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  1. hi my name is walter and i have a question i want to make kickass costplay for my gf i was curious if it was possiblle to get a damascus steel pattern welded look on aluminum or any kind of design really similar too it any answered or suggestion would be very helpful thks
  2. Im actually out of metal for a guard this knife is going into temper fairly soon i wanted to touch up wat i could and make the bevel i didnt even have a vice until a month ago and i still have no bench lol im using a steel file cabnet atm xD but no thank u guys so much for the advice for my first id rather not get too fancy with it my filework was just eyeballed but itll definatly be wood handle with maybe two brass pins and insteae of having a huge amount of wood near where the guard should be i was thinking a simple slope in twards the ricasso this was made out of a small rasp/file so its no
  3. this is my first knife i got a lot of work on it to do yet so hoping i can finish it soon wish me luck lol sorry if u guys cant see it ;x dunno how to post on this quit yet either
  4. oddly that first picture the tree gave me and interesting idea. the way that cut in the tree looks almost like a finger guard that would look beautiful in bronze
  5. there was a similar knife i saw of utube its great design but if u were to slash with it ur at risk of hurting ur fingers a lil bit id redisign with the thumb grip and the ring portion being around 2 fingers most likely the pointer and middle i love this design of knife its great for defense purposes im tempted to get one just need to find a good one thk u for posting keep up the good work
  6. Looking to learn heavily from a master

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