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  1. Hey everyone i was going to buy some files today but there are so many brands I was a bit overwhelmed. So I figured I would try and get some input on brands and types...thanks everyone
  2. Here are a few pictures of the first knife I have attempted to make. it was cut out of an old leaf spring I found in a junk pile and fired using a forge that I made ( I should post pictures of that too) and quenched in old motor oil then baked in a toaster oven...I don't know very much about the whole art of making knives but I had a ton of fun making this one and I can't wait to learn and create more. it is a pretty basic design but I didn't want to get to elaborate on my first knife knowing It could break or crack at anytime. I have always like the pitted and or peened look of a homemade kni
  3. Right on everyone thank you so much for being open to suggestions....im almost ready to get started and super excited
  4. Thanks everyone for the help and info, I've searched everywhere and I think I'm gonna have to order some refractory cement. Maui does not have many options for this particular craft...it's been hell even trying to find an anvil. If anyone has a anvil they want to sell let me know I am in the market
  5. I've searched everywhere here for fire bricks,refractory bricks,refractory cement and anything else...can't find it on the island. So Matt what your saying is I don't really need to coat the ceramic blanket with anything? I'm guessing wearing a respirator is a must tho....
  6. Hello My name is Tyler bishop, I've been a sheetmetal worker for about 15 years and recently decided to start smithing as a hobby as it's something I've always wanted to do. I Figure since I work in a metal shop it will be easy to get supplies but, I've started by building a small forge and lining it in some ceramic blanket that I saved from a welding job I did. Any ideas on what I can use to coat the blanket in so it won't break down when the fire starts. I can't find anything on island meant for that purpose.i can't even find fire bricks here as that would have been my easiest option. I
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