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  1. Bad day at work, followed by ruining a handle after work. There's always tomorrow right?

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    2. Josh A Weston

      Josh A Weston

      It happens... happens to me a lot. You are right, there is always tomorrow.

    3. Wes Detrick

      Wes Detrick

      I just ruin stuff. Bad day, or good day, it gets ruined. And then it is certainly is a bad day.

    4. Hoy's Forge

      Hoy's Forge

      It can get worse, when the stuff you ruin is attached to you i.e you fingers! But unlike steel removed accidently skind does grow back !

  2. Some days, forge welding seems harder

  3. One good day in the shop made my whole week better

  4. It's too cold to work in the shop :(

  5. Love this place!

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