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  1. I made a little Kiradashi for leatherworking a while ago. Best tool I have ever made for myself.... Nice job forging that.
  2. I voted Seasons, The more I think about it the more I like the idea of trying to make to a theme. Will certainly push me outside my wheel house.
  3. I recall a post by you saying you were done doing Japanese blades after you did a ton of them ( The number escapes me but it was like 10-20 of them ) for your next book. Yet here you are doing them, and doing them in a stunning and awe inspiring way. I am not complaining mind you, that blade is gorgeous as is everything you make.
  4. Hatchet / Axe would be fun as well, I could get on that bandwagon. It will be about a month till I get my shop back online, Just moved homes and need to clear my garage out of all the packed boxes currently living there. But on a positive note I now have a fellow bladesmith within drunk stumble distance of me.
  5. I would be down for a tool KITH, Either leatherworking or other type of tooling. But the Idea of a Dual Collab is just friggin awesome. Say set a deadline of May to have the blades complete, Do a drawing and blades get shipped to each other and then keep the August deadline for handle completion. I suspect we would see a LOT of very interesting combinations.
  6. My girlfriend isnt wild about some of the costs associated with this "hobby", and she was NOT happy when she had to help me unload my Griz 2x72 from the moving truck last week. But she loves using the two kitchen knives I made currently sitting on our counter that I am testing out. ( W2 so I am trying to find the best " clean it up after use " process ) and has demanded her own set. And she is letting me buy a mill this month.
  7. On your prototype, the only things I can see that are "questionable" 1.) the ever so slight hump about 2/3rd down the top of the handle, its very slight, a touch more off that section would have the line be smoother. 2.) Perhaps round the inner part of end of the handle ( where your pinky goes ) just a hair more. All in all, its a great design, so light a fire and make it happen captain..... And just remember, all of our suggestions are just that, suggestions. If you like it as is, Make it that way....
  8. Well the main concern is space to be honest, The garage I currently have would fit a larger machine no problem, my new garage when I move at the end of the month while still two car, is MUCH smaller and I have already been told no driveway parking ( HOA rules ) so the smaller the footprint the better. I am not totally sold on the Grizzly, if there are better options in the 1k or so range I will gladly entertain them. I just need to bank as much of this equity as I can, I am selling my house for twice what I bought it for 5 years ago, and am needing to buy twice as much house in a market th
  9. I will have to check that site out, as I am sure I will have tons of additional questions once I actually buy one. And I am sure I will make a ton of mistakes with it at first. But the new place has a much smaller garage then my current home does. So any tool that can be dual use and take up the smallest possible footprint is going to help. It also has an HOA and is a rental while we sort out my girlfriends Car accident situation ( tboned back in January, still sorting out medical and settlement crap ) so I am trying to go as minimal impact to the location as possible. My Charcoal forge won
  10. So I am in the process of packing up my shop, I am selling my house and cashing in on all that sweet sweet equity I have built in the last 5 years. This is going to leave me a decent amount of money to play with for the next year. As my current Drill Press sucks, and I want to start getting serious about making folders I have decided my yearly upgrade will be a Mill this year. I am looking to buy something in the >1k range because I am also going to build a heat treat oven once I move. So I am looking for suggestions on what to look at, the Grizzly G0781 does not look too bad, but
  11. I lack the words.... My condolences for your loss but also tremendous respect for your dedication to fulfill your fathers wishes.
  12. I see her thinking " I need to find the receipt so I know how much to sell this for after I kill him " but thats a dang nice find, I would have bought it as well....
  13. Probably wouldnt need washers for antler handles unless the groove is too wide. I did a friction folder for the KITH this year and found if I didnt use teflon washers it ended up scratching the heck out of the blade flats. But it had stainless liners.
  14. I started on a 1x30 from Horror Freight. I still use it all the time, but now its almost exclusively for handle shaping and sharpening my kids pencils for homework time. One of them told their teacher that their dad sharpens pencils with his grinder in the garage and she didnt believe them till I confirmed it at Parent Teacher Conferences last week. 1x30 has its uses....
  15. Right click Computer > Left Click properties. And then use Snipping tool to take a screenshot of the properties ( CPU and Ram specifically ) I work IT for a living, I would be more then happy to give recommendations free of charge, you guys have all provided me with a wealth of information free of charge, I would be more then happy to return the favor. And Gerhard is correct, your Windows 7 machine wont stop working, it just will have limited to no security updates from Windows Update, I ran XP for about 3 years after support ended and still have used Windows XP Virtual ma
  16. I use Cowboy and Royal Oak brands in my charcoal forge to excellent effect, Welding heat no problem. The sparks go away pretty quick after each loading, and small burns from working is just part of the gig. For yours, I would say close off a good portion of that pipe, since you cant really work more then 4-6 inches of hot steel per heat, there is no reason to try and heat more then that while doing the hitty smacky whacky work. I would say a 6-8 inch length of it that is getting hot and the rest of the forge space to preload charcoal to rake in as you need it. And at the section you wa
  17. I could possibly be talked into throwing my name in.
  18. I have a couple Mulberry trees in my yard, Now I just gotta figure out how to make them burl....
  19. I evened out my seam on the belt grinder.... Wooooohoooo was my girlfriend less then happy with me over that smell. I had no idea it would stink that bad or I would have opened all the doors.... Might stink worse then Ebony....
  20. The fact that you have stuck with it through your successes and failures shows you have drive, Not every kid at your age has that. To quote The Offspring " You're gunna go far kid "
  21. Another thing to think about, is when you get an awesome blade from another maker in the KITH, figure out what makes it so awesome, and how you can do something similar. The three knives I have recieved have done a lot in shaping how I do my knives, and use my Kitchen KITH knife daily ( it has made me lazy on making my own set infact )
  22. Take something you already have in progress, and float that as an Idea for it.... Gives you a head start, and gives everyone else something to work for. But I agree, there are some mighty fine blades in this years KITH, I dont feel that mine is up to stuff even though its one of the best blades I have ever made and is my first ever folder. But with the work of some of these guys its hard to feel like one puts forth the effort in comparison.
  23. And Done... Other then sharpening it. And there is the failed handle scale, I was attempting to clean up the holes and the dang thing cracked.
  24. Ill have my pics up tomorrow after work, I had to redo the handle scales after a catastrophic event that involved cracking a scale all the way down it, but the new scales are currently glued up, Its done other the sharpening it up because I got a few hours in, but its now sporting Bocote scales instead of Surinam Ironwood ones. And yes, I am irate about it.... only thing I had on hand at a moments notice.
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