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  1. Is the bolster contoured yet? Also it looks like the end of the handle has a somewhat flat taper to it which you can't fix, ideally it would flare out again at the end. The handle looks long, too. I don't know how large your hands are, but if my pinkie only went to the middle of the curve at the end of the handle, I would consider cutting some of the end off. Maybe you should decrease the amount of swell on the edge side of the handle? It is really hard to tell exactly what is wrong with the handle, but you are right, something is definitely off.
  2. I thought that I should update this, I have posted videos of finishing my shop, but I never posted any pictures of it. One of my friends is a contractor who had a lot of steel roofing from a large building that he replaced. He wanted the stuff off of his property, so it was the perfect opportunity to enclose my forge so it can be a proper smithy. I began to rebuild the other half of the roof and start enclosing the sides. I also had some windows that my friend gave me, which worked out very well for the darkness of the forge area. I made some lightweight doors fro
  3. That's clever how you left the carving on only one side. Smooth for your palm and knobby for your fingers. Leaving the end of the handle as-carved is a really nice touch, too.
  4. Welcome! Don't forget the tongs!
  5. That is great! I like how the handle sweeps up and then the spine sweeps down. It has really good flow.
  6. Wow! I really like the bottom jaw pops out like that, it looks like it isn't a part of the original plate.
  7. That's too cool! I didn't realize that something like that exists, the only similar thing I have seen are those tactical tomahawks that are really pointy towards the top.
  8. I didn't realize that 1084 had that much alloying! In fact, I thought it was the complete opposite. In that case, I might as well grind down the edge again, or give a second chance at quenching with really thick satanite on the back, and really close to the edge.
  9. I forged the beginning of a tanto blade from a piece of 1084 at the NC State Fair last year, and it has become one of my most ambitious projects yet. I hardened the blade using home-made clay, I should have known better; the way it looked after the quench looked so promising. I didn't bother to etch and see the hamon which was a big mistake, but all might not be lost. I made the habaki: And the koshirae: The handle and scabbard too. You can see that I tried etching the blade to see if there was a hamon, but I didn't see anything, so I assumed that it nee
  10. Perhaps it could become... an asymmetrical dagger with a central ridge?
  11. That falx is wicked! I love the inwards curve of all of these knives.
  12. I can't see the color very well, but that is a nice blade! Using aluminum rivets is smart, they will take on a grey color once it is in the air for a while.
  13. Those guards are so cool! Is there an advantage to having the guard sloping away? I don't know much about fighting with swords, but usually I see them sloping towards the blade so they "catch" enemy blades. I this more of a civilian blade?
  14. My guess would be that he used the Aristotle furnace, designed to only melt steel, not for making bloom.
  15. Very interesting handle material! I really like the re-curve of the blade.
  16. That's a sweet hamon! Those handles will look really good, too.
  17. Yeah, and they are usually in horrible shape, too!
  18. That looks pretty good! Is that pine? I have only done the kiln method, which is working out really well for me. That same black gunk builds up in the chimney of my kiln. I think that it is the sap or some other part of the wood that collects and dries there. Was this batch fully carbonized? I have found that it needs to go low and slow until the very end where it gets really hot, then I seal it up completely.
  19. That looks good, I like the blade shape! One thing that I am wondering about is the horn retaining peg. Doesn't the habaki already create friction on the inside of the scabbard? Or do you want the peg so you are 100% sure that the knife will stay in the scabbard? Also, the kurikata could use to be a bit wider, usually they cover the width of the scabbard; it would match up better with the horn koiguchi and kojiri. Edit: I hope I wasn't being too harsh. Don't get me wrong, I love this knife.
  20. That is one clean inlay!
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