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  1. JJ's made me one that is almost two pounds. One of my favorite hammers by a long shot. JJ, I've promised you some pictures of mine in my shop, I've not forgotten that.
  2. Cherry handle and wrought iron and 1095 San Mai steel blade. A Scandinavian style puukko with a 6 1/4 inch over all length and a 2 3/8inch blade. The carving on the top of the handle is a Swedish design has been around for centuries, and is adorned with a copper pin in the center. Thanks,
  3. OAL: 6 1/2 inches Blade Length: 2 1/2 inches A simple leather sheath to let the knife really shine on it's own. This was a real joy to make, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Thanks, -Tim
  4. Beauiful Nate. Don't let your firey beard set your nose hairs on fire!
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your family's hardship. Take care, and screw cancer...hard.
  6. Well done! I tried that method and I buggered it all up. that should be a joy to use.
  7. Fantastic, I think I need to put this on my project wish list.
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I did end up going with Brisa. They are a wonder to work with. I'll post my latest Puukko with the wood soon.
  9. Nicely done. It seems as if I've got some research to do. This is a new one to me.
  10. So I've done a bit of an unorthodoxed method for etching the tang. I've used painters tape over the scales and painted the ferric on in sections. It took a little longer only because I couldn't submerge the while piece. It worked pretty good, just had to be careful where it all went.
  11. So beautiful. I still can't stop staring at the the lines, it flows so well.
  12. I'm guessing from the silence I should take it as a compliment. I'll be irritating you guys with other styles in the near future. Take care all. -Tim
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys. I really do appreciate it. Gabriel, the big handle little blade combo works every time. From my bush crafting phase some years back I now make sure all my handles feel good in any position, so they are as versatile as possible. A leuko does sound like it needs to happen. Good suggestion. Alan, You are right on. That bit of handle above the blade does bug me, though the picture makes it seem worse than it feels. It doesn't change that it's out of whack.
  14. Well I've struck again, working to do well in this style before I want to move on to others. I've got a wrought iron and 1095 San Mai Puukko, with a birds eye maple handle. Simple but useful. OAL - 6.5 inches Blade Length - 2.5 inches Blade thickness - 3/16 of an inch Handle - A smidgeon under 4 inches All comments are welcome, I won't improve otherwise. Thanks for looking everyone. -Tim
  15. I've found that if I keep the "jacket" layers just slightly thicker than the core and make sure to forge the bevels in, then I can pretty much assure that the "jacket" will be nice and close to the edge once final ground. Once you've forge welded it all then it should move similarly but just keep an eye on it and you should be fine. Good Luck -Tim
  16. Not to hijack a thread, but I'd love to pick some wrought up myself.
  17. Thanks for the compliment Wesley, good wrought is a joy to work with.
  18. Here is an Anglo-Saxon broken Back Seax based off the CopperGate find. Wrought Iron and 1095 San Mai OAL 10 1/4 inches Blade Length 5 3/8 1/4 inch thick at the "Break" $400 PM me if interested Thanks for looking. -Tim
  19. Thanks for the link and info. I'm looking specifically for Masur because I've got a weird obsession with Scandinavian style knives and also because I just made up a San Mai (Screw you Cold Steel) of wrought and 1095 to emulate the laminated Swedish steel that was so sought after way back when. I am really hoping to get enough for several puukko style knives.
  20. I have not found a great stateside source yet. Not that really makes a difference but, you know go USA. Its been a long time since I've dabbled in eBay. When I did it was full of dishonest people and product photo's that did not match the product. Is it any better now? Thanks
  21. Does anyone have a good source for Masur Birch wood?
  22. I agree with Alan, there prices are good and the shipping is very fast. In fact on my last order, they called me and said they could fit my order in a flat rate box instead of the shipping method I chose. They refunded the difference and I had the box in three days.
  23. I'm a huge fan of the synthetic stones, but that is also keeping in mind that I've never used a real stone. Since I'm happy with the fake ones, what I don't know is what the difference really is. Is the price worth seeking them out? I have heard that the natural stones can have spots where it doesn't cut evenly or wears away faster. Not sure how much of an issue this really is but it's worth asking. thanks.
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