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  1. I want to make some glow in the dark scales. The cheapest epoxy I've found is EcoPoxy. It was recommended to me by a furniture maker who says it's far better than any other epoxy he's used. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? If so, which have you used. Would you recommend it?
  2. Beautiful work. Amazing detailing on the handles and I'm very impressed with the table. I'm having a hard time understanding what I'm looking at in picture 5. Maybe it's just the angle?
  3. Thanks very much. I can't wait to get into the bush and work with it.
  4. Thanks very much. That's kind of you to say. I'm working on my second one right now. It's basically a Bark River Ultralight Bushcrafter which I'm trying to make really pretty. I've cut out the shape of my first original design too, but I haven't started profiling that yet. It's a paring knife, although a guy who I've shown it too called it a coping knife. I haven't seen another one like it, so I'm hoping it will work well. I think it's beautiful. Anyway, way more info than you asked for. Thanks for the comment.
  5. Thanks. Yeah, I learned a ton on this knife. My time will easily be cut in half next time.
  6. Thanks. I just left the scale on from the heat treat. I thought it looked cool. I'm not sure if it's a bad idea or not. It was either this or polish it because I don't like prepping food with a coated knife. Not sure if steel oxide is much better though so I still might polish it.
  7. Does stock removal count on this forum? Anyway, I finished my first blade not too long ago and thought I would share it here. I copied Aaron Gough's design because I loved the look of his knives. I love bushcrafting, so I'm a big fan of small thin knives, so don't ask me why I made the 5.25" blade here. It's 1/8" O1 with G10 scales, brass pins, convex edge. This knife is the first knife I was able to sharpen to shaving sharp by hand. Previously I'd been using a lansky because I just couldn't get the angles right even after putting hours into it. I then used the knife to cut the leat
  8. Not a chance I can afford it, but man is it beautiful!
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