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  1. Robert D.

    I have a NEW fond love for Coal Fire

    Angle grinder would probably work with a cut off wheel to cut a " rest slot " in the side of that.
  2. Robert D.

    Hamon questions.

    Ok, so I admit it, I have caught the bug pretty dang hard, In addition to the two pictured here, I have 5 other blades in W2 that I plan to go for hamons on as well ( smaller friction folders ) These are sitting on about the 4th or 5th etch cycle, I am using vinegar but its slightly below room temp ( stored in my garage ) I do have ferric, but I would have to figure out a larger container to fit these in to use it. The line has been getting successfully easier to see, and when I pull them out of the etch there are more variations and activity, but after scrubbing the oxides off I am basically just staring at the line, which now is at least reasonably visible at almost any angle. I have watched about 15 different videos on youtube on polishing out a hamon and every maker seems to have their own process, and it seems that the consensus is after you finish your etch and clean cycles, you sand / polish the blade in some manner. The highest grit sandpaper I currently have is 1200g. So what are some of your methods after the etch cycle to get really good results? And should I even bother trying to get better results out of these two blades?
  3. Robert D.

    1st Florida Blades

    I would say you do not look a bit out of practice, Those are awesome.
  4. Robert D.

    Grizzley 2x 72

    Update on use... As Vern states, the Griz only runs at one speed, In my inexperience with how fast a 60 grit belt on a Grizzly moves, I ended up grinding about 2/3rd of an inch of a smaller blade I was working on the other night, so it takes some getting used too. Probably going to continue to do my cleanup sanding by hand till I get the hang of mine, but man does it profile a blade ...
  5. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    Ok, I have changed my mind on this one.... Lacewood it would seem, needs a VERY high grit finish. And a CA coating process does not hurt. First time doing the CA treatment on a handle, and honestly I LOVE how it finished out on this one, I went from being quite disappointed on this one, to VERY happy with the results with just a bit more work to it and trying something new. with it. Now I dont feel bad using this knife as my first attempt at a leather sheath...
  6. Robert D.

    Grizzley 2x 72

    When I bought my belts for mine, I decided I wanted to go with 60 grit to start for my hogging belts. Having used the 40g 1x30's, and hating how long it took to get all the 40g scratches out, I figured I would skip that process on my new grinder since it would still save time compared to my old grinder. I am going to be grinding out some bevels on some smaller folder blades this week with it, working with annealed 1/8th W2 stock, I am hoping to be able to crank all 4 blades out in one evening, as long as I can do that the investment was worth it because I would burn through 2 belts and about 2-3 hours per blade with my old grinder.
  7. Robert D.

    Grizzley 2x 72

    I just bought mine and set it up this weekend. I was in the same boat, wanted a Grinder I could setup and use right out of the box. I have only played with it slightly since getting it assembled, but the quick use of it I have done proves its a MASSIVE step up from my 1x30 Harbor Freight grinder I have used the past 3 years, so I am happy with mine.
  8. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    thats not off topic really, thats a brilliant idea.
  9. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    awesome, thanks for that. I will have to order me some.
  10. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    I will give that a try on the next one, Thanks Alan... Cliff My main issue, is the faint line of epoxy you can see between the smaller piece of lacewood and the rosewood, The whole time sanding this and shaping it you couldnt see anything, the moment the BLO hit it though it became obvious. Honestly I think this is my best piece so far, but just that one little thing irks me because I got so many other things right with it.
  11. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    Didnt know that Alan.... I will keep that in mind. What do you suggest to use to dye it?
  12. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    I am going to order some spacer material for knives like this for in the future. I have another one done the exact same way that I am needing to finish that shouldnt have this issue. For both of them, I cut the blocks, added the spacers and glued them up in block form then drilled them and filed the hole to fit the tangs. On this one, the glued up block broke apart at the joint during the fitting process. I cleaned the mating surfaces flat when I glued up but I still got a line. Had I used my Clear epoxy instead of my white epoxy it probably wouldnt have been a big deal at all, but I figured since it was a hidden tang I could get away with it.... Thats what I get for thinking....
  13. Robert D.

    A little Disappointed....

    I have been working on this one for a couple months now off and on, I have a new baby in the house so my work time is VERY limited. That being said, I did finally get some work on this one done. Spent a good portion of this last weekend doing some finish sanding on the handle and shaping of the brass. During the hand sanding process, there was no epoxy line at the spacer, once I put the first coat of linseed oil it popped out like a jack in the box... Also I am not sure how much I like the Lacewood handle on this, the block had a very cool looking pattern to it, but now that its all shaped out and whatnot its no where near as cool as I expected it to be. There are things I really do like about this knife, I got the fit on the ricasso to guard dang near perfect, so that is an improvement on my skills, and I took a lot more time getting little details worked out. I also forged this blade and I really like the forged in distal taper on the blade. But the handle just makes me want to tear the handle off and redo it.... Blade is O1. Handle is Brass, Lacewood and Rosewood. The goal was a little bird and trout.
  14. Robert D.

    Drilling 5160, or how to soften it enough?

    Drilling 5160 can be a pain in the neck to be honest. I didnt have any luck with HSS or Titanium coated bits, I had to get the Cobalt bits in order to effectively be able to make holes in steel. They work pretty well and in my experience can do about 8-10 holes before they need to be resharpened.
  15. Robert D.

    What do you do to get away/been any where interesting lately?

    One of my favorite places is Bear Lake in Utah. Well technically its in Utah and Idaho, as its on the border between the two states. Some of my extended family owns property up there and I am currently trying to talk my two sisters and their spouses into the idea that we need to go in together and buy some lakefront property up there to share. For anyone that has never been, Utah is an outdoors paradise. Northern Utah is mountains and forests ( SLC is 30 minutes from almost ALL of our ski resorts ) while Southern Utah has some of the most awesome natural features ever. Google Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon , Arches national park but the pictures do not do these places justice.