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  1. I really liked the lacquer technique that I finished my KITH bowie scabbard with, and I wanted to try it on a knife handle. The handle was some scrap oak, split in half, carved on one side to fit the blade, and glued back together. It is very grippy and seems to be pretty durable so far.
  2. I'm pretty sure that I saw it on some ABS thing about making a quillion dagger, but I might have read it wrong. I have been having the problem where one side is forged flatter than the other, and I don't know which side to hammer on to correct it. I have tried to hammer on the side that has a smaller angle and tilt the blade as well as the hammer, but it really doesn't do anything but twist the blade. I forge equally on both sides of both edges all the way down, but I haven't been able to get it down perfect. I know that my main problem is making mistakes in the first place, but I would also l
  3. I attempted my first dagger a couple days ago. My forging was not too great so it ended up sabering and warping a lot. I had no idea that you are supposed to forge one edge all the way out, then the other. I'm just wondering if having a thicker edge will lessen or compound issues. On one hand you have faster cooling and more immediate expansion/contraction with a thin edge, But on the other hand with a thicker edge it's going to be slower to contract, but more mass at the edge might mean more movement. I wonder how much a horizontal quench would warp a double edged blade vs. vertical.
  4. How did you keep it straight when quenching? Do you pre-bend it or quench it at an angle?
  5. That's really cool! I thought that the handle would look weird at first, but it looks good.
  6. It was a fun one! I think my next knife will be a Japanese-style Bauernwehr. I just can't picture any of my knives without the take-apart feature anymore, it makes finishing so much easier.
  7. And you are 2 hours away from me, unfortunately. Do you guys go to ABANA meetings?
  8. Thanks! And I forgot to include a pic of it attached to the belt (yarrrr!):
  9. I finished the knife, and I'm not completely satisfied with the way it looks. I still need more practice with ferric:
  10. I like weird! The spark plug cap Is a cool idea, but I wish they made them shorter. I think that it would look better if you exposed the electrode side of the spark plug, that's the part that is the most iconic. What is the end cap that it is attached to?
  11. So is the top of that bolt going to be a bolster attached to the guard?
  12. Haha! I should name it "Emperor Meiji's Revenge," like Blackbeard's ship Queen Anne's Revenge. Or perhaps "The Swashbuckling Samurai!"
  13. That is really cool! it looks like if you ran electric current through the guard, there would be a spark in between those two balls. Igor, flip the switch!
  14. I looked that up and I could only find a weird sickle knife. I think that the shape of the blade is almost like a barong machete.
  15. Edge: 10" Handle :5' OA: 15.5" Blade: Nicholson file, auto hamon Fittings: copper wire, copper water pipe, brass key, steel nut, steel washer, Ipe flooring, thermory ash flooring, brass nut, chopstick, lacquer, forge scale (and a little piece of oak for a shim inside the sheath)
  16. This is my best knife yet! I have learned a ton from this. I will be sad to see it go, but I'm sure the lucky winner will appreciate this one. I surprised myself with this one, blacksmithing for 1.5 years. I don't know how impressive this is to you guys, but I like it. And the flood of pictures:
  17. I'm loving that file work. Very even.
  18. I really wanted to try ishime-ji lacquer for the scabbard. I think that it turned out okay. The lacquer was mixed with charcoal powder to make it black, and sprinkled with slightly crushed scale to give it the texture. The front seppa still needs to be shaped, the end cap needs to be epoxied on, and the blade needs to be sanded the rest of the way. The scabbard was made from thermory ash deck wood that I got from a carpenter. It is wood that is baked and hardened, so it gives off a slight burning smell when rasped. One problem that I had was that the habaki stopped engaging properly with the s
  19. That looks so cool! It's like a sword cane for the grim reaper.
  20. It is starting to come together! The Ipe was a little bit chippy to carve, but it wasn't too much of a problem. The real challenge was getting the fuchis on the handle. I carefully used a saw rasp, a file, and a small kiridashi knife to shape the ends, and then a triangular tapered drill to start the peg hole. Do you think the end cap would be stable if I used epoxy? I don't want to put anything through the fitting itself.
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