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  1. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    I never thought of using a paintbrush to apply the clay, I used a popcicle stick....
  2. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    My main forge is a charcoal brick monstrosity powered by a hair dryer as well. I just didnt think when I set it up so it gets buried under snow sliding off my roof and didnt think to move it before the weather set in this year. I just bought a single burner propane forge to use in my garage for the winter but it only came rigidized and ive yet to fire it up because I need to line it first. The joys of living in Utah and only having Winter and Construction as seasons....
  3. Robert D.

    Something ive wanted to try.

    Yeah, its disappointing that we were able to vote on something, and then to have the state come back and change it after it was voted on is pretty underhanded.
  4. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    Useful link, I need to order some satanite and ITC for my propane forge before winter really sets in and I cant get to my Charcoal forge otherwise ill be taking the Winter off...
  5. too hot to touch could be just below tempering temps, so its possible its not damaged, for 5160 for example I didnt even see straw color in the blade during tempering till around 325-350 deg F. And thats about 100 deg over " Too hot to touch " for me. But im stupid and dont mind minor burns, I mean I did take up hitting hot steel with a hammer as a hobby...
  6. Robert D.

    Something ive wanted to try.

    Good point, I always forget about the missionaries... Being down in Murray, Camp Williams would be closer for me then Hill.
  7. Robert D.

    Help me finish this. Carving/lil bushcrafter WIP (edited)

    Temper it at least once immediately after quenching it.... There is a real risk of it cracking if you leave it in a full hard state.
  8. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    The clay I used is the 3M furnace/fireplace sealant mixed 50/50 with Cone 6 clay slip. Quenched them into heated Canola oil, The polishing regimen was a bit haphazard, I didnt etch till I hit 1200g, and then used Brasso on the unhardened section, and 2000g diamond powdered abrasives on the hardened section and the actual line. Etch process was Etch in vinegar, overpolish the line off, etch again, overpolish again, etch again in ferric, overpolish, etch in lemon juice, keep screwing them up over and over again, post here and read more, get suggestions and finally stumble on something that actually resembles what I was looking to achieve by pure luck....
  9. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    Back on topic of Aldo's W2...... Here is what I was able to pull off with my first attempt at Hamon's with Aldo's W2, I bought both the 1/8th inch and the 1/4th stock at the same time, These are both forged out of the 1/4th thick stock, I suspect my lack of activity is due to the thickness I put the clay on as I went pretty thick, neither of these blades are close to the starting 1/4th thickness but I probably had at least 1/8th inch thick clay on both of them if not more... Also my Daughter is famous for photobombing me, She takes after her father and moves like a Ninja....
  10. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    Yeah, I missed that one as well, Work and kid life totally rules my ability to get to hammer in's right now, thankfully my oldest is getting to the age where I can put him to work as a striker and take him with me to meetings, So I hope to be more active in the local community shortly.
  11. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    HAHAHAHHAHA, I have thought about going to the GLS to get quenchant before, why make brine when you have a source so close right? If you guys are not aware, there are a couple active Blacksmithing / Bladesmithing groups that are local to us, PM me and ill send you the FB info them.
  12. Robert D.

    W2 q's

    Where abouts in Utah, I am in Murray.....
  13. Robert D.

    Return of New Stuff

    My back hurts just thinking about how fast you crank your stuff out man....
  14. Robert D.

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    I second the idea of getting your hands on some leaf spring, thats what I started out on ( rest of my family are gearheads ) I still use leafspring to prototype out something I have never forged before. Typically it can be treated like 5160 with decent results. At the junk yard by my parents old house they sold them in stacks for 10 bucks.
  15. Robert D.

    Another W.I.P. blade in the works...

    By the looks of the thickness in the first picture im guessing your starting stock is something around 1/4 inch thick or possibly thicker? With all that thickness, I would forge out the hammer marks, As Alan said you will lose some of the thickness, but you also could add some length and for sure width in the blade if you forge the bevels in. Keep at it...