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  1. Attending the April ABS Intro to Bladesmithing class at the Bill Moran School. Anyone else attending?

  2. Does anyone happen to have a link to any information on Don Fogg's 55 gallon heat treat oven plans? I was lucky enough to stumble on a tutorial from his old website on how to build a vertical forge but have yet to see anything on his 55 gallon HT oven plans. The picture shows a HT oven built from Mr. Fogg's plans. Thanks again guys.
  3. Found these two listings on the Denver craigslist. Pine Junction Colorado https://denver.craigslist.org/tls/5160432834.html https://denver.craigslist.org/tls/5160390714.html
  4. I'd also be interested in attending a hammerin in the Rocky mountain area. Anywhere in the Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming area.
  5. Just had to add to this forum. My boy is the best. Will never go without a mastiff again. His name is Diesel, and he's 3/4 bull mastiff and 1/4 Dane.
  6. I hope you are recovering comfortably among family and friends in your beautiful neck of the Rockies. I admire your work tremendously. Godspeed to a full and healthy recovery.
  7. Thank you kindly for the info WmHorus
  8. I bought an anvil and an anvil stand a few months ago. It's a farrier's setup and I'm interested in selling the stand and building myself one out of a hardwood stump or something. Does anyone know the value of a stand like this? It says Wolverine Ironworks on the side under the oleo acres farrier supply sticker, and that's a 110 lb anvil sitting on it if that helps with the value. Thanks a million for any help you can give me.
  9. I found a Olympic square wheel 2" X 72" with a 1hp Baldor motor and a 1 hp Master polishing lathe with stand. He wants $625 for the Olympic, and $175 for the Master. What are your thoughts on a counter offer? I'd like to secure the grinder by tomorrow.
  10. Hello Gents, Was curious if anyone knows what has become of Chuck Burrows from Wild Rose Trading Co. I understand that he was having some problems with his health. In my opinion Mr. Burrows, Karen Shook (who makes sheaths exclusively for MS Daniel Winkler), and John Cohea are the best in the business as far as rawhide sheaths. I sent Mr. Burrows an email months ago and never received a reply. I hope he is ok.
  11. I'm the oppitamy of a beginner. I've had a love of blades my whole life and I'm finally in a place where I had the money to pursue my dream. I plan on buying a gas forge. Most likely a NC Tool company. I'm not sure which model yet. I'm not a fabricator per say, so building my own isn't an option I've considered. I also plan on taking a beginners class at the New England School of Metalwork in November with Brion Tomberlin. Any opinions on the school? The class? Or the work of Brion Tomberlin? I don't know of any smiths in my area, and I feel I'd benefit greatly from the class especi
  12. Thanks guys. I'm happy to be a member of a forum where the community responds so quickly to postings. After seeing a 203 lb Peter wright on Craigslist today for $780, I feel I paid a fair price for my set up. I'm trying to talk him down to $550 because it's clean as all hell but $3.80 per pound seems high.
  13. I have a similar question as well. Let's say there is a Bladesmith who uses designs found in historical settings. Let's say a rifleman's knife or a frontier era knife based on the design used in those specific time periods. He is very good at crafting these blades, and he has a well known mark. Is it ethically/legally wrong to make a knife based on the same design/line? Can that person raise hell and say, "That dude copied my work!"? My opinion would be that replicating the design of a blade that is historically accurate shouldn't be criticized.
  14. First I'd like to start out by saying hello. I'm a new member, and this is my first post. I recently purchased an anvil. I'd like to know your thoughts. Please feel free to critique it. I bought this from a man who graduated from the old Denver Horseing School. I payed $500 for the anvil(110lbs), and an anvil stand which looks like it was for shoeing. He also included 2 fairly nice hammers( I asume), which he said cost him around $80 a piece, and 3 tongs. I would also like to know about refinishing the anvil as far as surface rust. Just hit it with a wire brush to remove rust and o
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