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  1. I enjoyed watching these, the bookshelf looks great.
  2. That's Awesome, I love the entire look of it.
  3. It's a completely beautiful blade.
  4. That turned out great, the contrast of handle materials is perfect.
  5. Personally I think a feather pattern would look cool on that kind of blade, but ultimately it comes down to what you like.
  6. I'd leave it the way it is for a reminder of how far you've come, and make a complete new one to put side by side to show this is where i started and this is where I am now.
  7. The pattern in the Steel is truly hypnotic I can just keep staring and staring at it. This is truly awesomely massive, can't wait to see more progress.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I'm sure this one will serve me well for quite some time. I like George's idea with the barrel, should be heavier and have less bounce than a stump I think I will make something similar this weekend.
  9. Even with the imperfection it's still a great looking blade. That pattern is beautiful.
  10. Thanks George, the 5 gallon bucket is a great idea. There's a guy that does stump carving with a chainsaw close to where I work, I was going to stop by and see about a stump. It will be a little while before I get to make anything, I have still have to make my forge.
  11. I ordered the 4x4 stake anvil from Old World Anvils Thursday and it came today. After reading all the threads on can I use this for a anvil and this was recommended a lot in them I went ahead and ordered it. For the price i'm very happy with it, and i'm sure it will work great until I can find and afford something bigger. Now I just need to get stump to put it in lol.
  12. Completely Awesome, beautiful work!!!!
  13. Thank you for sharing, I found your video wonderful to watch. And thank you for the reminder that you don't need a ton of special tools to make a great blade only the drive and willpower to do so.
  14. Very beautifully done, I like everything about this knife.
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