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  1. Wesley Alberson

    Red coral broken back seax

    I love the flow of this knife! Great work!
  2. Wesley Alberson

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    This is a beast! Thank you so much Jeremy!
  3. Wesley Alberson

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    That is awesome! I can't wait to see it IRL
  4. Wesley Alberson

    A Pleasant Surprise

    That's a beauty!
  5. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    I'm glad you like it! I really like blades with a long sweeping belly, I think that it is the optimal way to make a blade that cuts well and is easy to sharpen.
  6. Wesley Alberson

    Completed Horse/Alligator Bowie

    That pattern looks like paisley in some areas, very cool! I like the overall shape, too. The way it widens from the handle to the guard reminds me of a tuna.
  7. Wesley Alberson

    How do I lock the temper color into my blade?

    While beautiful, the tempering colors on steel are very thin and can be rubbed off easily. Using oil or some sort of wax could possibly create a barrier to keep the surface from rusting, but it won't really help if the knife is used. Even processes like color case hardening are only used for fittings on knives and guns that won't come into contact with many things that could rub it off. If you are looking to give your steel some color, I would recommend looking into cold bluing, which is somewhat durable, and I have seen others use it on blades.
  8. Wesley Alberson

    A few new bronzes.

    I love the ornamentation!
  9. Wesley Alberson

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    I really don't want Jeremy to rush his power hammer build, making a power hammer is more important to a bladesmith than any KITH. Lets set the deadline to the 12th, but don't break your back trying to finish everything on time. KITH isn't supposed to be stressful, and there is always the next one.
  10. Wesley Alberson

    KITH 2018 Completed Entry Thread

    Done, although there is no sheath, I hope that is okay
  11. Wesley Alberson

    More videos

  12. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

  13. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    I have Spelunkr pretty much finished except for a sheath. The carved handle adds character and fills empty space. It also makes it a bit more grippy. Even though the knife balances on the index finger it is still a really good chopper, sharp too. I really like this filed and aged look, I might do this to more knives. It makes the knife feel like a relic or an heirloom that is still sharp and usable, and it begs to be used. Since this knife is kind of out of the box, it was the perfect opportunity to make a YouTube video of the process. I'll post the video in this thread once I finish and upload it.
  14. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    The blade is nearly completed! I just need to give it a few finishing touches. I riveted the brass and steel together on the butt plate for the wedge tenon on the end. I will name the blade Spelunkir, a blade owned by a famous Nord explorer who was fascinated with the dwemer ruins. He fashioned a knife out of a blade that his blacksmith friend made for him, and used some Dwemer scrap metal for the fittings, and an old battle axe handle from a busted up Dwemer battle axe. The Nord went missing in the labyrinth of Mzinchaleft, but his knife was unearthed by a search party, next to a door blocked by large stones that fell from a cave-in.
  15. Wesley Alberson

    KITH WIP- kusarigama

    That is looking great! I'm considering doing a tiny bit of carving on my handle. It is a take-apart anyways so I can replace it if I mess up.