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  1. Decided to take a crack at making a seax after seeing so many great examples. Got some really good quality high carbon steel lawnmower blades from the local power equipment dealer who was cleaning out his old inventory. Great guy gave me more blades than I can use in a year... lots of material. My 13-year-old son got excited about it so I got him involved in the initial shaping. Great to have a second set of arms swinging the hammer when trying to take a 4-inch wide piece of steel down by about half. Took a while to get the blade right and then a lot of file work to get the full
  2. First time forge welding at the home forge 100% by hand. Mixed 5 layers of mild steel with 4 layers of saw blade. Cut in half and twisted each bar with opposite twists. Forge welded the two together and then forge welded a high carbon out layer. Was trying to get the "v" pattern down the middle but realized I had to remove too much material to get the desired shape so came out with this: Blued the mild steel D guard... which darkened the brass and I'll likely go back in and clean it up. My peening of the tang left something to be desired, but this was also the first time I
  3. Great work as always! Also, love the new maker's mark Matt! Proud to have one of your blades with the rune version... but now I guess I can aspire to owning something with all three versions!
  4. Outstanding! All around tremendous work. I aspire to one day do work somewhere near what you've produced. Thanks for the inspiration.
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