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  1. Sure, here are a couple of pictures. The butt plate fit isn't as precise as the guard fit because there needs to be some wiggle room, but I could probably get it closer. You'll notice that the inside edges of the guard kind of dip downwards from the peening. I need to use a smaller hammer towards the end in order to get in there. my fitting process goes as follows: punch the hole and drift with a tapered drift until it fits most of the way on the tang, making sure that the smaller opening is the face of the guard I used a squashed piece of pipe that goes over the tang to hammer th
  2. Thanks! The wood is padauk, it is nice stuff, but it can be prone to splitting if the tang fit is too tight. The fit up can be tricky at times. I need to make the handle, drill and file the tang hole, then grind, fit, and heat treat the pin. All of the stainless fittings have been hot punched and drifted onto the tang.
  3. Shoulder fits work well, but without the right jigs it is hard to get all 4 shoulders lined up. The press fitting can make a good-looking joint. the main thing is, is having a tapered tang. Not only that, the thickest point of the knife should actually be a little bit forward from the shoulders, just barely. This is so you know for sure that the guard will always be pushing up on a thicker and thicker portion of the tang. This is also so you don't lose your mind, trying to make the shoulders the absolute thickest point, like a balancing act. For hidden tangs that I do, I usually just use
  4. Ah, ok. I thought all this time that you need 3 phase input for a VFD, and the VFD simply changed the frequency. What is the most common VFD that people buy for this setup? After a quick search I found this: https://www.wolfautomation.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/8663/s/ac-drive-3hp-12a/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIupfhm6LK2QIVjVcNCh0KsAZdEAYYASABEgJ6Q_D_BwE I made my grinder with a variable pulley system, and I'm not really happy with it, everything is too fast. That being said, I am currently powering my shop with a drop cord and I can only run 120V power to my shop. As long as I use fre
  5. If someone only has access to single phase power, it it feasible to use a stepper motor with a high rpm and a pulse controller to control the speed of the grinder?
  6. This is an excellent build! Thank you for posting this.
  7. I love the shape of that handle! Was it hard to soak all of that handle cord with resin?
  8. I would say go for it. What matters is that it is your take on a crusader's dagger.
  9. It sounds like you are talking about a stick tang knife. I use a broach and drill to make the holes for my handles. Burning is a very primitive way of setting a stick tang, and it requires a large block of handle material in order to handle the heat of the burning. Broaches are easy to make; they can have as few at one tooth, and you can make them varying thicknesses to accommodate different tang sizes. I always carefully plan out the drilling of the initial hole into the handle material. I trace the outline of the tang on the side of the handle block, and center everything. Here is a video of
  10. If you are unfamiliar with the wedge tenon design, here is a record of its development: A multi-purpose drop point knife with a leather sheath and a unique wedged tenon joint on the end of the handle that allows the knife to be taken apart.The blade is made of 1084 steel, with a diamond cross section. The handle is made of walnut and padauk, with a forged stainless steel guard and butt plate. The forge finish has been kept on the spine of the blade, as well as the bolster and butt plate. The wedge is made of 5160 steel that has been spring tempered for maximum toughness. I
  11. The last one reminds me of the Dwemer art style from The Elder Scrolls V. Really cool sculptural concepts!
  12. I think that there is always magic in legends. The knives are described much larger than usual, which makes me think of games like Dark Souls and cartoons where the weapons are sometimes bigger than the characters in order to add emphasis. It also adds a magical element to it where the pro/antagonist wields a large blade as if it was made from aluminum.
  13. I'll mig weld it up for sure, I just wanted some practice with forge welding. In hindsight, I could have punched a hole through each die and riveted it on some other stock. That way I would be hitting the die, rather than the thinner stock, which is the reason it broke in the first place.
  14. I would say make it as artsy as you want, as long as it is pointy/sharp and heat treated, and sturdy enough to use.
  15. I was thinking of making a knife that was in-game, but decided against it for that reason. Many people have re-created the blades, I want something original. It might be interesting to give it some battle scars to make it really look like an ancient artifact.
  16. I have been playing too much Skyrim for the last few weeks, so naturally the idea for my blade has been heavily influenced by it. I want to incorporate my wedge tenon design on the knife, so I got to thinking. It would be cool to do some sort of design with dragon bones, and using a bone-shaped thing for the wedge would be pretty cool. While I'm at it, the dragon bones might as well make up the guard and butt plate, maybe even the handle, I'm not sure. The "bones" would be made of steel most likely. I'm leaning towards the less harshly curved version. With the bones being somewhat round, the w
  17. When I made the / I meant that either a knife or any edged tool will do. It has to be able to cut or pierce, so anything from hawks to daggers to sharpened dividers will do.
  18. A couple new ones, and new things that I have tried, too. The drop point has my touchmark on the tang inside the handle, and the trailing point is visible on the side. The drop point has a padauk and walnut handle, and the trailing point has a zircote-padauk-zircote handle. It is my first time working stainless steel, I was able to hot punch a hole through the stainless stock and drift it up onto the shoulders of the blade. The resistance of the stainless steel actually made the hole more crisp than with mild. I kept the forge finish on the front of the bolster and finish it everywh
  19. I think that people should start on the project on Jan 1 (or now for that matter), and then once a couple people finish we can start a signup thread where people can post a picture of their completed tool which will enter them in for the drawing.
  20. It could be something that has made-up or real lore behind it. It can also be inspired by ceremonial knives or video game weapons. It looks like the magic theme will win, so the people who wanted to make tomohawks can still make them. Perhaps they can be tomohawks blessed by a Cherokee god or wielded by a great warrior in the past. Maybe the edged tool has an inscription that gives it a special power, or even an unknown language on it. Those are just a few ideas, but your imagination is the limit.
  21. I love the handle carving, bravo!
  22. Lets just make this poll voting deadline new year's. The popular vote at the start of the new year will be the theme we pick. I hope I got everyone's choices here. If there is something that isn't in the poll that you want, let me know.
  23. The vegetable peeler that I'm thinking of is called a dao bao, a vietnamese kitchen tool. It might be a little too related to last year's KITH.
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