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  1. I would second Alans recommendation on the use of Nitric for deep etching on steel. Ferric is ok for bringing out the pattern in damascus but for a really deep etch its not very good. It fairly quickly develops a sort of black sludge in the etched area which then subsequently stops the etching action. I never had the good results on steel I get with ferric as on nonferrous alloys I also tried electro etch with either, saltwater, vinegar+ salt, salt + citric. with all these electrolytes there is also the problem of a black residue forming in the etched grooves which will slow or stop th
  2. Weidmesser means in broad terms just Hunting Knife, it is used for a variety of knives and not affixed to a special type. In german a Weidmann or (older) Waydman/Waidmann is a Hunter.
  3. Since I am setting up for Lost wax casting in the next year I tried to get as much information beforehands and read some books on the topic of Lost Wax casting. I tend to accumulate books so this got a bit out of hands after the first few ...You wont need them all but its hard to recommend one best over the others since all are a bit different and tend to be stronger on information specific topics while other topics are better described in another book. Most of the mentioned Books are older Editions that are no longer in Print but can in some cases be picked up for a few bucks in used co
  4. Thanks for the kind words Mr Kelso. I am just begining and try to follow a road that others like you or Ford with much more knowledge and skills have shown to us. So far I have not tested this on shibuishi or shakudo since I was specifically after the red copper but am setting myself up for some lost wax casting (mainly for Bronzes) and do my own alloying so I will also make some shakudo in times to come. I guess I could just have ordered some rokusho from the US but I am from Germany and importing chemicals of any kind here (regulations, regulations- we germans are annoyingly good a
  5. Hello I`d like to share some of my experimenting with Rokusho patination. I begun to experiment with it some time last year and was after the elusive red on Copper. I used a hommade recipe, based on copper acetate and copper sulfate, its Niiro #4 according to the paper on Rokusho from the sheffield Hallam university. Its a fairly well made study on the subject but debated by the experts. You can find it here: http://shura.shu.ac.uk/971/ According to the experts its not the "real" stuff , the recipe in eitoku sugimoris Book is also questionable I was told - but the japanese dont
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