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  1. larsjacobsen

    Chain damascus kitchen knife

    Motorcycle chain and Hitache edge steel ....a gift for my friend Flemming who turned 50 last weekend...... Kitchen knife Lars
  2. larsjacobsen

    Completed Horse/Alligator Bowie

    Lovely damascus ....
  3. larsjacobsen

    Time to build a power hammer WIP

    I welded three pieces of steel to make the anvil on my hammer.....total weight of anvil is app. 500 pounds. ....hammerhead is 45 pounds
  4. larsjacobsen

    Mixed damascus billet ...

    Oh ...forgot that I posted this ....sorry ...Will W you are absolutely right ..... - now I will just have to decide what to do with tje billet. Any suggestions ?
  5. larsjacobsen

    d2 304 san mai

    Nice work .....
  6. larsjacobsen

    Mixed damascus billet ...

    I like mixing steels to get different color in my damascus ....here is a billet with 1,2 % carbon steel, wrought iron, 15n20, O2 and low carbon steel.
  7. larsjacobsen

    San Mai Camp Chopper

    A very nice knife ....everything in one package - keep up the good work
  8. larsjacobsen

    A couple of knives for an exhibition.

    Very nice indeed .........still remember visiting your shop back in 2006 .....I was travelling NZ for 6 weeks with my family and we suddenly saw a sign with a knife on it .....decided to follow the sign and ended up at your shop ....did not forge my knives at that time so it was a whole new thing to me. Cannot remember if it was Dunedin .....?
  9. larsjacobsen

    Two versions of puukkos

    Very fine and with clean lines .....lots of good stuff comes from Scandinavia
  10. Made this knife several years ago but took it out yesterday to make a new carrier strap for it. The knife is made as an allround knife for hunting and bushcraft. 3 layer blade with low carbon sides and 1% carbonsteel as edge steel. Brown canvas micarta and copper rivets and unlined thong hole. This was actually my first kydex sheath and it does scratch the blade .....which is really not that important if it is a user knife .....
  11. larsjacobsen

    Tidr Tonn - "Tooth of Time"

    Very fine knife with a lot of expensive materials ....may I ask where you get your meteorite iron .?
  12. larsjacobsen

    A multi purpose knife for my niece

    Yes I did...it is a 3 layer blade with stainless on the outside and carbonsteel for the edge.
  13. larsjacobsen

    A multi purpose knife for my niece

    My niece wants one of my knives for her birthday and wants a knife that is half kitchen and half outdoor knife.....having this blade and not fully knowing what to do with it .....I took some leftover pieces of micarta and G10 and went to work. Blade is laminated 316 stainless and 1,1 % carbon steel for the edge. Funny how 316 stainless turns almost black in the forging / hardening process as opposed to 416 and 420 that will turn grey or light grey.
  14. larsjacobsen

    Designing a Damascus Pattern

    Like your WIPs a lot ....lots of inspiration and I hope that you get well soon .....
  15. larsjacobsen

    40 YO Ted Dowell Drop Point

    So nice .. one of the first American custom knifemakers I admired ...back in the 80s