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  1. Robert D.

    Canister alternative or hacks?

    yeah, better then anything you could get at harbor freight for sure.
  2. Robert D.

    Canister alternative or hacks?

    Just dont buy one of the cheap ASO harbor freight garbage ones.... A solid block of steel will work much better, even if its A36....
  3. Robert D.

    Quick question

    Having NO personal experience making Micarta, I would say the least be to make sure its clean and free of any oils that might affect the ability for the resin to adhere cleanly to it, and make sure its uniform in size and that you have a way to press it without gluing it to any surfaces ( IE use wax paper around it )
  4. Robert D.

    Quick question

    Grays are great, as long as you have at least one child that the bird likes so you can Will it to them. Conures are sweethearts...
  5. Robert D.

    Quick question

    Find a process that works for you so you can be consistent. once you get consistent, then you can work on improving processes and by nature improve quality. As for the bird, my next door neighbor who travels extensively for work had me take care of her birds 2 weeks of every month for the last 5 years , She had a Pineapple Conure that looks just like your profile pic, head feathers were just slightly lighter shade of gray then the pic. She also had a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Crested Cockatoo, I grew up around Macaws and African Grays ( my dad built birdcages, its where I gained the passion for metalworking ) but my girlfriend wont allow birds in the house..... So I just have a Pit Bull and will be adding a Nile Monitor and a Doberman to the family soon.
  6. Robert D.

    Quick question

    Ohhh, and is that a Pineapple Conure as your profile pic?
  7. Robert D.

    Quick question

    You are wise beyond your years..... in the immortal words of The Offspring.... your're gunna go far kid.....
  8. Robert D.

    Quick question

    I didnt realize that the Tools Supplies Materials section was an allowed buy/sell area.... it would make sense though, And DragonCutlery, if you still have that in a week, Ill give you 30 for it.....
  9. Robert D.

    Stock Removal Knife Questions~

    Another stock removal trick, is to take a drill bit the same thickness as your stock, and run it along the edge of your blade pre grind, flip blade and repeat. it will give you a nearly perfect line to grind your 45's to in setting your bevel up....
  10. Robert D.

    Quick question

    @Alan Longmire He can post his micarta in the Knives for sale section right? Kid's got drive... A whole lot more then I had when I was his age.....
  11. Robert D.

    Propane forges and Forge welding.

    So I finally got a chance to take a good look at my forge, and I am happy to report, that its not as bad as I thought. yes it melted a hole in the bottom, but it didnt go all the way through even the fiber blanket, I lost about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of it though. Just finished getting all the flux out of it and had to basically remove the entire layer of Satanite along the bottom to get all the flux off where it didnt burn through the Satanite. So my thoughts are to cut a couple pieces of the spare kaowool blanket I ordered to fill the holes in the existing kaowool, and then recoat with Satanite, but this time go MUCH thicker then 1/4 inch thick. And then let it dry for at least a couple days ( first time I only let it dry overnight ) and then recoat the entire thing as removing the flux caused cracks in other places around the forge and I want this thing sealed up good and tight. Do I need to be worried that all the rest of my forge is coated in ITC100 already, Or can I just throw a good thick coat of Satanite over the whole thing, let it dry and bake it and then recoat the whole thing in ITC100 ?
  12. Robert D.

    couple of Q's on resin scales

    I ordered two sets from that seller, one a white opalesque pinecone resin set, and one of the purple resin and burl set. Both were for Kitchen knives and so far there has been no issue at all with them.
  13. Robert D.

    Quick question

    Aye, those are getting pretty popular, If you look in the #customknife Instagram feed, you will see a lot more resin and resin/wood combo handles usually then you will straight wood handles regardless of tang type. Being that you are in Idaho ( im just south of you in Salt Lake ) you should have a nearly limitless supply of Pinecones. Which are quickly becoming popular imbedded in a resin in both scale and block form with color to the resin. I myself have bought two sets of pinecone scales in the last year alone.
  14. Robert D.

    Propane forges and Forge welding.

    It didnt go through the shell, but it did melt clean through the fiber blanket, I was too busy to take a look at it today, but I do plan on trying to get it fixed up for next weekend. I got a lot of stuff in process that I want to get work done on.
  15. Robert D.

    Propane forges and Forge welding.

    Thats at least some good news. Ill have to go take a look and see how bad the damage is.