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  1. Finished this knife after 3 years ....forged the blade in 2018. Steel is 15n20, UHB 20 and a slice of O2 ....edge is 1.2419. Handle is G10, Micarta and amboina.
  2. Kitchen knife in 15n20 and uddeholm 20c ....G10, mammoth and stabilized poplar ...blade is thin and light ... more pictures here : www.instagram.com/jacobsenknives
  3. Very nice work ....really like the “canoe” ....
  4. Any kind of welder / weld will do. I have used stick, mig and tig....and they all do fine. Remember to clean/ grind the surfaces and keep them flat. Temperature is the same as any other weld ...1200/1300 degrees celsius. After the first weld I keep the billet at forgewelding temperature for 10 - 15 min. ....To ensure proper bonding. as you will notice from the pictures ...the scale is different from plain carbon steel and the activity in the laminated steel depends on the kind of stainless used. 316 stainless gives almost no activity ...while 400 series ( 416, 420, Ae
  5. Learning to grind fullers and making stainless / damascus san mai
  6. Hi ...and a merry Christmas to all of you Handle is G10 and Micarta and stabilized Skate board. My son is a good skater and used to be in the top three i Denmark in his teens...so skateboard from one of his old worn out boards seemed the right choise. Blade is 304 stainless over Uddeholm 26c ....
  7. I’m using the wheel from Jantz knife supplies ...check them out....I start out with an 80 grit belt and finish with a Trizact 337. The wheels need slow speed or they will get to warm ...
  8. Bought small wheels a about a year ago .....been practicing on a couple of blades. If you prefer beating them in ...do that ....If you just like everything about blades ....buy them right away
  9. Yes ....a litte swim in dilluted ferric...
  10. Finished this yesterday ....Blade is 420 stainless and O1 laminate. Handle is brown canvas micarta and stainless corby bolts. Got to use my new stamp for the leather sheath and it turned out pretty nice ...,..
  11. I actually use different sized ballbearing balls to flare the tube - they are smooth and do not scratch the tube
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