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  1. Robert D.

    The old leaf spring debate

    I got my start with Leaf Springs as I have access to a nearly limitless supply of them ( my dad and kid sister are big into drag racing so I get all their old springs, and their friends old springs as well. ) and even though I have moved on to known steel for anything I intend to sell, I still use leaf spring any time I attempt to forge something I have never tried before rather then waste my good steel.
  2. Robert D.

    The landscape that shaped us.

    Yes, My girlfriend took it so Im not exactly certain but I think its between Ft Union and 2000 east exits. Nice to have another local on here, I am out on the West Jordan/Murray/Taylorsville mess.
  3. Robert D.

    Elven belt knife

    I like it, its very clean and simple. Honestly couldnt tell it was once in the " rejects " pile.
  4. Robert D.

    Santoku design questions.

    Totally forgot about posting the update to this, for that I apologize, this time of year is the busiest time for what I do ( Health information systems ) so I dont have much time to do anything other then day job work. But I have squeezed in some time on this blade, its not fully profiled as of yet even now, but its very close. Right now I am soaking it in vinegar to remove the forge scale, and then I am going to take it to my files because I will need to thin out the tip as I profile it because I did forge the bevel while it was still not properly shaped, and as such the edge at the tip is much thicker then the rest of the edge along it. I also have to fix the edge by the handle where it swells out a bit in the last 1.5 inches or so, but I want to do that after I get it cleaned up, might also thin out the handle area a bit more, I have been playing with it and for me it has plenty of knuckle clearance, but only by about 1/4 inch or so, so someone with meatier digits then I have might not have enough clearance.
  5. Robert D.

    Tanto forged from Gun Barrel

    That is an awesome idea, and I love how that turned out, thank you for sharing it and once I am off work I will for sure watch the video. And also thank you for all of your other videos on YouTube, They have been a great resource and were some of the first videos I ever watched when I decided to get into this addiction known as blade making.
  6. Robert D.

    Dealing with tapering of sword blades

    I second this, I would like to start a sword this winter and I will for sure be referring back to this when I do. Thank you good sirs.
  7. Robert D.

    Santoku design questions.

    I couldnt find this post for a bit, and I am the one who made it, which shows how much i know my way around this forum software after the change. I dont have the design changes handy, its sitting on my desk at the office, but I did take your advice Salem and pulled the butt of the handle up a good bit and thinned the handle out slightly on the bottom end of it to provide more hand clearance. And the end piece was just me messing around with the design, it will have scales all the way to the end, he wants full tang so doing that would be a pain. Ill update the pics for it tomorrow, I also tried one last time to see about shortening it, but the uncle is pretty serious that he wants a 10 inch blade, so thats what I will be forging out, I just ordered a bit of 15N20 and W2 and 1084 from Aldo, should be here in 2 days. Any chance that 15N20 and W2 will play nice in a san mai blade or am I courting disaster with that one? Ill be starting this blade this weekend, I have basically till the 12th of december to finish it so I have time to make a mistake or two. And thank you Salem for that advice, I meant to reply sooner and thank you, but work ramped up at the real life gig as it always does in September / October and things are just now starting to mellow out to where im not working 16 hour days.
  8. Robert D.

    Urnes Inspired Sax w/Antler

    Very VERY nice..... I would say " Id carry it " but that is no different from me saying " Id drive it " when referring to a Ferrari. Who wouldnt, its gorgeous.
  9. Robert D.

    KITH drawing results!

    Yes thank you for doing the drawing good sir. and thank your wife as well ( replying from my phone and i have fat thumbs )
  10. Robert D.

    KITH Submission

    With 34 minutes to spare, I give you my Kith Kitchen Knife.... Need to add some Linseed to it, but its DONE.....
  11. Robert D.

    KITH 2017 Final Drawing Thread

    1. Brian Dougherty 2. Wesley Alberson 3. George Ezell 4. Doug Crawford 5. JJ Simon 6. Karim 7. Aiden Carley-Clopton 8. Michael Lenaghan 9. Dan Bourlotos 10. Pieter-Paul Derks 11. Emiliano Carrillo 12. Mike Andriacco 13. Timothy Artymko 14. Robert Dowse ( With 34 minutes to spare..... )
  12. Robert D.

    KITH 2017 Final Drawing Thread

    I have exactly 4 minutes till i can clock out, shut off my laptop, and get to work..... I need to have it done before 8:15 local time, when the girlfriend gets home from work......
  13. Robert D.

    KITH 2017 Final Drawing Thread

    Mine will be done tonight, I just need to glue the handle on, but the day job comes first.
  14. Robert D.

    Somehting different

    Thats a great payment method....
  15. Robert D.

    Somehting different

    Those are slick man..... I know you like to do hidden tangs more often, but dude you nailed those full tangs.