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  1. So I decided to finally bite the bullet and give a leather sheath a try over this weekend. In looking at my finished results, I can see at least two things I could have done differently. The first being put the dye on before doing any other work, I say this because I realized after I had done all the stitching that I couldnt stain or treat the inner section, and it also dyed the thread. I also suspect and hope that doing so would prevent some of the staining it picked up as I worked on it. Second would be to do some of the burnishing on the edges before stitching it up. Doing the belt loop and the outer edge is going to be one serious pain in the neck. I also think I need a better way of cutting the leather then an xacto blade, Getting good round edges was a lot harder then I thought it would be...
  2. Robert D.

    Todays grind

    That Tambotie one is sweet. Is that a local wood? I have family that spends a lot of time in NZ so asking them to bring me back some isnt an unreasonable request.
  3. Robert D.

    Todays grind

    A BIT warm? You southerners and your " Warm " kinda peeve me off right now. Its 35f right now with about 1.5 feet of snow outside. My charcoal forge looks like a dog Igloo right now... But nice work man...
  4. Robert D.

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    That is one sweet knife... Everything about it just " Flows ", unlike snow... I feel your pain sir, We got almost 2 feet of snow in the valley last week here in Salt Lake, I spent about 2 hours digging my car out and screwing my back up before my boss sent out the mass text telling everyone to work from home that day...
  5. Robert D.

    My first Leather sheath.

    My guess is I got the wrong stuff, I followed the directions exactly and it only darkened by a shade or three. When I was going for a much darker color.
  6. Robert D.

    My first Leather sheath.

    That one IS dyed, but I am starting to think I got the wrong stuff for it, and or I did it wrong. The stuff i used is Fiebings Mahogany antique finish, which when I ordered my leather from Tandy was listed as a dye, but it seems more like a shoe polish and didnt darken the leather to what I expected it to do. I put 3 coats on the thing prior to taking those pics. Its entirely possible I bought the wrong stuff, turns out we have a Tandy location very close to me, so I am going to head in there when I get my tax refund and get a few more supplies. It honestly wasnt an unenjoyable experience making this sheath, and while its not equal to the blade I made it for, one of my first ever hidden tang blades I kept for myself also fits so ill be using this sheath for that blade moving forward.
  7. Robert D.

    My Lineup of Mosaics for The Arkansas Show

    all of those are gorgeous, My fav is the third from the left.....
  8. Robert D.

    ...And so it begins!

    I had a similar realization as I was in the shop the other day, moving all my left over damascus and san mai cut offs to their designated storage spot on my shelves.
  9. Robert D.

    Decisions, decisions Hmmm

    Seems I am not the only one with projects floating around I have not finished that now could work for the KITH... I am going to stick to friction folder for my Kith, but that fixed blade would be a sweet EDC, Now you have me contemplating grinding my blade out of one of the billets I have floating about the shop instead of W2...
  10. Robert D.

    Looking for suggestions.

    Coffee etch worked out ( second knife from the bottom ) like this. The one just above it is from the same bar of san mai, the transition on that blade is a bit lower on the blade then this one is, but should look just as good, Now I just gotta clean up the 15N20 portion of the blade to get it how I want it. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions. I really appreciate it.
  11. Robert D.

    Looking for suggestions.

    Ok, so I have this blade, and another one that I am working on. They both came from the same bar of san mai I made ( 15N20 outer with W2 core ) and while I was able to pull of the forge welding and the shaping and all just fine, I seem to be getting " less then optimal " results in the etch. When I etched this one, I blacked out the 15N20 with a sharpie, and then etched in vinegar, It worked somewhat well at resisting the etch, but not as well as I had hoped. So I did a bit of cleanup on it and ended up going to far into the transition and lightened up some of the W2. So my question is, How do those of you that make your awesome san mai blades handle your etch and polish process. Aside from gluing this up before I etched it is there any glaring mistakes I made with this that I just dont see because of how newb I am?
  12. Robert D.

    Looking for suggestions.

    I forgot to grab a pic of it this morning on my rush to get my kids off to school and myself off to work, but I put the blade in the instant coffee etch overnight. and HOLY COW did that work exactly how I was hoping for. Thanks for the suggestion everyone, I appreciate it.
  13. Robert D.

    KITH 2019 sign up

    1. Conner Michaux 2. Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty 4. Alex Middleton 5. MichaelP 6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm 10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Michael Ward 13 Robert Dowse
  14. Robert D.

    All things Monty

    I watched Holy Grail and Life of Brian with my dad as a kid, Was one of the funniest things ever and I spent a long time afterwards quoting the dark knight ( Its just a fleshwound !!! and Have At Thee ) Watched Holy Grail with my kids a few months ago, and my daughter still randomly pipes up with " Bring out your dead " I had no idea that Time Bandits was in any way connected, I thought that movie seemed a bit off.
  15. Robert D.

    2019 KITH Topic Poll

    Wont lie, Im looking forward to getting started as well....
  16. Robert D.

    2019 KITH Topic Poll

    Might get more people involved if the target is an EDC with just blade size being the requirement, Then those that want to do a fixed little blade can, and those that want to do a folder can. Personally I want to do a folder, but thats because I want to give them a whirl and see where I can go with them. But I totally understand others feeling questionable about attempting it. One of the best things in my opinion of the KITH, is getting to follow along the WIPS everyone posts.
  17. Robert D.

    Looking for suggestions.

    I just cleaned it up, Once I am off work I will swing by the store on my way home and grab some instant coffee and give that a whirl... Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  18. Robert D.

    Looking for suggestions.

    For some reason I thought W2 etched darker then that, Gah.... Ohhh well, glad both these ones are gifts...
  19. Robert D.

    Vinegar For cleaning after heat treatment

    At most grocery stores, they sell the " Food / eating " kind of vinegar, and then they also sell a " Cleaning Vinegar " on the cleaning supplies area, The cleaning stuff is slightly stronger, so just be mindful when you grab some.
  20. Robert D.

    Vinegar For cleaning after heat treatment

    I typically do an overnight vinegar soak for stuff post heat treat, but I also keep my vinegar bucket in my garage, so its not even close to room temp.
  21. Robert D.


    There might be a niche for it in your area, I would say if you are confident in your abilities and what you can offer, go for it. Perhaps tell them " Ill help you make a knife for $monetaryvalue" and then just make sure you dont let them make newb mistakes while making it.
  22. Robert D.

    2019 KITH Topic Poll

    Part of the fun of the KITH, is the WIP posts that go along with each blade. Which gives newer people a place to put their questions on how they should proceed with each step on for others working on a " similar " project to comment and advise on. Ive done two of them, and both times I learned a LOT about each type of blade that was chosen ( Bowie knife and Kitchen knife ) and while both were my first attempts at those types of knives I learned a lot of what to and what not to do by reading other peoples posts and having them comment on mine as well. Also getting another makers knife in the mail is awesome, The kitchen knife I got quickly became my go to kitchen knife, and has kind of impacted how I go about doing kitchen knives as I try to match its quality.
  23. Robert D.

    KITH 2019?

    I think I will be in this year as well. I would be game for Friction folders, have a set of 4 on my desk right now that I need to finish as a matter of fact. But something Viking would be a fun challenge, I have been wanting to give a multibar attempt a decent go for a while now. And I finally think my quality has increased to the point where I dont feel like whoever draws mine is getting the short end of the stick.
  24. Robert D.

    The Ugly Knife

    Its going to all depend on what you are more comfortable and consistent with. For me, I toss my 220g belt on my 1x30, and rough in the edge, and then throw it on my lansky with the rough stone to finish it out, takes me a couple hours to throw a final edge on a blade, but I also take it slow on the belt and never take it to actual sharp because im still a newb and fear overheating the edge more then anything.
  25. Robert D.

    The Ugly Knife

    The best thing about an Ugly knife, is that you can look at it, see the things you want to improve on, and also see where you did things that worked for it. Its a never ending process of improvement... Keep at it....