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  1. Google is your friend.. Look here Crossbow wiki
  2. Alan is right vibration is the key. That being said there are some wonderful materials made specifically to dampen vibrating parts. For the bang for buck I would recomend undercarriage putty. Put the anvil on a silicone base like Alan sugested and that will isolate the anvil from its mount and dampen alot of the vertical resonance. A ring of putty around the waist will dampen the horizontal plane.
  3. Dave that is indeed a 3 phase wiring circuit you have there. Which is a good thing if you want a variable speed set up. I dont see a potentiometer or any kind of driver in the circuit so Im assuming this is a single speed setup. So the bad news is your gonna have to spend just a little bit more. The good news is for less than the price of an electrician and a phase converter you can just buy an off the shelf VFD that has single phase input and 3phase out and get a variable speed set-up in the process. Good luck man Im sure there are many people here more knowledgeable than myself to guide you
  4. Nicely done Kip bet she loves it
  5. I would also consider that the file may be dull or soft
  6. Wow man that's beautiful. Love the overall flow on this one. Is that a dentist drill i see there??
  7. beautiful work man. Thanks for showing/inspiringmetogetmybuttbackouttotheforge
  8. Lol I have 3 of those box fans set up throughout my house and have for years. It was my answer to the $2500 air filtration system my wife wanted. Change the filters once a month and it keeps the dust and allergens to a minimum. Never thought of using one in my shed though.
  9. OK dammit I'm inspired maybe I'll get there by 60 or so lol. Damn fine work and good on ya JD for showing them the way.
  10. Hey John. I have a few things to say on this subject. Firstly I can't write worth a damn but wish I could. I do however read avidly and have all my life. When I can't read (like driving or on the job) I listen to audiobooks. If you write the only way to know how you are doing is to have your work read. I have 2 sisters-in-law that are both published authors, so I hear about this crap all the damn time whether I want to or not. They took different paths to publication and in doing so have shown there is indeed more than one way to skin that proverbial feline. One self-published her first book and gained a little recognition and that made it easier to get her other works taken seriously. The other badgered every publisher she could find with samples and didn’t let up until she got a freakin movie deal to go with the book. All this is just to say it can be done. Both women are well over 50 btw. As to criticism, well I wouldn't worry too much about critics. Stephen King is one of the most critically despised writers ever... and arguably the most successful. Tell your stories the way you would like to read them, or hear them. There is an audience for almost any tale. The only real piece of advice I can give is to write for you. If you like it, its good. Do like Petr said though, and give us a taste. Take the criticism you receive, and either use it, or not as you see fit. Just cause someone has an opinion doesn’t make it a good one no matter who they are.
  11. Looks good. Love the hamon. Cant wait to see its partner. I gotta say though that damn picture has me wondering whats been blotted out and bugs the hell outta me.
  12. Bret


    Not bad for a trial run.... I wouldnt try to sell it like that though.... Just send it my way and I'll.... use it as a doorstop or something... Cant blame me for trying. Beautiful work man. I really like it a lot. Almost like an American West Frontier Gladius. If that makes any sense at all.
  13. Never forged it but I have machined it for years. Keep your tool cool and lubed, and never try to "skim it". Take a good bite. It workhardens as you machine it so you want to keep your tool under the hard skin that develops as you cut it. If you keep that in mind it machines very nicely. Feed over speed. Speed hardens it. You want just enough to keep your chipload between .005 and .015. A minor radius on your cutting tool again .005-.015 will keep you from breaking tools. Off topic I know but its pretty cool stuff and not hard to work once you understand it. If you decide to machine it and need advice feel free to msg me Good luck
  14. Looks good JJ. My only question would be how hot you could run it without starving it for air. In the picture it doesn't look like there is much room around the jet for air to pass in. Could be the angle though. Nice design though, I like it.
  15. Bret

    Thank You

    I couldn't agree with you more
  16. Oh my God I cant believe you actually put nipples on a dragon lol aside from that good luck this weekend
  17. Looks like leather working stamps. If it is that opens some doors I wouldn't have thought of. But I swear those stamps used to set on my buddy's leatherwork bench
  18. It seems there will be quite a few of us going down to Eugene this weekend. I thought it would be cool if those who have tables there list their stalls. I'ld really like to meet you guys in person. Maybe shake a few hands and say hi to the people I see on here. So if you have a table let us know so we'll be sure to see you... and if not (like me) maybe one of those that do would be good enough to make introductions) Hope to meet some of you there
  19. If the spike was marked "HC" on the head then it is "high carbon" sometimes marked with just the C and some marked with S. Anyway its not really that high 30-40 points. This wont make a really hard blade but it will be tough. I've had good luck using superquench on these for reasonable edge retention. Basically water with dish soap and Jet-dry. Keeps a vapor jacket from forming and cools quick. also if you have an oxy/acetylene setup you can harden the edge just like surface hardening.
  20. Wow man that is fantastic. Now i want to make an ax. Superb work
  21. Gratz man. It's a beaut
  22. MSC Grainger or just about any industrial supply house will carry shop rolls. Just at a glance you can get from 40 to 600 grit in 50ft rolls for 20-50$ at MSC. Do a Google search and you'll probably do better... www.aaabrasives.com looks promising so does abrasives4sale.com... just Google Shop rolls
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