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  1. I could possibly be talked into throwing my name in.
  2. That Burl is gorgeous....
  3. I have a couple Mulberry trees in my yard, Now I just gotta figure out how to make them burl....
  4. I evened out my seam on the belt grinder.... Wooooohoooo was my girlfriend less then happy with me over that smell. I had no idea it would stink that bad or I would have opened all the doors.... Might stink worse then Ebony....
  5. The fact that you have stuck with it through your successes and failures shows you have drive, Not every kid at your age has that. To quote The Offspring " You're gunna go far kid "
  6. Another thing to think about, is when you get an awesome blade from another maker in the KITH, figure out what makes it so awesome, and how you can do something similar. The three knives I have recieved have done a lot in shaping how I do my knives, and use my Kitchen KITH knife daily ( it has made me lazy on making my own set infact )
  7. Take something you already have in progress, and float that as an Idea for it.... Gives you a head start, and gives everyone else something to work for. But I agree, there are some mighty fine blades in this years KITH, I dont feel that mine is up to stuff even though its one of the best blades I have ever made and is my first ever folder. But with the work of some of these guys its hard to feel like one puts forth the effort in comparison.
  8. And Done... Other then sharpening it. And there is the failed handle scale, I was attempting to clean up the holes and the dang thing cracked.
  9. Ill have my pics up tomorrow after work, I had to redo the handle scales after a catastrophic event that involved cracking a scale all the way down it, but the new scales are currently glued up, Its done other the sharpening it up because I got a few hours in, but its now sporting Bocote scales instead of Surinam Ironwood ones. And yes, I am irate about it.... only thing I had on hand at a moments notice.
  10. I should add, that after I cleaned this up and sharpened it, it is an AWESOME tool for leatherworking. What used to take 4-5 passes and messing up at least once, I can now do in basically one pass, thing cuts leather like warm butter. Ill post a finished pic when I get home. It also works WAY better then the xacto blade on scoring kydex.
  11. Ive been carrying my Kershaw for about 3 years, before that it was a cheap swap meet balisong that I have been packing around for about 20 years. Now that I am finally getting my feet wet with friction folders, I plan to make one for myself, where I live there are very few laws about knives and carrying, but where I work has VERY strict rules.
  12. So here is how this is shaping up, Tonight I glue it all up so I can grind out the back spacer extra and then do the blade etching.... But ill beat the deadline dang it
  13. Thats kind of what I was thinking, throw an edge on it and give it a good use and see how it handles. Also will give me a chance to see how the hamon handles the use.
  14. The one thing I didnt like about working with Ebony was the smell when I ground it on my belt grinder, my garage stunk like a morgue for a week and my girlfriend threatened to hurt me if I ever did it again. But man does that stuff finish out PUUUURDY!
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