadn't even occured to me.. goes to show what to little sleep can do.. I learned how to acchieve the coloration of the metals, but will need to ask him for the method behind the pattern. Thanks-
  5. I have a certain project in mind, and really think it might be the pinnacle of my knifemaking venture so far if it succeeds.. but, one of the key components of this blade is a mokume "part" I have tried making mokume in my gas furnace to reasonable success, and may upgrade my setup if neccessary for this. Anyway, I am trying to acchieve the exact pattern and coloration in the picture in the link below (the black and silver molted damascus looking one), but do not know the metals or methods behind the pattern. Thank you if you can help me I really am pretty new to this bit.. The link- http://www.faceters.com/askjeff/mokume.shtml thanks again!
  6. wow, absolutly amazing!! what a great proccess. would you be willing to give some numbers for the amount of iron lost in the smelting proccess? thanks man!!
  7. wow, that's beautiful! I love the color's in the wood. nice work!
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