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  1. The bronze fangs on the guard really make the knife look alive! How in the world were they attached? Are they rivets going through the blade? I have never heard of Memento Mori, and it makes a lot of sense, especially when applied to the bubonic plague!
  2. Thank you so much! I edited the page so the pictures show. Now does this take up server space on the forum? because I read something about people uploading pictures becoming a problem..
  3. Almost forgot! My forge setup: http://imgur.com/gallery/w7uNl
  4. Hello, I am new to blacksmithing/ knifemaking. I have been looking at everyone's posts for a while, so I thought that I should show some of my stuff. I have been forging since late October 2014. I post a lot of my process pictures on Imgur. I am not just a bladesmith. I like making other things too! My First knife: The whole process: http://imgur.com/gallery/AJqIB My second knife & first folder: a freaky forged ring dagger: a forged butterfly knife. It was a "see if i can do it" project: A curved knife that a friend ordered: , process: http://imgur.com/gallery/pt028 the strangest folder I have ever made. I messed up on the hole & had to design the handle around the knife: And my latest and favorite knife, a forged tanto that can be taken completely apart. I used Dave J. Friesen's tutorials to make it, so thank you Mr. Friesen! : , the whole process: http://imgur.com/gallery/TQAYw I hope all of the links work for you. The lone pictures might not work but the process pictures probably will. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Wes Alberson
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