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  1. Aiden: I was going to mill in a narrow slot, and then heat it and wedge the tang in so it was a tight fit from the get go, then do shaping and thinning down to where it should be. As for your suggestion on carving, that is almost exactly what I was thinking of doing, I kind of like the idea of carving a cherry blossom bunch onto both the handle and saya, then burning the wood with a torch and then lightly sanding it so that the cherry wood color comes back out, but leaves the carving lines charred. Then perhaps a glossy clear lacquer. Brian: Thanks, the beer is because myself, my sister
  2. Ok, so here is where I stand on this.... So now some questions. I have some .250 thick copper on hand currently that I was thinking of doing the Habaki out of, however it is not thick enough as the blade at the spine is just a hair under .250 thick. Which presents a problem, the design has already been modified slightly from the original ( I was actually working off the picture from this post because the original drawing was destroyed in what I can only assume was a violent rage, breakups suck ) so I find myself in a position where I have to make a choice. I have some t
  3. a leather wrapped handle is something that slightly terrifies me, but you guys are giving me a reason to want to give it a go in the very near future. Wouldnt mind making my own Hobbit sword for my oldest tiny human, he keeps begging me for a blade and now that he is 12 I really am running out of excuses to make him something. Cant wait to see this done Rob, its quite the inspiring piece. As for the smoker, nothing beats smoked foods, The oven in my house gets used more for tempering then it does for cooking because of the smoker out back.
  4. started on this addiction about 4-5 years ago.. My first completed knife was this one. Made it as a going away gift for my friends dad who packed up and went the expat route in Costa Rica. Still has it, still uses it to slice limes for his mixed drinks. And then I have this one, which is done other then a sheath and a sharpening. But its the best hamon I think I have ever done, and it feels just wonderful in the hand. Have my KITH tanto in the works right now ( sitting wired and clayed up in the garage right now. I am kind of hoping to surpass this one with tha
  5. "Yes dear" was fighting words to my most recent ex. The only thing that pissed her off faster then that was me saying " you need to calm down " Wont lie, I slept on the couch for a week when I used both in the same sentence. probably should be grateful I am still alive.
  6. Dude.... this is turning out to be better and better every time you drop a status update on it.
  7. Ive started serious work on this finally, the deadline being November really helped me out because this year has been a bit of a pain when it comes to work. but I am working on things. Will be heat treating this one tomorrow, need to clay it up still ( W2 steel ) so that hopefully I get a good hamon out of this one . I totally screwed up the tang area, and the bevel does NOT match the blade, but I was able to save it somewhat and ensure that the blade end of things at least is semi correct.
  8. I actually moved again, and the place I am now has 20A wired to the garage by default. But thanks for looking out for me, Part of why I love this group so much is that we all look out for each other. Back on topic, Brian's blade looks amazing, I am jealous of whoever draws it.
  9. I have a Grizzly as well, and have had that issue more then once. The way I fix those, is I take off the tool rest, grab my trusty welding magnet ( the triangle ones ) and lightly hit the tang area flat against the platen using a worn belt ( like a 100-120g ) and then as suggested do final cleanup on a flat surface with fresh sandpaper.
  10. Least favorite part of knifemaking, is screwing something up, even if its a learning experience I hate making mistakes. Materials are costly. Favorite part, is hand sanding, but I bought a mini laptop just for that use, I clamp up the knife, toss on a movie or a youtube video about something I enjoy and get through the grits. Since I have been on a W2 with hamon kick for the last while there is always that desire to get far enough into the grits to see what I was able to pull off.
  11. that burner setup looks like an engine manifold, being a car geek I find that very cool.
  12. I also got a full set of parallels and as you can see in the pic a vice as well, I think I spent as much on the tooling for it as I did for the Mill. Used it a couple times with the chuck in place with the vice and parallels, Drills SOOOOOOO much better then my old Harbor Fright drill press did. For the moment I will be using it exclusively for knifemaking, I want to try my hand at folders here in the very near future. So most if not everything I work on is going to be laid out on the work piece while I brush up on my rusty design skills that I have not used in years.
  13. It came default with the drill chuck preinstalled, took me a minute to figure out how to get the chuck out so I could install the collet.
  14. I remember when I joined here, I DID NOT read the rule about using ones real name ( as an IT geek, that is a hard and fast NO WAY rule for me ) and I emailed Alan explaining the situation. I dont recall exactly the delay, but Alan replied to me same day and we worked it out to where I would have my account. No muss no fuss. And I had been on a couple forums already as I was just getting into things. Nowdays, the only time I ever hit up the other forums is to look into other things that are not entirely bladesmith related ( like general blacksmithing stuff ) which I rarely do to beg
  15. Ohh yeah, the reason I posted this. If any of you other mill users have any recommendations, things I should learn or try. Ideas on how to get the most use from this tool of mine, I would greatly appreciate it.
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