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  1. Fulltang

    Hi and merry christmas to all. Fulltang puukko. 80crv2 steel. Xcut curly birch and steel pins. Blade is 5mm thick and about 90mm long. Thanks for watching
  2. Walnut Puukko

    Hi and thanks for those nice words. There is a wooden liner between leather and blade. Here is one old picture. And here is the final picture. I add a little bit shadow and take colour off from background (my old woolly jumper) Trying to learn some knife photographing and using gimp.
  3. Walnut Puukko

    Hi everyone. I put this in same topic. Same materials but little bit different style. Thanks for watching and I hope you like.
  4. Walnut Puukko

    Thanks. Sheath is ready. That was a good piece of leather. Lauri
  5. Walnut Puukko

    Hello everyone. Finally something (allmost) ready. Puukko with turkish walnut handle and brass fittings. Blade is german springsteel. Sheath will be ready later. I will add the pictures then. Hope you like it...Best regards..Lauri
  6. Puukko knife

    I use felt wheel with paste for final polishing. After belt sander I hand sanded it from 400 to 1200 grit. And like everyone knows, there is not such a thing like perfect result I dont use a clue with birch bark. I heat the stacked handle in oven (80-100 celsius) and make the final tightening after that. There is some old wip pictures. https://laurikarjunen.com/tuohipaa-birch-bark-handle/
  7. Puukko knife

    And I checked that chris is from Australia
  8. Puukko knife

    Thank you again. Yes stacked and shaped. I dont know how common handle material it is in US. If it is not common, I wonder why because it is so good. And I checked it in wikipedia that you have birch in here. Well maybe not in southern parts....
  9. Puukko knife

    Thanks. My style is just sharpen it as close to the bolster as I can. And after years and years blade look like a spike. Just like this. It seems that there is (original) ricasso but Im not sure. Nowadays peoples buy a new knife before it is that kind of condition
  10. Puukko knife

    Hi everyone! First Puukko in this year. Handle is like you can see birch bark. Blade is 60SiCr7. Some sort of spring steel. Something different design in blade but otherwise very basic Puukko. Hope you like and of course criticism is welcome too. Lauri
  11. Two puukkos and hunter

    Hello Those are for sale. 220e+shipping/puukko. More informations laurikarjunen@gmail.com. edit: Walnut puukkos are sold. Best regards, Lauri
  12. Puukkos

    Thank you everyone. Leather is 2mm vegtable tanned cow. I wet it under the running water until it feel soft enough. Then I stich it and right after that I just carefully tool the leather surface. When leather changes the colour little whiter I do most of the tooling. So dont do it too early. When leather dry it will be hard if quality is good. And it shrinks also. Theres pretty big difference depends where the leather is manufactured. Those leathers are from http://www.kokkolannahka.fi/or http://www.peloleather.com/. I dont remember witch one but I think they are the same company. Lauri
  13. Puukkos

    Hello all! Finally something ready. Couple of new Puukkos. Two of them are made of 80crv2 steel, Brass and Turkish walnut and I have to say that first one is good piece of wood. And there is one Birch bark puukko too. All blades are mirror polished. Hope you like them Lauri
  14. Fulltang puukko

    Hello friends! Sheath is ready. Happy birthday to my good friend
  15. Fulltang puukko

    Thanks. Im glad you like it. I'll be back with the sheath.