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  1. Out of curiosity and in the name of Science, would using Eplsom salt (magnesium sulfate) have a different effect than using reguar salt?
  2. My name is Elias Larimer! I am an amature bladesmith in Bakersfield California! As well as bladesmithing, I also make custom martial art equipment. My passion for baldesmithing is shared with my passion for martial arts, and in a way they complement each other! I am a blackbelt in both Jujitsu and karate, and I teach self defence Saturday mornings at a local fitness center. I am currently getting my welding certificates and degrees at Bakersfield College! In another year or so I will be a fully certified welder! I have an Etsy account where I am trying to sell some of my products, so
  3. Hey there! Something that I do that is really cheap is I make my own fire bricks out of Perlite an Concreat! The Bricks are not really strong at all, but they are cheap to make and replace! I do have a few ideas that I want to next time I make them that might make them stronger.
  4. The more I know about the materials out there, the better educated I am.=) The one think I do like about the other app, is that it lists the composition of the metals. All the time I hear people referance differant metals, so now I can just look up what the metals or alloys are composed up without looking like an ideot. lol =).
  5. I was looking around for a few apps that would be helpful, and I found a few that were actually pretty interesting. Does anyone know of any other sources that can be useful? =) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pfiks.mobile.heattreaters https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=zvisoft.stlchmob&hl=en
  6. Wow! That is just too cool! I lean something new every day! What about limestone? I have read that that too works as a flux, or is that only used for foundry? =)
  7. That is faceting! I wonder what the pool filter sand is made from! I have been trying to research methods of smithing that would be least dependent on "store bought" products. I would like to know how to utilize the natural elements in case I ever found myself in a situation where I no longer have the option of going to the store and buying Flux or whatnot! As has been stated on this discussion, silica can be used as a flux, but what IS silica? I have read that it is processed from Quartz, so is silica pretty much just finely grounded up Quartz? (SiO2=Quartz) =)
  8. How about Pine Rosin? I know this is probably a dumb question, but I have heard of people using Pine Rosin as a soldering Flux. Does anyone know if that would work for bladesmithing? Or would it just burn up? If so would there be a way to process it so it could be used as a bladesmithing flux?
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