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  1. Heres a little somethin' I put together from figured red oak and some more bohler k510 (silver steel) The hamon was not intentional but added a nice bit of flare to an otherwise really simple knife. Thanks for looking!
  2. I know! I was actually pretty bummed about it, actually considered smashing off the handle and replacing it, but the lady likes it and it cuts just fine for her
  3. Im actually in provo! glad to here of some other smiths in the area. The cross section is a pain, I generally forge in a pretty distinct line on the back side to give myself a guide.
  4. Hey there! Here's a small puukko I forged for my soon to be wife. The blade is Bohler k510 silver steel with a satin finish blade, I hand sanded that thing for ages. The handle is curly birch, with a locally harvested (uinta mountains UT) Elk antler and a thick brass bolster. Whatcha' think?
  5. WOAH! Walnut can be a tricky wood to get to take a finish and you nailed it. Stellar work, awesome polish, and keep hammering!
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