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  1. This knife really suits my tastes so I can offer no criticism . However I will share why it appeals to me . The clean pure profile of the blade is beautiful, even the recurve shape subtle and refined. Not a fan of sharpening them though. The materials and use of them in your handle also well excecuted. The hamon and its placement is fantastic . W2? The best feature is this knife looks like one a person can rely on , well done. What is the bolster made of? Regards Jess
  2. I consider it my personal task to lower the bar on this website, so with that said here is my latest. W2 clay quench into canola. Railroad car wrought gaurd. Habaki and seppa are recycled copper. Tsuka is a single piece mortised whitetail antler. Chopstick mekugi. Overall length 8.5".
  3. Dave Inspirational work, your commitment to tradition and form is moving. I promise I will get that wrought iron to you Jess
  4. Beautiful blade . Hamon is remeniscent of clouds.
  5. Your work shows the hand of an artist and craftsman
  6. The life of a wyoming carpenter. Bike for shed hunting
  7. This knife really speaks to my taste. Original refined & subtle. Example of wabi. Beautiful
  8. Schon, thought provoking , and as always fine workmanship.
  9. Jess Yeigh


    W2 blade . Overall length 8" with 3 3/4" blade. Tsuka and saya are quarter sawn white oak . Habaki and seppa are salvaged copper pipe. Tsuba is mammoth ivory with washers of frog skin. Mekugi is a chopstick from the local Chinese buffet.
  10. The ease of movement in your pieces is ,in my opinion ,unparalleled . The workmanship beyond judging. Beautiful !
  11. The ease of movement in your pieces is ,in my opinion ,unparalleled . The workmanship beyond judging. Beautiful !
  12. Your work & design is very good. I especially like the projects with natural materials.
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