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  1. I love these knives! The spiderweb theme is very well done. Perfect for fall!
  2. I really like this one! Elegant and streamlined. The ironwood and mahogany with copper accents compliment each other.
  3. I will definitely put a spacer on it, probably steel because of the strength. Also I broke the blade because I tried something new (that trick where you try to straighten out of quench.... never doing that again, and I think it's more for thinner things anyways). Every single asymmetrical ground blade I make always curves away from the flat side, I think it's due to the two faces on the back having more surface area than the flat side. The two faces contract more altogether than the flat side, creating that rage-inducing curve. I will reverse bend it next time to counteract most of the curve,
  4. Or is it a hand-lance? I have wanted to make this for a while. I have seen some people on this forum make yari spears, but I didn't really want to make the whole polearm. I have seen triangular push daggers, but none that explicitly copy the shape of the yari. The rough forged dagger and sketch. I wanted to forge it more to shape, but I don't have the top and bottom tools to do it. It's not that much metal to remove anyways. Scraping and shaping with my shanty sen: Its current shape, draw filed and shaped on a coarse diamond stone. The lengths are: 4.5 inch edge, 7 inches overa
  5. I really like the mokume on the blade! The website is good, but I'm not too big a fan of the site opening with a cover page. If you want to keep it, I would have a button that says "to home page" or something. IMO it would be better without the cover page because the home page shows the same thing anyways. Also a background other than black would be nice. Don't make it super light/overly detailed because you want the viewer's eye to look at the blades. I would go for something like an abstract, flowing, large pattern in dark green, blue, etc. Hope that helped! Wes
  6. Thank you! I will definitely do the peening process, though I don't think that grinding away anything is necessary. as long as the surrounding un-peened area is the same thickness and making contact with the handle like it was before, there is no sense in making the guard thinner and messing with its current fit. I will only peen the hidden side of the guard, leaving the same surface on the other side, more or less. I have read that a similar/same process is done with the tsuba on swords. I feel that I mostly do Japanese stuff because it's less hammering! I don't have to draw out the tang like
  7. Thanks! You should definitely make a friction folder. I carry mine whenever I go out. It just feels cool to use things that you have made. I used the first knife to carve away the bulk of the wood on the folding knife. The belt loop would have a string on it that you use to attach it to the belt. You slip the sheath under the belt, then wrap the string in a figure 8 around, giving a really solid feel on the belt. It doesn't dangle like leather sheaths, which some people don't like, but I like both ways as long as the knife isn't too big.
  8. I made 3 new knives. An outdoors knife, inspired by islandblacksmith's work, a kaiken-mounted tanto/kogatana blade, and a friction folder. The outdoors knife is in walnut and red tip.The kaiken is Holly, and the folder is walnut, split, carved, and glued. No back spacer! The folder was my first attempt at shinogi/shobu zukuri. I didn't have rounded stones, so the finish is a bit rough on it. The kaiken is like kata-kiriha-zukuri, but the edge starts a little after the hamachi like a kogatana. I just like the look of the bevel starting there, I was by no means going for a traditional look. Any
  9. I just love the flow of everything in this knife. The lines, colors, and textures really compliment each other, it has a perfect blend of new and rustic elements.
  10. It would look really good with a thin silver chain, tied to both of those rings on either end, with a simple hook/screw/magnet in the back to make it easy to put on.
  11. I like number 5's shape, but I think the handle should be in line with both the edge and the spine like number 1, 3, and 4. Don't grind off any more of that beautiful knife than you have to!
  12. beautiful blade! I need to get better at forge welding!
  13. Cool! Was it made from allen wrenches?
  14. That's a great first friction folder! I started the bladesmithing addiction almost a year ago. I like the recurve edge and the overall shape. I would suggest that next time you give the tang some more flow to it. Instead of keeping it square and twisting it so it doesn't slip through the slit, I would make it slope down towards the handle. This way you don't have that sudden drop when the tang ends. I would say to get the pivot higher on any other blade shape, but the round end of the handle transitions nicely to the recurve edge. Overall I love the look of the knife! Wes
  15. I really like the pommel, it reminds me of the eye of Horus. This and memento mori are my most favorite stylized blades yet!
  16. That is absolutely beautiful work! How was that ridge line created on the other side? Was it carved, hammered in, or something else?
  17. Does wootz shatter when hammered too hot? Also, why does it hate to move under high heat (carbides, etc.)? It is some enigmatic stuff for me, I kinda want to get my hands on some because it sounds like it has some "magical super steel" properties to it, then again it probably costs a fortune!
  18. WOW! The grain is amazing! How does wootz perform? Is that hamon turnback I see on the curvy one?
  19. Oops! The wood IS red tip. For some reason I remembered the guy saying that it wasn't. The wood is hard to find here in NC because of some pestilence problem that is eating up that type of wood.
  20. Beautiful work and photography! I like the visual effect of the mune getting shorter towards the tip. It makes it look like it is really sturdy at the base. Wes (rougemont_forge on Instagram)
  21. Thank you Kevin, I tried using silver solder for a habaki once, and some strange chemical reaction occurred where it wouldn't correctly join, then when I put it in the forge again, it's almost like the solder ate away the copper, at least that's what it looked like. Do you know what might have happened? BCROB, It kind of looks like it, but I'm certain that it is not tulipwood. I will ask the person I got it from.
  22. That is some cool filework on the guard!
  23. Thank you BCROB! And Dylan, I remember it had the word "tip" in the name. It's not red tip, and it is a wood that does not like to be carved.
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