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  1. “Are there really Gods PaPa?” Gather round children and I will tell you the tale of a God. Many years ago there was a God who roamed among the mortals who called himself Man. Now Man was a confused God, in that he was unsure of his divine calling. He came from a family of Gods, of Food, and Wood, and Harvests, but he was unsure exactly what he was to be a God of. He tried Painting, and Music, and Food. He had talents here… well except for the music… but he knew these things were not to be his true passion. When he was The God Boy, he was told by his Grandmother … who was a God of Food… that to create was the Divine Calling, and that those who created were Gods, and that those who only consumed where mere mortals, and he knew then, that he would be a God. One day The God Man met a beautiful Goddess of Dance, and Music, and they were wed. Shortly thereafter he became The Daddy God. The Daddy God was then plunged full on into the world of mortals and was enslaved by the power of Wages to… “The Job”. Now “The Job” was a dark and dreary place were the Daddy God labored for many hours each day. It was filled with great hulking beasts of Iron and Electronics called “CNCs” and it was The Daddy God’s duty to train and handle the creatures while they ate metal by the hour, and to collect the bones of their meals, and feed the always hungry beasts more. One day the mortal who held The Daddy God enslaved set him a task to train and mind the “Mighty Mazak” a cranky and foul tempered beast who had laid many both mortal and God low. But The Daddy God was up to the challenge, and soon had the mighty Mazak munching happily all day. Mazak ate huge meals and took all day to consume a single gigantic piece of metal. This left The Daddy God nothing to do while the great beast munched on endlessly. “No Music!” said the foreman. “No books!” So The Daddy God pulled his knife from his pocket while leaning on mighty Mazak , and staring into its depths while the beast ate he would curl chips off of an old piece of wood until it was gone and then grab another, day in and day out. The knife broke… The Daddy God was in a panic. He had to have something to do with his hands or he would go “Batshit”. So he found one of Mazak’s old teeth and making sure to keep it cool as he worked, he ground it down into a blade that he could use to make chips again. He then used the new knife to actually carve something… a handle for the knife itself. The Daddy God was exited. He had found a new thing for him, and something that made him very happy. He had created something. It was small, and not well made, but it was his and he had created it with love and he knew again for the first time in many years the joy of being a God. Many years past and The Daddy God … who by now was also sometimes known as The PaPa God… in his slavery was unable to pursue this side of his creativity, until one day, while traveling the Ether he came upon a place where other Gods gathered. It happens that the Great God Fogg had created his own realm within the Ether, and that many Gods went there and shared their ideas and displayed their triumphs. The Daddy God was amazed at the goings on in this magical place and he quietly watched and listened as the other Gods had their discussions and showed their work. He was inspired. He greedily listened to every word and studied and examined the concepts of which they spoke. He then went to work, and using the scraps of things he could find he began to Create. A forge from a discarded propane tank, and an anvil from large scraps from “The Job”. He began as many do with the old teeth thrown by the massive noisy monsters known as “trains”, and worked his way up to finer metals. Then came the day when The God Petr called upon the other Gods to hold a “KITH”. It was to be an exchange of art and ideas through their work. A truly wonderful idea that would let all the Gods great and small sample other works and learn by one another. The Daddy God was wonderfully happy. He had been quietly plying his craft for a few years and this would give him a chance to truly interact with the other gods. So with love of his craft and hope in his heart the Daddy God created a knife for this gathering. You asked me children if there were Gods… Here is your proof… The very knife made by The Daddy God at the behest of the God Petr.
  2. Sweet Sam. What steel did you use for those? Is that file work or rotary burr?
  3. Excellent work. That is very cool.
  4. Cant afford it myself but take a look if your in the Northwest http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/tls/2873634030.html
  5. Beautiful work man. I love the bolster, and the overall form has really nice flow.
  6. Very nice Geoff. I like the contrast with the dark steel and lighter handle. Kinda like a sepia toned negative.
  7. Bret

    My Kith

    Thanks guys I really appreciate your kind words
  8. Bret

    My Kith

    First off I'm mildly embarrassed to present this with all the wonderful work coming from you guys, but I've done what I can and am proud for me. It's not totally finished at this point I have some fine tuning to do to the handle, and never having made a sheath before I'm currently on attempt #2. So here is what I have. 4 inch random blade @ 160 layers 4 1/2 inch handle for 8.5 overall. The guard is made from the same billet etched deep cleaned up and then heat colored. Handle is camphor, ebony, and Purpleheart with brass spacers. (mosaic pin for end will be in Friday) Still working on the backstory but it should be done by the time this all comes together. Thanks for looking I hope you like it
  9. Well Dave I have to say that that is absolutely breathtaking. I love to see your work, and this piece is as fine as any. Good job. You guys keep me inspired and trying.
  10. OK so I'm working with powdered 1095 for the first time today. Trying to get back into forging for the first time in about 9 months (tendonitis kicking my butt) and I had this cool idea i figured would be an easy in. Took some old nicklewound guitar strings and layered them in a can with powdered 1095. Sealed can with some wood in 1 side of the can to eat any O2 and brought it up to heat. Pressed it out got a solid piece and removed can. When drawing it out though my beautiful little billet started showing little cracks all over. I was drawing in the press and i figure maybe that is just to aggressive. Draws clean when i draw by hand. Don't have a power hammer so that leaves my poor tired elbow to do the job. I'm working at a mid to high red. Too hot? am I burning it? too cool am i ripping it apart? Anyone play with this stuff before and have advise?.
  11. Kevin, Im not familiar with the mill you have, but Ive been machining most of my life. The largest problem you will likely encounter is lack of rigidity. Basically its kinda like the whole power hammer head to anvil thing. You need a base that is massive enough to minimize movement. Secure your mill as soldly as possible to a table or base and secure that to the ground if possible. Even the full size bridgeports benefit greatly from being properly anchored. If your just milling slots for the most part you can get away with it. Take multiple passes. Dont try to take it all in 1 bite. If you need a slot .1875 deep take it in 5 roughly .04 passes or 10 at .02, whatever works. 10 passes seems like a lot but its better to take 10 with a nice finish than 5 with a bad one that will have to be cleaned up. Anyway have fun with it, and if you have specific questions post em
  12. Interesting design you got there. Some designs work better than others but there are some basic things that all venturi burners need to function. Im not going to give a long lecture on the physics behind it but some basic things you need to know to trouble shoot this would help. First off you need to understand that the draw effect that allows a veturi to pull air in is based upon velocity more than volume. So you need to find a way to determine a baseline. Im with Don im not sure you have the right regulator. A pressure gage will help in the troubleshooting also. As for the burner I would look first at your jet size (the hole the gas comes from). It looks rather large to me. What is the internal diameter of the pipe? for a half inch pipe i would try a jet size between .023 and .03. for a 3/4 (like mine) i use .035. where the face of the jet is in relation to your air vents is also important, as is the size of those vents. If your jet face is more than 1 diameter of the pipe down from the vents you will not draw as much air. you will have a turbulant area between the jet and the vents which will limit your intake. I would sugest starting with a known size jet even with the center of the vent and adjusting it from there. sometimes having something to look at helps. Larry Zoeller sells parts and kits and even hole burners relatively cheap i have a few and they work very well. Ron Reil is one of the pioneers in veturi burners and has lots of information. And if you just want to get forging and can afford it T-Rex is arguably the best burner you can buy.
  13. Bret


    Knives have been made of many things over the years. Given that the theme for this kith is tribal and mythological, I would be surprised not to see alterative or traditional materials used. Bone, flint, obsidian, ceramic, and about any metal you can think of has been used for knives. Glublug the caveman slew the great one-toothed Fugwugly Lion with a bone knife made from the ribs of his own father after all.
  14. Dave, didn't you do a bird themed Persian a while back?... For that matter the dark elf blade you suggested would look sweet with a bird... Just saying Jake I really like the knife man. I hesitate to make a suggestion cause lets be honest your work puts mine to shame, but I got to say you have really sweet lines going on this blade and I think the wrap interferes with the flow. You could undercut the wrap area so that it’s a smoother transition or maybe use a flat lace? Maybe a woven wrap like a long basketweave to match the carving? Again I hate to say anything at all, but there it is. Feel free to nitpick my work to death.
  15. Bret

    KITH 2011

    Sorry Dave. Bret Cutshall
  16. Never even heard of this before sounds too cool.... I'm in.
  17. Bret


    This one gets my vote for sure. I remember following that thread. Now someone needs to find the old thread where he did the meteorite knife with the beautiful ivory lady that was cool to, but i can't find
  18. Don't know about T1. Personally the hot hardness of T1 or any of the highspeed steels would keep me from playing with it in a forge environment, and as a 20 year machinist unless you have a fully annealed piece and one wickedly ridgid setup with flood coolant your not gonna drill it either. Just saying. Any way dont know where to get 9260, but for the carbon steels I go through Kelly if he has what i need at the time or use Jantz Supply Jantz supply. Some of Jantz's stuff is a bit chinsy but the steel is good, cheap, and you can get it in small orders closer to size. Good luck to you and hope to see your work sometime. Bret
  19. Looks pretty simple to build. A little more advanced than Ray's Godzilla but similar. I would put a plate/flange on it so that it could be secured to the anvil to minimize the bounce, and an adjustable guide to the outside for safety to keep you from squirting the blade out the side if you got a bad hit. pretty cool. As for plans just stop the video and look at it. If you have a welder and metal lying around im sure you could make something similar. Plans are to limiting lol work with what ya got.
  20. Nice one Ray... Time to break out the smoker I live 3 blocks from the Columbia and haven't seen one that nice in years
  21. I would sugest putting the filter on the suction line. In that postition if anything you will have a slight negative pressure. Even though there is theoretically no pressure on the return line, but depending on the size of your ram and the distance from the shuttling valve(to determine volume), you are still dumping upwards of 2500 PSI into an "open" system and hammering the hell outta that filter. Reguardless of its flow rate if it goes from no pressure to getting hammered its gonna resist some and that resistance will build pressure. kinda like holding an engine air filter in your hands and hitting it with compressed air. Your by no means exceeding its flow rate but if you dont have a good grip it still goes flying outta your hands. It is the difference in pressure from one side to the other that causes this. You could put check valves on both sides of the filter and that would keep fluid in it and might help i suppose.... I would just put the filter on the suction side and stop worrying though. My 2 cents anyway. Good luck Edit: If you had to hard line your return to minimize shock then it is clear your putting a big slug of pressure into that line. Outta curiosity if your running 1 inch return lines, what size are your feed lines?
  22. The stones you buy have a uniform particle size and are flat... take that for what you will it makes it easier with more uniform results. As far as a natural strop, the the only thing you really need is a pliable surface to pull the fine burrs straight... the denim on your pants or really any cloth will serve if your just looking for something you don't have to remember to carry(leaves black stains though) but if your camping you probably aren't wearing Armani. The tougher the better just something that will catch the burrs and pull them straight without ripping is all. Paper works well so I imagine birch bark would too, or fir, pine is clumpy and rigid you'd want something more flexible I would think. Anyway my 2 cents. Good luck
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