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  1. I have made some new knives, 9 months in to the forging addiction.


    This is a kiridashi made from the tang of a Japanese style knife after it cracked.



    A 10.5 inch meat cleaver made from a lawnmower blade just for fun.



    A skinner tanto my welding instructor wanted me to make.



    A higonokami style friction folder for my dad.



    An all-steel friction folder and my personal pocket knife.



    Another copper-handled friction folder.



    A nata machete in quarter inch steel. It looks like a meat cleaver, but it's really the perfect size for me.



    A bushcraft knife, this picture was before I oiled the walnut, but you get the idea.



    And lastly a monoscale folder, I really don't like the design, but it looks cool.



    any comments and critiques are appreciated!

  2. I wonder how the space for the tang was carved out for the shaft when mounted? Is the whole shaft in two, or is a smaller portion of the shaft attached to the rest of it?

    That one looks really difficult to forge, beautiful work!



  3. I really like it! The flow is really nice on this one. The only nitpicky thing I can think of with this one is the guard thickness. IMO it would look a little better with thicker steel for the guard. Other than that, it has excellent lines, finish and geometry. Plus That handle flare makes it look like it feels like a memory foam bed for your hands!



  4. I have never seen a nata blade before you posted it on Youtube. The bevel on that one is really crisp! Also, how did you sharpen the flat without getting marks on the spine of the blade?




  5. Beautiful knife! I don't think I've seen a forge welded knife with pure nickel! I never got how those rivets at the end work. Does the tang connect to to the end bolster, or are the copper rivets like nails?

  6. Thanks, @Wesley! it is a lovely colour indeed...the finished shots look a little more terracotta because i used a polarized filter to help with reflections, the final shot in the process post looks closer to the real thing on my screen...


    yes, the sankaku yari is a lovely form and a challenge to forge! ...that one will not likely make it out into the world, as i forged and worked with it i felt like the carbon level was too low...i finished shaping it as a personal development project but i do not think it will take a good hamon...

    Well it might be a stretch/impossible, but what about exposing the spear to some carbon-rich environment to at least make the edges able to harden? I've never tried putting carbon into steel, so I don't exactly know how difficult it is to do something like that.

  7. Absolutely stunning work! I had no idea copper could be plum colored! Thank you for posting the processes of your work. It has helped me make a couple knives of my own. I had started forging seven months ago and your process pictures are my main go-to every time I run into a problem, as well as when I need some inspiration! I can't wait to see that spear (I think it was) from instagram finished!

  8. Great stuff! The odd circuit board folder is really unique and I oddly like it :P. The tanto is probably my favorite. Welcome and looking forward to seeing more of your work!


    To make it easier on us, there is an img button (in the list of option while posting) where you can put in the link for the jpeg, and it will load the picture for you instead of us having to click each picture. It's no biggie though!

    Thank you so much! I edited the page so the pictures show. Now does this take up server space on the forum? because I read something about people uploading pictures becoming a problem..

  9. Hello, I am new to blacksmithing/ knifemaking. I have been looking at everyone's posts for a while, so I thought that I should show some of my stuff. I have been forging since late October 2014. I post a lot of my process pictures on Imgur. I am not just a bladesmith. I like making other things too!


    My First knife: 1leYOMl.jpg

    The whole process: http://imgur.com/gallery/AJqIB


    My second knife & first folder: bYLYZaF.jpg


    a freaky forged ring dagger: Ws21yDf.jpg


    a forged butterfly knife. It was a "see if i can do it" project: cTrjU64.jpg


    A curved knife that a friend ordered: DSEQeLA.jpg ,

    process: http://imgur.com/gallery/pt028


    the strangest folder I have ever made. I messed up on the hole & had to design the handle around the knife: 78w2QM8.jpg


    And my latest and favorite knife, a forged tanto that can be taken completely apart. I used Dave J. Friesen's tutorials to make it, so thank you Mr. Friesen! : Jd5EQDh.jpg, YEZ1VAh.jpg

    the whole process: http://imgur.com/gallery/TQAYw


    I hope all of the links work for you. The lone pictures might not work but the process pictures probably will. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



    Wes Alberson

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