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  1. Ariel Salaverria is known to make knives the way you described. I remember reading his tutorials on his website, but I don´t know about the video... Here´s a link to a tutorial he made. Maybe this will help your search. http://www.aescustomknives.com/docs/knifemaking19.htm
  2. I am using this method alot, since I´m also getting my supply of wrought from garage sales and I find it pretty accurate. If you are allowed to do the tests, just look for those characteristic lines. On these pieces posted on the picture I just had to grind the surface a little bit to identify them as wrought. Another clue might be looking for hammer marks on the piece. If it´s hand forged than it is probably wrought iron - most of the time (at least in my experience)
  3. First I would like to say hello, I´m a "new" member (lurking around since february) and this is my first post. My goal is to make my very own hand forged knife, so I had to upgrade from my 10kg / 22lbs piece of railroad track "anvil" to a something little more massive.. and I came across this PFP anvil. I bought it for 110 euros (apprx. 123 USD), it has a weight of 45kg / 99lbs. It has a nice rebound, a clean and flat face with only minor marks on it, the edges are also in decent shape and I´m quite pleased with it! It is also marked as: EINHEITS P.F.P. AMBOSS 45
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