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  1. Wesley Alberson

    Small bowie/seaxy/thingy

    I second the big teeth, that is a beautiful pattern!
  2. Wesley Alberson


    Thanks Zeb! I always like a little bit of forge finish on the spine, the tiny pits and details left behind from forging give the blade a totally random and unique texture. Smooth forge texture looks like smooth black leather to me.
  3. Wesley Alberson


    I forged a pretty thin blade out of some 1095 a while back, and in the past couple of weeks I have made some good progress on it. The blade has a rhombic cross section like a puukko, but it is long enough to be considered a short wakizashi length. The blade had a curve before the quench, but it got straightened out from quenching in oil. I made the fittings simple, a wrought iron bolster, habaki, and a groovy handle that I got from AK Designs. The tapered peg in the handle is made from some micarta rod. I am also making a scabbard out of some leftover bamboo flooring. I'll have to apply a grey stain to match the scabbard to the handle, the bamboo is too yellow. I'm also making some aluminum handle friction folders in preparation for Blade Show. Working aluminum is finicky, but as long as you have some bar soap, it's easy to anneal the stuff in a coal forge. The pocket clips are made from cold-worked stainless. It is some nice and springy material, and can be bent and drilled easily.
  4. Wesley Alberson

    Origin of the "Modern" Puukko?

    I love the first puukko picture, that little radius on the end of the handle is iconic. I think that the modern puukko look is possibly due to modern finishing standards/technology. I think that there is a lot less sheet metal/soldering work on modern knives, too. I love the puukkos you make, especially the maasepän ones. Do all maasepän puukkos have the 2 wedges driven in the front of then handle?
  5. Wesley Alberson

    Jamb Knife, Take-Down Concept

    I am slowly gearing up for blade show, making some wedge tenon knives, as well as some folders and knives with regular pins. I'm getting a bit better with my leather work. I am making the sheaths so they can be worn on either side horizontally or vertically.
  6. Wesley Alberson

    Companion dagger

    That dagger looks robust! I like how it is like a mini-sword, with all the same components and look of a full-length sword.
  7. Wesley Alberson

    Tidr Tonn - "Tooth of Time"

    I love that meteorite material! The pattern is wonderful on the blade and the bolsters.
  8. Wesley Alberson

    Designing a Damascus Pattern

    Cool! That must be pretty hard to figure out. I think that a professional taffy/hard candy maker would be really good at creating damascus patterns. Also, why don't you sketch a blade, draw a pattern on the blade, and then make a damascus pattern for that instead? You could go for a more specific look for a blade that way.
  9. Wesley Alberson

    An excellent video on hand filing.

    I have made broaches that cut the width of the tang in the handle hole, but it is frustrating when I have to cut the thickness. I end up using the same broach at an angle to expand the side walls, and it isn't very neat. Is it possible to make broaches that can cut the thickness of the tang? It would have to be thin, so it would be hard to make the teeth as aggressive as a broach. I'm thinking that this file making method might work.
  10. Wesley Alberson

    Rhynowet Redline, oil or water?

    I use astro-cut B, a water soluble oil that you mix up. It is great for cooling off knives because you can barely wipe it dry and it won't rust.
  11. Wesley Alberson

    My Next Commission--Schively/Perkins Bowie

    I like the shape of that knife, it reminds me of a gaucho knife. What tool do you use for checkering?
  12. Wesley Alberson

    Blade Show West?

    I wish I could go, however I'm going to the one in Atlanta. Share some pictures while you are there!
  13. Wesley Alberson

    Fire gear carry knife

    That is a great build! I like how the form was modified to fit the function, and it looks really cool, too! What should the sheath be made of? Could leather survive the kind of temperatures that firefighters are normally exposed to?
  14. Wesley Alberson

    My first steps - playing with leather (kind of WiP)

    One problem I have with my leather work is that I can"t seem to get the edges of the leather to smooth out. The welt and the 2 edges seem to always be uneven after I burnish.
  15. Wesley Alberson

    Things you might not know can kill you

    I heard that either brake fluid or brake lubricant is something to stay away from, too. When heated it turns into some toxic fumes that can kill you with a very small amount.