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  1. I haven't weighed it, but it "felt" the same more or less as my anvil. Doing some research its likely about 250. Its about 18 inches square and 4 inches thick.
  2. Love this place!

  3. I picked up an industrial swage block from some people clearing a house out and they didn't even know what it was! I just need to build a stand for it and I can do most of the upsetting there. Just paranoid to ruin the temper on the face of the anvil.
  4. I do actually, just a bit stubborn I suppose haha. I just really need to ask.
  5. Ha! I wish it was a typo! I've never seen a Hardy tool that large. I don't have a welder so fabricating a tool is a bit bigger of a challenge, but there are some good videos on YouTube that I may try in the near future. Just need to find some suitable stock for the right price. But of I can find the right one already made, is be willing to do that too.
  6. I'm having a hard time finding hardy tools with the right size for the hardy hole in my anvil. Its 287 pounds and the hardy hole is 1 3\4 inches square.
  7. Sorry for the double post. Connectivity issues.
  8. Hey guys, I figured it was time to show some of my latest work. I've been at this for about a year and a half now trying to learn all I could from YouTube and reading, but nothing beats experience and besides that's more fun than reading. I take criticism well and invite it, I'm looking forward to the comments. The first is a skinner, 4 inch blade of 1095, flat ground and polished to about 600 before a light buffing. The handle is 4.25 inch's long and I line the tang with blue sf spacer material. The handle itself is stabilized king wood. The second smaller knife is a pokko inspired EDC. 3 inch flat ground blade made of 1095. The handle is spalted maple and walnut with red spacer material to separate them and measures out to be about 4 inches. This was a father's day gift, I wish I had better pic's but its not always my first thought. Thanks
  9. You can still have a CT scan. Nonmagnetic imagery, not as detailed as an MRI but will still go a long way for repair. Hopenthis finds you well and in one piece!
  10. Very cool. A nice refined rustic piece.
  11. I knew there at least had to be a few people who knew about the UP! Nice to hear from you guys. I'm familiar with Paavola rd actually, haven't been down it but have driven past it countless times. I'll have to look up Scott Roush and see if I can get into his hammer in, not sure if I'll have many opportunities closer than that. Only so much you can learn from YouTube and playing around.
  12. Alan, maybe you can call it a Ramdragon? Either way pretty neat.
  13. Is there anyone on here from the upper peninsula of Michigan? As far as I am aware there are really only two people who forge blades from start to finish and I'm looking to see if there are any others outbthere. I'm from Houghton if anyone is nearby-ish I'd love to meet up and talk shop.
  14. That made my eyes bug out. Very impressive detail on the head. Is the detail on the head inlay, and I'm assuming bronze, but gold wouldn't be out of the question with the high level of detail on this beautiful piece. Beautiful work.
  15. Happy new year to you as well. I'm hoping to forge more days this year too. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but I am struggling to add a photo, I've got some decent photos of my rams head but keep running to issues. Probably a problem between the key board and chair
  16. Nice work on the Rams head. That was my first, well, only animal head creation and I'm itching to do another. Gerald, love the Bear! Really cool detail, it looks like it's at the end of some square stock. Any plans to mount it somewhere? I'd post my attempt at a Rams head, but I haven't found the pinned topic on the preferred method on posting pictures yet. But don't worry, I'll terrorize you guys soon enough. -Tim
  17. GEzell, thanks for advice. So much easier than I had thought, or hoped for.
  18. Those are beautiful, i love the patterns. Can I ask what HT you used? I just had a customer ask me to make him mm one, since I've never made one before I am a bit apprehensive to make one for a customer just yet. Gorgeous work!
  19. Very nice for a first attempt. Other than that one spot where it for too thin, very impressive. My first 10 attempts didn't look that good. Keep it up!
  20. I echo what the rest of the folks say. A lighter hammer, angling the work in relation to the hammer, and practice. My big problem once I get past all that is not forging close enough to finish. I'm paranoid about warping in the quench, which leaves me more time in front of the grinder. Good luck.
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