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  1. Little broke back, wrought and 1075, nickle silver and white tail antler Sword with bloom iron core, 1075 edge, bog oak and copper inlay fittings Wolfs tooth seax, wrought, 1075 edge, brass and maple burl Tiny tiny knife. Micro twist spine of 1075 and 15n20, serpent of mild and wrought, edge of 1075, copper and maple burl Large seax is 1095 ans 15n20 made by my friend and i handled it Serpent seax Little broke back pweld with antler and bogoak
  2. I mix charcoal with a little veg oil
  3. I get too focused in my work and facebook. Its nice to be with makers though
  4. The first three images are of the larger of the two
  5. $250 https://www.etsy.com/listing/480166935/carved-damascus-seax?ref=pr_shop
  6. Yeah my teacher mark taught me that. Its saved me so many issues
  7. Back is mild,1075 and 15n20, then mild for the serpent Wrought 1060 Boxwood handle
  8. Quick video of its creation https://youtu.be/1SAmY-W8TLQ The blade is currently for sale below https://www.etsy.com/listing/479044917/serpent-steel-viking-seax?ref=pr_shop
  9. This is for an SCA member Blade is 30 inches long Here is the link to the video of me making it. https://youtu.be/Ic_5DGEosM8
  10. thanks ive got some good stuff in the works at the moment
  11. what is your over all length goal? make sure not to ruin our twists
  12. yeah its my full time profession. just normally customer have me making such uninspired crap that its not worth posting. Every once in a while i get someone who wants something other than a boring edc. im about to stop taking commissions all together and just work on what I want and see where the chips fall. currently its like im working in an office again only making a lot less. Yeah i like making bloom and using as much historically accurate material as I can.
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