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  1. Business Real Bad, Selling new in original packing Evenheat Digital Heat Treat Oven 18" Depth 240vac 13A Single Phase with Warrantee. Never plugged in absolutely perfect! Selling Price $875.00 Tampa Bay Florida Area email johnhashey@Verizon.net Thanks and Kind Regards, John
  2. John H

    01 Steel Foil

    Thanks Wanderer, I have been thinking have another set of hands ready and leave the oven a bit hot and have snips ready to open it up and hit the oil, just never tried it, my stuff looks like chrome on the norm with 440 C. These are the same, we got a high end oven and can ramp anyway we choose but like I said 01 is a total different ball game. I will look into the clay. Kin Regards, John
  3. John H

    01 Steel Foil

    Hello, I searched but cannot find this topic in the forum. I mainly use 440 C and have it down great. I have a customer that want's several knives made from 01 Tool steel. No problem blanks are complete and highly polished after the material removal techniques Gil Hibben style. I am wondering if using foil for the heat treating has any benefit or will prevent scaling? As I stated I am new to 01 and 400 C is a different animal. Any help greatly appreciated. John
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