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  1. Wesley Alberson

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  2. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

  3. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    I have Spelunkr pretty much finished except for a sheath. The carved handle adds character and fills empty space. It also makes it a bit more grippy. Even though the knife balances on the index finger it is still a really good chopper, sharp too. I really like this filed and aged look, I might do this to more knives. It makes the knife feel like a relic or an heirloom that is still sharp and usable, and it begs to be used. Since this knife is kind of out of the box, it was the perfect opportunity to make a YouTube video of the process. I'll post the video in this thread once I finish and upload it.
  4. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    The blade is nearly completed! I just need to give it a few finishing touches. I riveted the brass and steel together on the butt plate for the wedge tenon on the end. I will name the blade Spelunkir, a blade owned by a famous Nord explorer who was fascinated with the dwemer ruins. He fashioned a knife out of a blade that his blacksmith friend made for him, and used some Dwemer scrap metal for the fittings, and an old battle axe handle from a busted up Dwemer battle axe. The Nord went missing in the labyrinth of Mzinchaleft, but his knife was unearthed by a search party, next to a door blocked by large stones that fell from a cave-in.
  5. Wesley Alberson

    KITH WIP- kusarigama

    That is looking great! I'm considering doing a tiny bit of carving on my handle. It is a take-apart anyways so I can replace it if I mess up.
  6. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    I made a bit of progress on the fittings, elongated hexagonal shapes that have been slightly rounded over. I'm glad that I was able to grind the face of the bolster flat and still have a great fit, I'm definitely using this guard making method from now on. I wanted to have a whitesmith style to the blade and fittings with file texture. I love the look of some of the historical artifacts that Peter Ross has in his shop, and I wanted to make something that looks like it. It is crisp in shape, yet the file texture is still there, and it has been etched to artificially age the steel. I will heat up the fittings to darken them with oxides, then brighten the high spots.
  7. Wesley Alberson

    ONline Communication

    Discord sounds fun, it's free to set up, right?
  8. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    Thanks! I really like the Dwemer art style. In lore the race had mysteriously disappeared, but there is still plenty of concept art. They are kind of steampunk, but still refined because the Dwemer were mixing science and magic.
  9. Wesley Alberson

    Three Bones

    I have started on this knife, but I might still make the knife I had already planned on before. I forged out a seax blade for a Dwemer-inspired knife and made some fittings. The dwemer art style has a lot of square shapes, brass, and rivets. I also tried out a guard making technique that looks very promising. 3 holes were drilled, the webbing was cut away with a cold chisel, then a punch was driven all the way through. The punch is then inserted 80% of the way and then hammered on the sides, focusing the blows towards the face of the guard. This closes up the face of the guard while leaving the rest oversized to the tang. This allows the guard to be fitted more easily because there is less material to deform when fitting. With iron or copper I could probably punch the hole, and because the bolster on the anvil side gets wider from the punching, it is the perfect side to hammer that excess back in.
  10. Wesley Alberson

    KITH 2018 poll

    I think we should extend the deadline. I just forged the blade for mine today. What should we do? End of next month?
  11. Wesley Alberson

    Friction Folders for Sale

    I have some friction folders that I'm selling on Etsy, all of the matte black powder coat handled ones are gone, so all that is left are the bronze powder coat and the bare aluminum. Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/619110173/aluminum-handle-friction-folder-edc-hand?ref=shop_home_active_1 These are inspired by the Japanese higonokami design with the folded handle. I also emulated the cut point look, but I found that making the blade a broken back seax-like shape is visually pleasing, rather than keeping the blade about the same width all the way down. The aluminum handles are cut from a sheet, annealed, textured, bent, and formed with a wooden mallet on a stump to preserve the texture. The aluminum stock is fairly thick, so it fills your hand much like regular linerlock blades and doesn't take up too much pocket space. $115 for bare aluminum $125 for powder coat 1095 blade aluminum handle steel pivot 301 stainless pocket clip nylon washers Some pictures: These were really fun to make, it was a learning process to shape the blades and handles. This one reminds me of some sort of Spanish knife I use different hammers and texturing tools to create all kinds of unique patterns in the aluminum A texture that is just my touchmark repeating This texture looks a lot like tree bark. It would lose a lot of detail if I powder coated it This is a bronze powder coat with a clear layer on top. Apparently the bronze flakes oxidize over time if it is just left without a clear coat. A freaky caterpillar-looking texture. Made with a rusty hammer eye punch There is something about this knife in particular that makes it feel good, like a full size fighter that fits into your pocket
  12. Wesley Alberson

    Type Z Viking Sword

    That hilt is beautiful! The carvings are large and dramatic, a legendary looking sword.
  13. Wesley Alberson

    Small bowie/seaxy/thingy

    I second the big teeth, that is a beautiful pattern!
  14. Wesley Alberson


    Thanks Zeb! I always like a little bit of forge finish on the spine, the tiny pits and details left behind from forging give the blade a totally random and unique texture. Smooth forge texture looks like smooth black leather to me.
  15. Wesley Alberson


    I forged a pretty thin blade out of some 1095 a while back, and in the past couple of weeks I have made some good progress on it. The blade has a rhombic cross section like a puukko, but it is long enough to be considered a short wakizashi length. The blade had a curve before the quench, but it got straightened out from quenching in oil. I made the fittings simple, a wrought iron bolster, habaki, and a groovy handle that I got from AK Designs. The tapered peg in the handle is made from some micarta rod. I am also making a scabbard out of some leftover bamboo flooring. I'll have to apply a grey stain to match the scabbard to the handle, the bamboo is too yellow. I'm also making some aluminum handle friction folders in preparation for Blade Show. Working aluminum is finicky, but as long as you have some bar soap, it's easy to anneal the stuff in a coal forge. The pocket clips are made from cold-worked stainless. It is some nice and springy material, and can be bent and drilled easily.