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  1. Two best bits of advice my mother gave me in my life. 1.) Pick your battles. 2.) Revenge is a dish best served cold. But I come from a VERY interesting family.
  2. That first one for some reason reminds me of some of the older WW2 Japanese propaganda artwork they did. Not saying that is a bad thing mind you. They look great, Nicely done.
  3. They are only effective until the humidity in your breath allows for fluid transfer between the membranes, Once that happens they are no longer a preventative measure. Thats why 3M made Target pull them in the Seattle market, because 3M is ONLY manufacturing them at the moment for the healthcare / first response industry.
  4. Yes, the flu kills a lot of people every year, but the behavior of this illness isnt similar, symptoms might be, but end result is different. I nearly died at 18 years old, from bilateral pneumonia in the middle of the summer in Florida. The night before I went to the hospital I felt just fine and was out drinking and having fun, The next morning I tried to go to Sick Call, Was told I was fine and had a hangover, and passed out 20 yards into sand sprints and woke up in Naval Hospital Pensacola about 18 hours later after they stabilized my ability to breathe on my own. The flu comes at you like a truck and knocks you on your arse, this however does not, and you can go days or even weeks without knowing you are infected. The current rate of fatalities from this range from .25% to 3% worldwide ( CDC numbers ) ... If you take those numbers and use just the US population thats a death toll of 81k on the low end to 981k on the high end. Both numbers are considerably higher then the Flu which is something we have a reasonable handle on, something we develop vaccines for every year, something MILLIONS of dollars a year are spent on trying to mitigate. But this is a whole different kind of yech... Please everyone just be safe...
  5. This whole situation has not hit me very hard as of yet, I work IT and have been on mandatory work from home for the last two weeks now ( I work in the 3M Health Information Systems division ) But both of my sisters are nurses and have already come out and said " We are going to end up getting this, so stay the hell away from us " and are already taking full self isolation steps. As of 2 days ago Utah had a total of 257 confirmed cases, so not a lot compared to New York or the Pacific Northwest. But enough that they shut down schools till at least May 1st. and Isolation restrictions were put in place. Some school districts here were scrambling to put together an online learning portal so kids could continue to learn. My kids district has had one in place for over a year now so they just sent an email saying " keep them home starting Monday, and they know how to login, call the school if you need a computer to allow for this " To add insult to injury, we had a 5.7 Magnitude earthquake last Monday which caused a bit of chaos locally as people did a second wave of panic buying " incase the big one hits " as we have had a few decent sized aftershocks ( 3.9 being the biggest i know of ) since then but things have died down. You can still Doordash food ( no contact delivery ) and UPS/FedEx are still making the daily deliveries. But one thing I will admit, with the number of people NOT driving this time of year, our air quality is SOOOO much better then it normally is. Every year when you would look at the mountains in the winter, there was a line on them where the smog and inversion stopped, there was yellowish snow on the bottom, and white on the top, and right now the whole range is white across the entire valley. I dont disagree with the isolation orders and have done everything I can to follow them. With my sisters being nurses and me working on the logistical side of the health care industry, if we dont do everything we can to limit the spread of this illness our medical facilities WILL be over run, and people WILL die. There just isnt enough to go around for a " its just a flu " mentality. Be safe everyone.
  6. That second one is gorgeous, all three are sweet, but man that second one should have a centerfold. Glad to hear you are healing, injuries suck, But I am sure you heard " Drink more water Sailor " enough to know its best to add vodka to that water.
  7. I see I was completely off on my guess. but damn if that isnt a fine start, I gotta swap out my breaker before I can get started, seems 15A breakers are the norm now and my Grinder and soon to be built heat treat oven require 20A breakers.
  8. I forsee a smallish blacksmiths knife that the handle is curved around to resemble vines. I need to get my arse in gear, parts for my heat treat oven are arriving this week.
  9. If that second hawk is a pipe hawk you and Alan Longmire are going to get along famously.... Nice work and welcome aboard....
  10. Yeah, that was one of the selling points for me was the solid column. I plan to use it mostly for guards and some shaping, I want to start doing more folding knives as I really enjoyed doing the KITH blade last year, but my crap drill press made fitting everything all the more difficult as holes didnt line up exactly and I had to remake spacers and liners a couple times to get it to all fit right. Part of why I cracked my first set of scales on that blade.
  11. Yes, according to what I read, its one of the more durable ones as its belt driven instead of gear driven. Not that I plan to push it too hard but I am a total newb to Mills.
  12. So I sold my house a few months ago and am in the process of rebuilding my shop, One thing I really hated was my old benchtop drill press that I got from Harbor Freight, getting perfectly straight holes was nearly impossible. So when the Dumpster arrived to start trashing things it was one of the first things that went in. The girlfriend knew that my intent was to replace it with a benchtop mill so I got two tools for the space of one. And it arrived Monday. Still need to bolt it down and clean it all up, But I cant wait to get tinkering with this little bad boy. I wont have to fight to drill straight holes any more.
  13. Robert D.


    Since no one else has started a WIP I guess I will start things off. When Emiliano proposed this it really got my gears going, and this is what I came up with, its still just in design phase as I am getting my shop setup this weekend finally after nearly 2months of being down. I chose spring, and to go tanto with cherry blossom motif. The house I just sold had Cherry Trees in the back yard and every spring we had light pink petals everywhere for weeks. Its the one thing I will miss about that house besides the forest of Aspens we also had on the other side of the yard.
  14. or a fluffly cloud... Sorry my 1 year old son only watches Cars 3 and Ive seen it two billion times in the last 3 weeks.
  15. Drew mine up today. Im going spring with a tanto with a cherry blossom motif.... Now I just gotta figure out how i am going to pull it off, as its VERY ambitious given my tooling.
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