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  1. well maybe Im wrong. I know when I left the choke open on my atmospheric burners the heat chimneyed out and fraged out my G10 chokes. same thing electrical circuit boards are made of. didnt think 1500f would be good for a fan motor, but I have admittedly no exerience with this. I humbly bow out on this statement.
  2. Just 1 piece of advise. You have your blower mounted higher than your forge body. If you ever forget to close that valve its going to act as a chimney and burn up the motor. If it were me I would rotate it down. Even if its just slightly down it should draft away from the motor. And if its still cold a space heater works great for curing your coatings. ok thats two pieces of advise
  3. @Kevin-- Thanks for the advise man never done a (REAL) full polish. My arsenal runs out at 1500 grit wet/dry lol. From there I have some polishing compounds for automotive painting that work well with a buff and a Dremel. I'll have to look in to acquiring some of the things you mentioned, and give it a try. @Kip-- OK fine its a Buccaneer Bowie then. Ive just always thought of anything greater than 6 inchs of blade as either a kitchen knife or a Bowie. Its definitely not a kitchen knife, but I dont suppose I have ever heard a real definition of what a Bowie is. Whatever we call it its a big'ol knife. Thanks for your comments and input I'll keep playing and see where it goes
  4. Yes Kyle you could use a resist. However I think what they are trying to say is that if you have a fully profiled blade slightly oversized and only harden...say .025 deep then when you grind to finish the blade you will go throught the carburized material farther back but not at the edge. The effect would be what you were trying to get. Anyway if you want to use a resist im not sure clay will do it as it is porous and the carbon may move through it any way I would use a stainless steel tool wrap for heat treating or nickel foil.
  5. OK so Im working on this one and, dropped it in the ferric instead of the vinegar tub to check hamon activity and I got this deep black with about 4 different tones running through it. Was planning on a 6-800 polish and then heat blueing the guard. Question is I think its pretty cool and dark the way it is, (still need to finish the polish) but I would like some more opinions I guess.
  6. Bret

    KITH 2012

    2012 KITH list: 1. SamD - AKA - Sam Duckworth, Sopchoppy, Fla. 2. John Page 3. Mathew Kinmond - Canada, Ontario 4. Kip Kaiser - Williamston, SC 5. Troy Christianson - Faribault, Minnesota 6. Dion Grethen - Rice Lake, WI 7. JJ Simon - Delmar DE. 8. Mark Green NC 9. Bret Cutshall - Saint Helens, Or
  7. I don't know what you have for a set up, but before I built a press I had a 2" piece of round that I had turned into a kinda draw out hardy. You'll get a lot more lateral movement over a radial surface than across a flat even with a cross or straight peen. you'll want to draw it long instead of wide, so when you cut it you get your stack count and therefore your layer count higher with less work. I hope this makes sense to you I'm not the best at explaining myself. another inexpensive idea would be to make a guillotine type tool for drawing. Anyway good luck and post your results
  8. I can't really say anything the others haven't already said. WOW that is truly inspiring work man. I have always loved your work, and this piece is exceptional even by the lofty standards your previous work has set.
  9. Bret

    KITH 2012

    If you can do the project and complete it on time I would think you could be in. The people here are very cool and accepting in case you havent been around long. I've never seen anyone turned down for help advise or anything else. I cant see anyone here having a problem with you entering. Soooo Welcome
  10. Bret

    KITH 2012

    Alright Kip, get on it and take charge. What we doin?
  11. I received this little beauty Wed night. Thank you very much Dillon.
  12. Bret

    KITH 2012

    it wasnt a shot just my poor sense of humor
  13. Bret

    KITH 2012

    hmmmm a spork with a hamon....
  14. If it broke clean its probably hard but if it bent and broke maybe not . Just take a file to the heat treated part and the to an untreated part and check to see if there is a difference in how the file bites. if there is chrome plating on it then remove that before test though.
  15. As a general rule for a unknown steel you can heat past critical I'ld just get it nonmagnetic and add a bit. Let it air cool and check it...still soft go again and oil quench... then water. That being said I usually start with oil cause air hardening steels are generally evident in their extremely short work times.
  16. I would just use the PM service through this site. He gets on most days
  17. Ahh Petr, it would be a mad mortal indeed who was disappointed in your work
  18. Ive played with a couple metorites in the forge. Couple from the Diablo site and couple from Nantan. Both seemed to work about the same. VERY crumbly. Managed to make a couple bars from it. Im no expert and my experience forging anything other than known steels is limited at best, but here are my observations. If I forged at anything lower than high red to yellow it would fall apart on me with any significant blow, but if I kept the temps high (like welding) and kept it fluxed I could move it with a small hammer (16 oz) pretty efficiently. Some things I thought might help but never tried .... What if your were to can it up and blister it before going to far with it? seems it might give a tougher outerlayer that would help with the crumbling and if it were to be folded the carbon could work through and toughen it up??... works with wrought. damn now you got me thinking about the ones in my closet again that I was saving for when I had a better idea what I was doing
  19. Gonna do pairs instead of a rotation?
  20. Nice work Dillon thats beautiful
  21. I don't know I'ld say unhinged lol. Just had a lot of trouble coming up with a tribal I liked. Decided that mythological was the way to go and in creating my own mythology I could make whatever I was comfortable with. Well and I do feel that art in all its forms is as close to peace-divinity-oneness we can achieve... for me anyway... I hope noone was offended... it was supposed to be humor
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