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  1. Alternate a small chainsaw file and a triangle file along the edge post ht and temper cycle. I just hate serrations.. ha
  2. Where is the show filmed? Caught a bit of it the other night
  3. Wow, that is awesome.. I used to live in redmond
  4. Imagine the size of the forge.. hades
  5. Careful with the purp.. it'll go brown of you don't treat it with a uv protected coat of something. Nice knife!
  6. Good info, I know it sounds dub but could you use wood? Who cares if it's sacrificed, or is the water in it and trace elements too conductive?
  7. You can buy scrap graphite by the lb on ebay, might suit your purpose..
  8. I grew up in philomath, moved to Albany for work. We make it to Eugene on occasion, it's about 30min from here. Is that where you are?
  9. His name Rick by chance? Where on the coast were you if you don't mind my asking? Ha I'm inland of Newport about 45minutes and always looking for contacts
  10. Maybe there was a weld flaw and he got pissed
  11. Yeah, probably is. I used to forge them out too thin and they would twist on me so I started using heavier stock. 3/8 is more than adequate And hammer the steel on the fuller so that the 3/8" face is sitting on the tooling.
  12. Have at! I never got going on it past the initial billet, my press went down then I moved so there it sits. Interesting cross making it out of titanium, I work with titanium daily for my day job.. fickle mistress, grinds good with fresh abrasives or the coarser fluted carbide bits usually used on aluminum. bright sparks though so wear shades.
  13. I like to make mine out of .5"x1", for the jaws you just cut halfway through it with a Hardie fuller, then rotate 90* and clean up the transition and forge out the rest of it
  14. Nice! Jet cutting may be expensive, a lot of fab shops offer plasma cutting, some up to two inch. Should be significantly cheaper
  15. Anodizing is a good call, a Google search will give you a list of companies local that offer it. Be sure you use 6061, or another anno able alloy
  16. I've always thought that the nicest looking knife handles look like a woman's leg or foot in some aspect. Just figure it's a man thing .. nice work
  17. Cutting one in half this week some time for two 325ish pound anvils with a 4x12" face and a Hardie hole. The ends are hardened so I'll just grind them smooth and skip the hard facing or ht that I thought I was going to have to engineer. I'll post a thread with the build when I make some progress, I'm going to fix at least one of them so that it pivots on the stand so I can use the 12x24 flat face and maybe carve the other side into a swage block with a gouging setting on the plasma torch and smooth out with a grinder. We'll see how it goes
  18. Crap, Geoff you aren't an Oregon resident are you? Lived here for 12 years, missed the show though
  19. Sorry guys, I wasn't clear. It's across, so there will be two 12x24" anvils. I am a welder by trade, so if the demo saw doesn't work out, which I strongly believe it will, I can torch cut it myself, I've cut thicker by hand and kept it straight
  20. Demo saw... its going to take a while but it's basically a hand held chop saw. Should keep the heat down, if I go slow.. and I'm planning on hard facing it anyway. There's a hole on the other side that I am going to beat a tube into for a Hardie hoke and weld around, and set it up on a pivot so I can use both ends should be a big heavy awesome anvil
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